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Cambridge Polymer Labs (quest)

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Cambridge Polymer Labs
Fo4 Polymer Machine.png
Quest data
LocationCambridge Polymer Labs
Given ByMolly
RewardExperience points
Piezonucleic power armor chest
Editor IDDN015
Base ID000284bc

Cambridge Polymer Labs (quest) is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


In order to explore the deepest parts of the Cambridge Polymer Labs facility, the Survivor has to accept a provisional position as Sales Associate at the laboratories. What the robot doesn't say is that it also means that they are stuck inside the labs if they choose to pass the clean room. The only way out is to complete the long-forgotten experimental project...


The goal of this quest is to complete the pre-War project and escape from the laboratory. In order to do so:

  • Search the labs to retrieve all six unidentified samples. Laboratory C5 is accessed through a hole in the wall connecting it to lab C4. C3 is opened through a wall terminal or the crawlspace. C3 contains the password for the radioactive containment area as well.
  • Place them in the polymer coating applicator in lab C2 to learn what they contain.
    • Unidentified Sample 11317: Hydrochloric Acid
    • Unidentified Sample 3111: Lithium Hydride
    • Unidentified Sample 413: Gallium
    • Unidentified Sample 65: Tungsten
    • Unidentified Sample 49: Cobalt
    • Unidentified Sample 611: Gold
  • The samples you need are 3111 (located in the storage room next to lab C4) and 611.
  • Enter lab C5 and use the isotope containment terminal to open the containment chamber. Retrieve isotope U-238 from inside the containment chamber.
  • Place the isotope in the sample container inside the polymer coating applicator, then add lithium hydride and gold to the chemical reagent slots. Voila!
    • The optional objective can be completed at Bergman's terminal on the upper floor or lab C3. Otherwise, report to Molly with the piezonucleic power armor chest in inventory.
  • Follow Molly upstairs to the Director's office. After defeating him, Molly will pay a completion bonus, 25 pre-War money, and shut down. The quest should complete now.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Complete the research project
[Optional] Find another way to escape the research project
Follow Molly to speak with the Director


Depending on the option chosen to respond to Molly during the questionnaire she will dispense items.

  • Sales Coordinator = Dirty Tan suit & Pen
  • Researcher = lab coat & Battered clip board
  • Janitorial Staff = Mechanic jumpsuit & Mop
  • Security Personnel = Dirty Army fatigues, Patrolman sunglasses & Security baton
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