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Camouflage refers to using materials, coloration, illumination, or dedicated technologies to make objects difficult to see (crypsis) or disguising them as another object (mimesis). In the context of this article, camouflage refers to patterns used by various organizations (typically military) to disguise their forces.

Pre-War patterns[edit | edit source]

Airborne Woodland pattern[edit | edit source]

A pattern used by U.S. Airborne formations.

A four color disruptive woodland camouflage pattern, using large blots of different hues of green to provide camouflage in wooded environments.

American Winterized pattern[edit | edit source]

A simple winter pattern.

A solid white camouflage pattern for use in winter environments. When applied, it may also produce different hues, up to light blue, depending on the material.

Army Special Forces pattern[edit | edit source]

A mix of brown and dark green tones for operations in temperate environments, used by Special Forces operators in Appalachia.

Chinese Winterized pattern[edit | edit source]

A two tone pattern for Chinese infantry operating in Alaska.

A two color pattern, with streaks of dull green overlaid on a white background, designed for blending in the Alaskan theater of operations.

Gobi Desert pattern[edit | edit source]

A three color pattern for operations in the Gobi Desert.

A three color desert camouflage pattern, using two basic shades of yellow-brown, accentuated with deep brown, to conceal the operator in the environment of the Gobi.

Olive drab[edit | edit source]

A common shade of olive drab.

A solid color pattern that was used predominantly by the United States Armed Forces for its uniforms and equipment, including armored vehicles and power armor. Various shades of the color are used and their appearance may vary depending on the environment.

USMC Desert pattern[edit | edit source]

A Marine Corps pattern used for Chinese deployments.

A three color disruptive desert camouflage pattern, using large blots of browns against a grey background to conceal the wearer in arid Asian environments. Developed and used by the United States Marine Corps.

Post-War patterns[edit | edit source]

Ronnie Shaw[edit | edit source]

An improvised camouflage pattern created by Ronnie Shaw.

An improvised camouflage pattern devised by Ronnie Shaw, created by using modified Army fatigues as basis. The standard olive drab pattern is splashed with yellow and dark green paint to create a distinctive disruptive camo.