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Camp Adams

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Camp Adams
F76 Camp Adams 1.pngF76 Camp Adams 2.png
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Part ofThe Forest
  • Vicious dogs
  • Technical
  • The Forest location
  • Point of Interest
  • Dungeon
  • Fast travel destination
  • Large loot scale
  • Outdoors theme
  • Clearable

    Camp Adams is a location in Fallout 76.


    A wilderness camping site located in the Forest, once used by the Pioneer Scouts for their wilderness survival classes.

    Points of interest

    • The camp is full of tents and assorted camping junk, together with a number of spawns for blackberries, rhododendrons, soot flowers, as well as logs and trunks to pilfer for wood and loot. At the entrance to the camp is an animal dressing camp with a fresh radstag doe hung up. Together with the adjacent cooking station it's easy way to grab a quick bite of a grilled radstag.

    Notable loot

    • Potential magazine: In the small Wood Pile, against the exterior back wall of the cabin with the bear statue outside it (with the trunk inside), northeast part of the camp.
    Dynamic spawns


    Camp Adams appears in Fallout 76.