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Camp McCarran
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Camp McCarran's courtyard (top) and concourse exterior (bottom)
Camp McCarran loc.jpg
Map MarkerCamp McCarran
BuildingsTerminal building (Concourse)
Supply shack
Control tower
FactionsUnited States Army (pre-War)
New California Republic
Office of Science and Industry
LeadersGen. Lee Oliver (absent)
Col. James Hsu (in general's absence)
DoctorsDr. Kemp
MerchantsSgt. Daniel Contreras (ordnance)
Cpl. Farber (food)
QuestsClassic Inspiration
I Don't Hurt Anymore
I Put a Spell on You
The White Wash
There Stands the Grass
Three-Card Bounty
You Can Depend on Me
Bounty Killer
Dealing with Contreras
Gland for Some Home Cooking
Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans
Poor Meat Never Makes Good Soup
Proper Burial
Rest and Resupply
Silus Treatment
Cell NameCampMcCarranTermMini
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TerminalsCamp McCarran terminals
NCR Supply Database

Camp McCarran (formerly McCarran International Airport) is a pre-war airport which serves as the New California Republic's forward operating base in the Mojave Wasteland and New Vegas area. It is located south of The Strip North Gate and southwest from NCR sharecropper farms.

Background[edit | edit source]

Picked by the New California Republic Army as their main base of operations in the Mojave following the Treaty of New Vegas, the McCarran International Airport was already fortified before the War and features a direct monorail connection to the Strip. As the inheritors of America occupied it, it became a hub of all NCR Army efforts, particularly the logistical aspect: troop allocation, supply distribution and intel. Normally under the command of General Lee Oliver, Colonel James Hsu takes over in the event of general's absence.[1][2]

The camp has several companies of soldiers on site, but is suffering from lack of staffing,[3] frequent ambushes from the Fiends, as well as a shortage of decent edible foods.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Exterior[edit | edit source]

The airport is mostly intact, having only suffered minor damage from dis repair. The NCR has converted several of the guard posts into sniper nests, while the parking lot in the center into a proper military base with sleeping tents, infirmary, supply storage, offices, mess hall and recreation tents set up as well as firing ranges. Near the cargo terminal gates is a truck repair depot.[2]

There are also several NCR supply trucks parked around the barracks tents and passenger airplanes near the control tower. The tents closest to the camp entrance are occupied by the N.C.R. 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, while the rest of the tents are used by regular NCR soldiers. Some beds, such as those used by 1st Recon, may be used by the Courier without penalty.

There's usually an NCR Trooper standing outside the camp's entrance if you have enough positive reputation to use the NCR emergency radio. Speaking to the trooper will cause him/her to say "Trooper, ready to fight!" and become part of your party; if the trooper dies, a message is displayed on the screen informing you that your companion has died.

Interior[edit | edit source]

Camp McCarran terminal building[edit | edit source]

The Camp McCarran terminal building is very large, housing a science lab, an interrogation room, jail, and supply rooms as well as quarters and office space for senior NCR officers.

Camp McCarran concourse[edit | edit source]

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Concourse Gate A has been turned into a dorm for NCR overflow troops.[2] supply shack

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

  • La Longue Carabine: A unique version of the cowboy repeater can be found in Camp McCarran, carried by Corporal Sterling, who moves Camp Forlorn Hope after Three-Card Bounty along with the rest of 1st Recon. Killing him for the rifle will forfeit the quests I Don't Hurt Anymore and Old School Ghoul. To gain this rifle without losing karma, you can pickpocket the ammunition from him (it is all he carries) then fast travel to a different location, then return and you will find the rifle in his inventory.
  • Cram Opener: A unique bladed gauntlet, carried by Little Buster. The Cram Opener can easily be pickpocketed with a Stealth Boy or high sneak, also if you shoot the pre-War Semi-Trucks around him they will blow up and you will not lose any karma and the NCR will not attack you. Alternatively you can talk to him and he mentions he is going to Gomorrah to win big with his Bounty Money, then later his corpse can be found in Freeside in the alley way next to the Old Mormon Fort. Where you can sometimes be jumped by up to 2 Freeside Thug's.
  • .308 Sniper rifle: On top of the bed closest from the entrance in the 1st Recon Bn sniper's tent is a sniper rifle that can be taken without penalty to the player. Under the same bed there's one Milsurp Review and one ¡La Fantoma! magazines. These can also be taken without penalty.
  • This Machine: a unique rifle, which can be obtained as a reward for the unmarked quest Dealing with Contreras.
  • Skill magazines in some of the tents, but taking them usually entails a loss of karma. Exceptions are 2 Fixin' Things, Milsurp Review, and ¡La Fantoma! in the middle tents on the west side.
  • If you have the Jury Rigging perk, this is a very useful place to gather repair equipment (if you don't mind killing a few NCR soldiers). If you use a silenced weapon, you can eliminate the entire base and loot large amounts of medium armor and service rifles to repair your semi-automatic rifle griped weapons.

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The airport's runway is located south of the terminal, just behind the wall. This indicates that the airport was converted into some form of military base before the Great War.
  • At the top of the broken down escalators on the East side of the terminal building, to your left is a corridor containing two NCR troopers guarding a door. They will become hostile and attack if you get to close.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • McCarran International Airport was originally called Alamo Airport when constructed in 1942. On December 20, 1948 the airport was renamed McCarran Field, after Pat McCarran, a U.S. Senator, who was native to Nevada, and authored the Civil Aeronautics Act.
  • Camp McCarran's location script was written by Eric Fenstermaker.[4]
  • The airport exteriors and vehicle models were built by Cochey Cantu.[5]
  • The interior of the concourse and the supply shack were implemented by Paul Fish.[6]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png For some reason, sometimes your companion may not follow you to the main area of the Camp, even if you didn't tell them to wait. To fix, just enter the terminal building, fast travel, or exit the camp.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Game corrupts save while saving at Camp McCarran, during the quest to kill Motor-Runner. Saving in front of it can corrupt saves and the same rule applies to any other save file made after the ones in the Camp.
  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png NCR Troopers sometimes perform as though they are typing on a typewriter/computer (including typing sound effects) while seated in the dining tent, even though there is no keyboard present, since the tables have been given the wrong "idle marker".
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png If you acquire Corporal White's journal in Corporal White's locker in the Camp McCarran Concourse before receiving the optional task "search Corporal White's personal locker" in The White Wash, the quest cannot be completed. This might lead to a savegame issue where the loading screen dialog tells you that the memory device is no longer present due to inaccessible DLC objects. The game will then restart upon loading dialog confirmation. This repeats with the next loading attempt, rendering the savegame useless.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes when you enter the main terminal building all NCR troopers will become hostile if you are detected.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Camp McCarran appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Gallery[edit | edit source]


  1. The Courier: "What's Camp McCarran's role in NCR operations?"
    James Hsu: "It's our main base. We took it because it lets us keep an eye on the Strip. And it had already been fortified before the Great War. From here we handle most of the logistics for our operations in Nevada. Troop allocation, supply distribution, intel. Usually General Oliver runs the show here, but he's on his way to the Dam now, so I've taken on a lot of his duties here."
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    Truck Mechanic Area
    Concourse Gate A
    This has been turned into a dorm for NCR overflow troops. Check Corporal White's Locker (32) for his Journal, which helps you out during Side Quest: The White Wash. Also of interest is Private Crenshaw's Footlocker (33); you can place something in here if you're working with Captain Curtis during Side Quest: I Put a Spell on You."
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