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For an overview of shotgun models throughout the Fallout series, see Shotgun.
Caravan shotgun
Caravan shotgun.png
Caravan shotgun icon.png
SkillGuns 25
Strength Req.3
Attack statistics
45 (53.6)
6.4 (7.7)
144.6 (241)
DPS (reload)
42.4 (68.2)
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
3.2 (4.5)AP20
Ammo & reloading
Ammo Type20 gauge shotgun shell
Ammo Cap.2
Reload Time
1.5 (1.1)
Item HP140
Caravan shotgun
Manual action guns
Editor ID?
Base ID000cd53a
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)
Lord Death
Perks (Att.)
Fast Shot
Perks (Rel.)
Rapid Reload

The caravan shotgun is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.

Background[edit | edit source]

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A shotgun, also called a "scattergun", is a firearm designed to shoot a multitude of projectiles with a single pull of the trigger. This makes it very effective at hunting game, greatly increasing the weapon's hit potential. However, the accuracy and power found at close range diminish rapidly as you get farther away from the target. Shotguns designed for military use are often called "combat shotguns".

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Caravan shotgun expanded
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The caravan shotgun is a short shotgun in which one barrel is mounted on top of the other, also known as an 'over/under' shotgun. The iron sight is a screw which holds the action release lever to the receiver.

Gameplay attributes[edit | edit source]

It can be a bit confusing when trying to aim with the iron sights; the target has to be placed behind the screw that is somewhat blocking the player character's view. There are four horizontal marks on the screw; the target needs to be behind the second mark from the top. Because of that, and its large spread, this makes it very difficult to utilize slugs effectively.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Comparison[edit | edit source]

Name Type Dmg/shot DPS Att/sec Crit mult Crit dmg Spread AP cost Ammo Ammo cap Weight Item HP Value Stat Req.
Caravan shotgun Shotgun 45 144.6 3.2 x1 6 2.2 20 20 gauge shotgun shell 2 3 140 675 Guns:25 Strength:3
Sturdy caravan shotgun Shotgun 50 160.7 3.2 x1 7 4 27 20 gauge shotgun shell 2 3 300 875 Guns:0 Strength:3

Locations[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to patch, the caravan shotgun had a minimum spread of 4 degrees and required 27 AP to use in VATS.

Gallery[edit | edit source]