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Mentioned-only character
Caroline Saunders
Biography and appearance
AffiliationBysshe Natural Gas Co.
RolePrivate contractor, researcher
Dialogue FileCaroline Saunders' dialogue
Mentioned inPoint Lookout
QuestsAn Antique Land
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Caroline Saunders (–October 2077) was a pre-War geological chemist with ties to academia, who worked as a private contractor on behalf of Bysshe Natural Gas Co. in October 2077.


A known "liberal" with ties to academia she was hired by the Bysshe Company as Principal Geological Chemist on behalf of their subsidiary Bysshe Natural Gas Co. She and their crew aboard the Ozymandias' were tasked to investigate the bio-gas deposits in the Point Lookout area. Specifically located in land owned by the Isla Negra Real Estate company.[1]

However not all was as it seemed, for in reality the company already knew what was causing these deposits. Only wishing for her, as a top expert in the field – none matching her experience in wetlands excavation, to verify the richness of the deposits and officially recommend their extraction efforts. In order to hide the truth of the bio-gas they installed an operative amongst the interns: Martin J. Roach.[2]

Roach's task was to prevent Saunders from discovering the link between Point Lookout's bloody past and its richness in natural bio-gas resources. The source of said gas? The unmarked mass graves of Civil War prisoners of war. So serious did they take this task they authorized Roach to enact "Code Blue protocols" per his discretion. Code Blue protocols were the company's way of destroying all evidence of their less than moral business activities.[2]

With the team in place they began their excavations at three locations across the peninsula. Site 1 was where Roach and an intern[3] were stationed, she leaving them to handle the minutiae after she verified the gas deposit.[4] Once she did she moved on to site 2. At site 2 she would find a similar gas deposit along with organic compounds she was not familiar with. Including lye residue, something not found in nature. If they weren't wearing caustics gear they would have been seriously chemically burned. With the failure of their ventilator unit she authorized the site and left the interns to handle the further analysis and repairs while she moved onto site 3.[5]

It was here that she began to seriously question the source of the bio-gas, having tapped into a concentration off the charts. Noting that the wetlands substratum is surprisingly dense limestone at all excavation sites. She concluded that this and the dense calcite formations suggest that subterranean water flow had eroded a vast network of caves and grottoes throughout the region. Furthermore, that mapping these would be a monumental, and necessary effort to fully uncover the bounty of natural gas resources captured down here.[6]

What she still couldn't understand was the amount of lye residue she was encountering. Unfamiliar with its usage she contacted some of her academic colleagues to assist her.[6]

When the company discovered the contact between her and her colleagues they authorized Code Blue protocol. Roach then systematically executed all the interns starting with the one he was station with at site 1. Then murdering those at site 2 while they were having coffee. At site 3 he finally murdered Saunders while she was taking notes, leaving the corpses to decompose in the very holes they dug. This however was not the last of his work. To finalize the destruction of evidence he steered the Ozymandias to dash upon the rocks and sink. Here he failed, though she was dashed and filled with water it was here she sat for the next two hundred years.[7][8]


Caroline Saunders is mentioned only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


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