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Cashier hologram's dialogue

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Cashier hologram's dialogue
Game Information
NPCHologram vendor
Data FileDeadMoney.esm
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Gametitle-FNV DM.png

Dialogue file table

Dialogue file
Topic NVDLC01CasinoCompsNVDLC01HologramCashierCasinoTopic007 100 Chips for 100 Pre-War bills. [You place the bills on the counter, a panel flips, taking the bills with it... and 100 Chips appear in their place.] NVDLC01Cas_NVDLC01CasinoCo_0000FE26_1
Topic NVDLC01CasinoCompsNVDLC01HologramCashierCasinoTopic008 How about 500 Chips for 500 Pre-War Bills? [You set the stack of bills down. A panel flips, there is a whir, series of clicks, and a stack of chips rises up in place of the bills.] NVDLC01Cas_NVDLC01CasinoCo_0000FE27_1 <AUDIO: Can we get a sound for this node?>
Topic NVDLC01CasinoCompsNVDLC01HologramCashierCasinoTopic000 I want to exchange Pre-War money for some Sierra Madre Chips. [The Hologram makes a gesture, seems to be indicating amounts and figures.] NVDLC01Cas_NVDLC01CasinoCo_0000C4C9_1
Topic NVDLC01CasinoCompsNVDLC01HologramCashierCasinoTopic001 Can I turn in my Sierra Madre Chips for Pre-War Money? [The Hologram points at the table before you. As you set the chips down, the tabletop rotates, and with a whir, Pre-War bills slide out.] NVDLC01Cas_NVDLC01CasinoCo_0000C4CC_1
Topic NVDLC01CasinoCompsNVDLC01HologramCashierCasinoTopic002 That's all for now. Thanks. [The Hologram nods, gives a stiff farewell wave.] NVDLC01Cas_NVDLC01CasinoCo_0000C4C6_1
Topic NVDLC01CasinoCompsNVDLC01HologramCashierCasinoTopic003 Uh... 1 Chip for 1 Pre-War Bill. [You place the bill on the counter. A panel rotates, and the bill is replaced with a single Sierra Madre Chip.] NVDLC01Cas_NVDLC01CasinoCo_0000C4CB_1
Topic NVDLC01CasinoCompsNVDLC01HologramCashierCasinoTopic004 Let me have 5 Chips for 5 Pre-War Bills. [You set the bills on the counter. A panel flips, there is a single whir, a click, then a panel rises up with a handful of Sierra Madre Chips.] NVDLC01Cas_NVDLC01CasinoCo_0000C4C5_1
Topic NVDLC01CasinoCompsNVDLC01HologramCashierCasinoTopic005 20 Chips for 20 Pre-War Bills. [You count out the bills on the counter. A panel flips, followed by slow, steady series of clicks, and a stack of chips rise up from the panel.] NVDLC01Cas_NVDLC01CasinoCo_0000C4C7_1
Topic NVDLC01CasinoCompsNVDLC01HologramCashierCasinoTopic006 I'd like help with something else. [The Hologram waits.] NVDLC01Cas_NVDLC01CasinoCo_0000C4CA_1
Topic GREETING GREETING [The holographic cashier faces you, flickering. It seems to be waiting for you to speak.] NVDLC01Cas_GREETING_0000C4C8_1