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Category talk:Fallout 3 locations

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What is the use and purpose of the 'sub-categories'? is having an alphabetical overview of all known places not efficient enough? BobHead 15:50, 2 November 2008 (UTC)

The subcategories collect places like individual stores within each town, characters, quests, etc. See e.g.: Category:Megaton. Ausir 15:52, 2 November 2008 (UTC)

Guys is there any way to add in "places" my page about some F3 location? --Merinid 15:34, 8 November 2008 (UTC)

At 6, 12 on the map, in the top left corner, is a spot with a couple of super mutants. Nearby there is a teddy bear trapped in one of the shopping cart cages; when the teddy is taken, a behemoth spawns and attacks.

I dont know how to add a new place. It's nothing special but it's an "ant tunnel to musty cavern". Has nothing special in it, just some caps on a corpse. It is slightly east to the mason dixon storage. You will see a group of ants when you are close to it.

There is more than one "sewer" in the fallout 3 map. One is where the hidden stash note is found, as listed already; the other is located somewhat south and a little bit west of the arlington library. It can be reached in several ways, one by following the road along the coast (careful: mirelurks) until you see the collapsed building at the end, turning right at the last corner and looking for a staircase leading to a door. The other is by travelling along the road that passes the arlinigton library, past the jukebox truck, making a left and fighting through the talon company encampment (1x turret, 1x sentry bot, 1x sniper, 1x missile solider, 1x chinese assault rifle solider, miscellaneous loot and ammo, and a few frag mines along the southern approach) and heading south along that road until the same door is reached. Also, if you approach the rubble the blocks off the shoreline road from the beach side, you'll see a drainage gutter with a dead wastelander and nothing special on them. I do not remember what loot is in this second sewer, I think a bunch of raiders are hiding inside.

    Edit: As mentioned under "grayditch," there is also a third location entitled "Sewer." 

Southeast of Tenpenny tower is a gas station labeled "Willy's Grocers" which has a layout suspiciously similar to one of my local 7-11's. Once again, nothing spectacular inside, not even a quantum. 3x radroaches.

South of this location is a bombed out office building with a scavenger inside. May be a random encounter, as he approached and offered me a quantum for 100 caps (50 with speech check.)

Location labeled "car dealership" is located near the water tower east of fairfax ruins a ways. After the eclave makes its appearance, there will be an encampment with 1x enslaved deathclaw, 1x enclave officer, 1x enclave solider, 3x robobrain. Dealership has a skill book inside and no enemies inside. When I played I found 3x robobrain on my first attempt, but only 2x on second. The third randomly spawned when exiting the dealership.

Also found after the enclave makes an appearance is a small encampment north of nuka cola plant and near the above mentioned spot where an enclave officer is running pushup drills on his/her 3 charges. From the north there is a retaining wall that provides a significant vantage point for a sneak attack. Large building to the east and a road winding around and up a hill to the west round out notable features. Keep an eye out for the glowing sattelite dish at night. A sufficient explosives skill and nuka grenade can wield four easy sneak attack kills and a decent pile of power armors and energy weapons. 1x enclave officer, 3x enclave solider (no helmets).

what happend to the rest of the world anyway

they never nuked russia,france or germany or any other countries but america. its been over 200 years shouldent one of those countries help.

-Actually both America and China went into all out nuclear war and it hasn't been specified if any other countries joined in. However, when a nuclear weapon is dropped it doesn't simply affect the immediate area, it ejects radioactive fallout into the upper atmosphere which descends globally. With the scale of nuclear warfare that went on, it is probably safe to assume the rest of the world is the same if not similar. In fact, since America was the only one to develop an extensive vault system and the only way other people survived out of the vaults was through genetic mutation from the FEV virus or it's mutant counterpart (Ghouls and super mutants), I wouldn't be surprised if America was the only one left with a living population.

-- While it was America and China that nuked each other, most of Europe, and the Middle East had been in what they call the Resource Wars for some time. Also, people were able to survive outside of a vault without turning into a Super Mutant or a Ghoul, it's just that now there is a fraction of availabe food and water, little to no production services for food or medicines, or anything else really. Add in readily available weapons, and practically no law enforcement beyond the borders of settlement, if that, and it's not surprising civilization is having a hard time. -Anon-

Inconsistencies in the damage

I've been wandering the wastes for about nineteen hours now and I've been wondering; why is the damage so inconsistent? Some buildings like Tenpenny Tower are near enough completely intact whilst nothing but stumps lie around. Many of the buildings above ground are recognisable and yet the force of the blasts is seemingly enough to force trains onto their sides underground. Oddly, the lights still flicker gently on the turnstiles. The "shed door" that is on the outside of Vault 101's cave; why is that still there?

Only kidding. I know how difficult it is for one person to maintain this kind of detail, let alone get a team of designers to maintain a level of damage.

NeXEkho 00:35, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

Some of the people in Tenpenny Tower tell you how Tenpenny spent a lot of time and money fixing the place up again. As for the trains, if they were moving when the bombs fell, then the shaking of the tracks might have caused the trains to jump the tracks, as opposed to the force from the bombs pushing them off.