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For the Point Lookout location, see Ark & Dove Cathedral.
Fo1 Cathedral Townmap.png
Map MarkerCathedral
FactionsChildren of the Cathedral
LeadersFather Morpheus
Father Lasher (second-in-command)
DoctorsDr. Wu
QuestsDestroy the Mutant leader.
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This is the Cathedral of the Children of the Cathedral. I don't know why they say Cathedral twice.

— A teenager.

To the outside world, the Cathedral is nothing more than an innocent (albeit intimidating) set up for the Children of the Cathedral organization, which tries to bring love and peace to the wastes. Below it, however, lies a secret underground Vault (more specifically, the Los Angeles Vault), which serves as a home and base for the Master.

The Cathedral can be found one square west and nineteen squares south of Vault 13.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Cathedral is an adapted pre-War building that survived nuclear devastation, renovated and heavily modified by the Children of the Cathedral following the Master's discovery of the Los Angeles Vault.[1]

The Cathedral was destroyed on March 3, 2162, as the Vault Dweller assassinated the Master and the Vault, together with the building above, was engulfed in nuclear fire.[2]

Construction[edit | edit source]

Most of the Cathedral ground was taken up by the massive main chapel, whose vaulted ceiling was lost in the darkness above. Small chambers flanking the entrance to it were usually taken up by chanters or other devotees, while doors from the chapel itself led into the Cathedral's infirmary (headed by the notorious Dr. Wu), the shop, offering various souvenirs for the discerning pilgrim, the building's main power generator, High Elder Lasher's chambers, the base of the tower as well as access to the basement, where all the less useful things were stored...including the entrance to the Los Angeles Vault.

From time to time, Father Morpheus would come down from his chambers to give a speech to the gathered faithful. Sometimes, even a giant holographic image of the Master appeared, to the awe of the assembled.

The adjoining tower had three floors, where the Nightkin resided, as well as the more important members of the Children of the Cathedral, like high priests. Dane resided in a room on the first floor of the tower, while Morpheus, the leader of the Children, resided on the third, upper floor.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Entrance[edit | edit source]

The majestic entrance

The Cathedral rises out of a sea of ruins, not far from the current shoreline and the Pacific Ocean. Chanters and thugs mill in the courtyard beneath the massive radiation angel at all times. Slummer, Zark, and Calder are the only notable characters here and offer little beyond just random information about the cult.

If Nicole agreed to attack the Cathedral, a group of scouts in metal armor (two with spears, one with a sledgehammer and one with a Ripper) will appear and follow the player wherever they go. Leaving the location will cause them to disappear.

Interior[edit | edit source]

Fo1 Cathedral Ground Floor.png

The cavernous interior of the structure is laid out in a cross, roughly resembling Christian cathedrals of pre-War times. The nave is flanked by prayer and meditation rooms (where Laura and Viola are located), before terminating in the apse. Rows of benches surround the central altar and podium, where Morpheus gives his fiery speeches. The podium also conceals a holographic projector used to generate massive images of the Cathedral's Dark God for the faithful.[3] Sister Francis and Ton, the head of the Cathedral thugs, stand near the podium.

Several rooms radiate from the apse. The western wall holds the Rectory, which acts as Father Lasher's office and workplace. Right below it is a small dormitory, with the infirmary and Dr Wu below. On the opposite face is the Cathedral gift shop, the nuclear generator powering all the appliances within the building, and the entrance to the Inner Sanctum - the tower - locked behind a door requiring a black Children badge to enter. From that room one can also enter the crypt.

Notable loot
  • 3x Booze inside Lasher's desk (despite the ban on alcohol)
Gift shop (also doubles as stock for the Cathedral shopkeeper
Rear room

Tower[edit | edit source]

The Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum of the Cathedral, serving as working space and living quarters for the highest echelons of power of the Children of the Cathedral, their loyal Servitors, and the nightkin protecting them and ensuring their cooperation. It has three floors, rising above the Boneyards. The first floor has a stairwell and three rooms. Dane occupies the bedroom, with two sentries in the western chamber.

The second floor has two bedrooms and a large library with three Mach IV computers. It also has three nightkin sentries, with one guarding the stairwell and passageway to the top floor.

The top level houses Morpheus's chambers and a large living space for the nightkin.

Notable loot
First floor
Second floor
Third floor

Los Angeles Vault[edit | edit source]

Los Angeles Vault entrance
Main article: Los Angeles Vault

The demonstration Vault is accessed through a hidden wall located in the small basement of the Cathedral. The cave beyond is guarded by the Master's minions, from the hideous floater, through the horrifying centaur, to the mighty super mutants standing guard in front of the Vault's entrance.

The Vault itself, being a proof of concept, carries notable differences from the standardized design developed as Project Safehouse gained speed. It has a smaller airlock, the elevator hall and the "foyer" are one, single room, while the Emergency Medical Lab features an additional window and a sink.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

I almost regret not doing more with the Cathedral, but I did my best not to throw in side quests because I thought at that time the player would be pretty much streaking for the endgame and any quests at this point would be more annoying than useful. There's a time for speed bumps, and there's a time when you have to let them cut loose. So the Cathedral's mostly for color. I tried to come up with a few NPCs there who weren't despicable; I thought it'd be more interesting if the cult attracted a few people who weren't stupid and thuggishly evil. That way, they'd contrast better with people like Morpheus (whose dialogue was written before I came on the project) who *was* an opportunistic scumball.

Scott Bennie, Fallout Bible 8

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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