Cell block

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Cell block
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Cell blocks A and B
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: NCR Correctional Facility, local: Cell Block A, Cell Block B, Cell Block C)
Part ofNCR Correctional Facility
FactionsPowder Gangers
Cell NameNCRPrisonBlockA (cell block A)
NCRPrisonBlockB (cell block B)
ref id0008d0fa (cell block A)
0008d48e (cell block B)
000d6f5e (cell block C)

Cell blocks were used to house the inmates of the NCR Correctional Facility before the riot that unleashed them on the wasteland, as the Powder Gangers in 2281.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Cell block A[edit | edit source]

A ruined cell block where the uprising started. The inmates used explosives to blow through the wall separating the cells from the guard station and spill out into the prison itself. The guard station is in ruins and there's a big hole where the reinforced doors would normally be. Beyond that is the standard arrangement of four cells, two on each side, with four to five bunk beds per cell. The beds can be freely used to sleep, but contents of boxes stored inside are owned.

Cell block B[edit | edit source]

Unlike cell block A, this one is almost pristine, with fully functional lighting and an intact guard station. Carter, the quartermaster of sorts for the Powder Gangers, runs his operation out of this cell block.

Cell block C[edit | edit source]

Removed from the game. A completely finished cell, but only contains low-level loot. Possibly cut due to there not being enough space within the grounds of NCRCF to properly fit another cell block.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Cell block appears in Fallout: New Vegas.