Charleston Herald terminals

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This page lists Charleston Herald terminals.

Editor's Terminal[edit | edit source]

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Welcome text

Automated Voting System[edit | edit source]


We need to monitor this new Automated Voting System like a hawk. I want names of every engineer they say worked on it, plus their nationalities. We get one foreigner working on American election tech, we got ourselves a story.

Ballot Measure 6[edit | edit source]


Ballot Measure 6 is getting a big push from someone with real money. Automating the entire region's government? This thing has Hornwright prints all over it. Now get me some hard proof.

Sam Blackwell Article[edit | edit source]


Quinn, you know I stand by you, but the heat we're getting for this Sam Blackwell interview is getting turned up to "fry our hides off" levels. Few angry locals and politicians we can tangle, but I'm getting Federal calls, Quinn. And they're not subtle. They aren't just threatening to arrest us, you follow?

The Herald's never betrayed a source, and we're not starting now, but you got a target on your back the size of the Purple Mountains. I want you to buy a gun. I'm serious. And I'm getting you a couple of hotel rooms. Don't sleep in the same one twice. Lock the doors at night and don't open them for anyone.