Civil Defense Administration

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Civil Defense Administration
Fo3 Civil Defense Administration.png
Mark of the CDA
FoundedHarry S. Truman
HeadquartersWashington, D.C.
Relations and associations
ParentUnited States of America

The Civil Defense Administration was a government agency of the United States of America, tasked with disseminating information about nuclear war survival and the creation and distribution of propaganda among the United States citizens.

One of the agency's mascots was the kid-friendly Bert the Turtle who was featured on one of the posters practicing "Duck and Cover!" This agency advocated the use of air raid shelters during a nuclear strike.

A poster created for this agency, that of a man holding a shovel asking, "Where will YOU be when the Holocaust comes?", is copied onto a slide for the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide.

In interests of national security, the administration also asked banks to keep an eye out for the use of foreign currencies, such as the Chinese Yuan, as well as to trigger a silent alarm and to delay customers using such currencies as long as possible without arousing suspicion.[1]

Gallery of CDA propaganda[edit | edit source]