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Claire Redelle

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Mentioned-only character
Claire Redelle
Biography and appearance
Mentioned inFallout 4
Fallout 76

Claire Redelle was a pre-War actress famous for her role in The Tomb of Amun-Ra, a major blockbuster. She was signed on as the Mistress of Mystery for The Silver Shroud, causing a rift between Tina Hopkins and the company. As Redelle loved the role, the costume, the script, and could guarantee a success for the series, the red-headed actress had to be retained before the competition, such as Wisemans, could sign her on. She was unacceptable for Hopkins, due to the color of her hair and a shrill, waifish voice unfit for a character who's supposed to be a confident match for the Silver Shroud.[1][2] Peter Shiner supported a middle-ground approach, retaining Redelle, but having her wear a voice and be dubbed over by Shannon Rivers, the actress who voiced the Mistress in the radio series.[3]

Ultimately, Hopkins would lose. She left the company after an insulting message from Babowski, ensuring that Redelle would remain as the Mistress of Mystery.[4][5]


Claire Redelle is mentioned in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.


  1. Hubris Comics terminals; Producer's Terminal, 10-14-77: "From: Evans Richelli
    To: Aaron Babowski
    Subject: Claire can't wait
    I tried stalling her, but things are spiraling over here. Her agent was having dinner with Maxwell over at the Derby. Not good. Claire's still on board. She loves the script. She especially loves the outfit, you got the shots of that, right? Yowza. So I don't care what's going on over there - we need to sign her before we lose her to the Wisemans... or someone else.
    We looked into that Hopkins contract. It's ironclad. The only way she's out is if she walks. Her partner signed over his rights to Hubris, but she still has hers. If she even thinks of going to a lawyer, you gotta work your magic, Babo. Imagine if we needed her approval?"
  2. Hubris Comics terminals; Manager's Terminal, 10-15-77: "From: Tina Hopkins
    To: Vivian O'Dell
    Subject: PLEASE HELP
    I want to pull my hair out. Babowski has cast and signed a contract with Claire Redelle for the role of... the Mistress of Mystery. I don't care how much The Tomb of Amun-Ra grossed. The Mistress of Mystery is a brunette. Not blonde, brown, and definitely NOT A RED-HEAD!
    And have you heard Claire's voice? The Mistress of Mystery is confident, a match for the Shroud at his best day, not some half-starved waif that's known for her shrill screaming. Shannon Rivers has worked for us for decades. She is THE voice of the Mistress of Mystery - end of story. She's even a natural brunette. She's not as young as Claire, but surely we can do something with lighting to help with that.
    If we don't fix this, I swear I'm walking. I won't have my name in the credits for this train-wreck."
  3. Hubris Comics terminals; Producer's Terminal, 10-18-77: "From: Peter Shiner
    To: Aaron Babowski
    Subject: MoM Casting
    Vivi got ahold of me before she left. I got the photos of Claire and she's dynamite. Love the alterations on the costume, it still feels like the comic but more believable. So I'll back you there. But I'm with Vivi. MoM's a brunette. Period. And her voice needs to be strong. Claire's voice isn't. Can we have Shannon dub over Claire in post (that's the word, right?) That would be the best of both worlds."
  4. Hubris Comics terminals; Writer's Terminal, 10-20-77: "From: Aaron Babowski
    To: Tina Hopkins
    Subject: Need lines
    Tina, baby, we needed those new lines yesterday. I don't know how you do things in radio, but we got catering, foleys, best men, and actors sitting around on their tushes because of your most recent delay. We're not writing Shakespeare here. It's TV, right?
    I know you don't like the new monkey, but focus loves him. He's testing better than Claire in that silly wig. Speaking of which, Claire's agent is really not loving the wig. Really, really not loving it. Claire's flying in Monday and by then I think it's best if we nix the wig. Am I right, or what? And Shannon's being a real peach standing in for her while Claire wraps up her film - but it may be best if she's not around when Claire flies in. Will you take care of that? Thanks."
  5. Hubris Comics terminals; Producer's Terminal, 10-20-77: "From: Tina Hopkins
    To: Aaron Babowski
    Subject: I QUIT!
    Effective immediately, I quit. You can explain to "Petey" how you lost the lead writer for the Silver Shroud. And after everything Shannon has put up with if you want to fire her, do it yourself. Manticore's been wanting to hire me for years. Looks like your loss is their gain."