Clarksburg Shooting Club terminals

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This page lists Clarksburg Shooting Club terminals.

Clarksburg Shooting Range Terminal[edit | edit source]

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Redefining Plug & Play!


Clarksburg Shooting Club puts the zip in zipgun. Stressed out 'cuz your old lady or old man is getting on your nerves? Come blow off some steams by firing a fews clips from an assault rifle!

Inventory[edit | edit source]


613 - 10mm ammo
47 - .308 cal ammo
62 - .44 cal ammo
291 - 5.56mm ammo

Company Notice[edit | edit source]


Is is really all that gol durn hard to clean the guns every night? Mrs. Winchester complained her assault rifle jammed on Tuesday. From now on, nobody goes home until the guns are cleaned.


Watch List[edit | edit source]


Philip Jacobs - Bounced check. Do not accept beer as payment.
Wilhelmina Small - Uses illegal double powder ammo.
Geoffrey ? - Refuses to provide ID.
Pedro Vallasquez - Shoots at targets in the other lanes.
Rictor Van Dergan - Shouts in german which upsets other customers.