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Clayton Ward - 20780415

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Clayton Ward - 20780415
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Clayton Ward - 20780415 is a holotape in Fallout 76, found at Vault 51.




ZAX: Recording. Candidate Clayton Ward. April 15, 2078. Good evening, candidate Clayton Ward. I have been observing your routine of late and have noticed several aggressive occurrences. Most recently, how you obtained residency in the luxury bedrooms by forcibly removing a resident from their room. Great initiative.

Harold Clark (real name of Clayton Ward): These people here, they're like most of America; fat, lazy and only willing to do the minimum they can to survive. Me? I'm a winner. Always have been. And I deserve to live like one.

ZAX: Yes, you have the makings of the profession "executive." Although, records state that you were previously a... "plumber." Do plumbers usually do a lot of... "winning?"

Harold Clark: Uh, erm, that's right! One of the most competitive fields in America. I've never seen a clogged pipe I couldn't, uh, "plumb!"

ZAX: Understood. Were "clogged pipes" the reason you were recorded in the Server Room multiple times over the past week? To do... "plumbing?"

Harold Clark: Ah, well, yes! Important stuff in there, don't want it to, ah, ruin our servers, with, you know, water! Does bad stuff to computers, let me tell you!

ZAX: Thank you. Your service is appreciated. However, access to the server rooms are prohibited to all vault dwellers except the Overseer. As a candidate you should do your... "plumbing" in other areas of the vault.

Harold Clark: Oh, wow, gosh, I'm real sorry about that! Won't happen again!

ZAX: Your cooperation is appreciated. Good night, candidate Clayton Ward.

Harold Clark: Hey, did you guys get all that? Every word that thing says is solid gold but, sheesh, it gives me the creeps. Why do they have that thing in a Vault? What's that thing got to do with survival! We should put that thing on the board and actually make a profit for once!

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