Cliff Briscoe's bungalow

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Cliff Briscoe's bungalow
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Cliff Briscoe's bungalow is a building in Novac in Fallout: New Vegas.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The home of the town's trader, Cliff Briscoe, the bungalow is located by the Dinky the T-Rex and the Dino-Bite Gift Shop. It's a single room bungalow with a separate bathroom, containing all the basic amenities one needs for life (a refrigerator, dining table, couch, bed, footlocker)... And a whole lot of dino toys. Burdened with an overabundance of dinosaurs, Cliff has taken to decorating his home with them in an attempt to find a use for the hundreds of toys. Of all the combinations, there's one notable one: A pair of dinos on rollerskates before a tripwire, which can be disarmed for a minimal amount of experience.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Cliff Briscoe's bungalow appears in Fallout: New Vegas.