Cobwebs and Rainbows

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Cobwebs and Rainbows
Released2281 (2010)
Authors and performers
ArtistBruce Isaac (J.E. Sawyer)
Written byBruce Isaac (J.E. Sawyer)
Produced byThe Tops (Bethesda Softworks)

"Cobwebs and Rainbows" is a song written and sung by Bruce Isaac in the Aces Theater at The Tops casino in Fallout: New Vegas. He must first be recruited for the theater; see the quest Talent Pool for more information.


Dust whirls on the plain
Making patterns as we walk down lovers lane
Seems that each new step is somehow preordained
I've not traveled this way before

Green clouds in the sky
Seem forever but we know by-and-by
That they fade just like caravans passing by
Love seemed like that before

Since I found you there's no doubt left in my heart
I've cleared all the raiders away
I see it clearly so we don't need any chart
No prospectors, no mercs
No Brahmin-baron jerks

The Tops lights in the night
Shining down upon our love as it takes flight
It just seems that with some passing luck
We might find all that we've had before

And, slowly
Now those green clouds and dust whirls
Lights in the sky all real because
It's not been like this before


  • In the credits, it is listed as one of the songs on Radio New Vegas but in fact it is not played on any radio station.
  • The song is co-written and performed by J.E. Sawyer, the lead designer and project director of Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Alternatively, the song is sometimes accredited as Green Clouds and Dust Whirls.