College Square station

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College Square station
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: College Square)
Part ofCollege Square
Cell NameCollegeSquare01 (interior)
ref id0002288b (interior)

College Square station is a metro station within College Square.


After ferals overwhelmed the raiders of College Square, a few of them escaped into the subway tunnels, but met the same fate as their comrades above ground.[1]


The station's entrance leads down a stairwell to platform lined with ticket kiosks. Stairwells to the east and west lead down to the main subway platform. The east side of the platform has nothing notable except a metro tunnel leading north. An adjacent tunnel and subway car is accessed through this northern tunnel, and leads to a small (former) raider camp. South of this camp is the western subway platform, containing a small supply room and a Protectron storage room.

Notable Loot

  • The Nuke-The-Man issue of Live & Love is behind the northern ticket counter, on top of a safe to the left of a Protectron pod.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum is found in a Nuka-Cola machine outside the supply room on the west side of the subway platform.
  • Two Nuka Cherrys are behind a Nuka-Cola machine on the eastern side of the subway platform, clutched by a skeleton. Two more are found in the Nuka-Cola machine next to the western staircase.
  • The College Square station key is located on the western side of the subway platform, on a cabinet in the supply room.


College Square station appears only in Fallout 4.