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Commonwealth Provisional Government

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The Commonwealth Provisional Government was an initiative put forth around the 23rd century, proposing the creation of a joint government for the Commonwealth region. Representatives from every settlement in the region arrived at Diamond City for negotiations. Unfortunately, The Institute had sent their own representative, a synth. In what became known as the Massacre of the CPG, the synth murdered every representative attending the session. The initiative never got off the ground and helped cause the widespread paranoia about synthetic infiltrators that would persist well into 2287.[1][2][3]

Curiously, it appears that the Institute was, in part, responsible for the establishment of the Commonwealth Provisional Government and spent as much as four years maintaining it. At least one Board member suggested deploying androids to maintain order on the surface, to respond to perceived imminent collapse of the project. On the other hand, other Divisions suggested isolating the Institute permanently from the surface and its inhabitants. It appears the latter option eventually prevailed.[4]


  1. The Sole Survivor: "Massacre of the CPG? What's that?"
    Nick Valentine: "The Commonwealth Provisional Government. Years back a group of settlements tried to get together and form a coalition. Every settlement with even a hint of clout sent representatives to try and hash out an agreement. Only the Institute sent a representative of their own, a Synth. The man killed every rep at the talks. The Commonwealth Provisional Government was over before it even got off the ground. I took up in town not long after. I was damn lucky they didn't just tell me to scram right then and there."
    (Nick Valentine's dialogue)
  2. Nick Valentine: "Hey. Let me ask you something. It's just, with everything that's happened with you, your family. It's a whole hell of a lot to process. I wanted to make sure you're holding up alright."
    The Sole Survivor: "I don't know, Nick. My family's in tatters. I've been dropped into this place where everything's trying to kill me. You tell me."
    Nick Valeninte: "I'd expect you feel lost, scared, and mad as hell. I sure did. Took me a long damn time to get a feel for this place. Thank goodness I found Diamond City. It's got its flaws, sure, but it beats the hell out of anywhere else in the Commonwealth. Course, when I took up there back when, people were just as scared of the Institute as they are now, maybe more. The massacre of the CPG was still pretty fresh in people's minds at that point, and folks were still losing sleep over the Broken Mask. Plenty of people assumed I was just a saboteur, moving in to melt down the reactor or poison the drinking water. But, at the time, they couldn't exactly turn me away."
    (Nick Valentine's dialogue)
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