Cottonwood Cove HQ

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Cottonwood Cove HQ
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Cottonwood Cove)
Part ofCottonwood Cove
FactionsCaesar's Legion
Cell NameCottonwoodCoveHQ
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The Cottonwood Cove HQ is a building in Cottonwood Cove in Fallout: New Vegas.

Layout[edit | edit source]

This concrete building once served the resort at Cottonwood Cove. Now it serves the Legion as a command post. The lower level contains the communications center used by the Legion to keep in touch with Fort command and store weapons, while the upper floor has been adopted by centurion Aurelius as his living quarters and office.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Lower level
Aurelius' office

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Cottonwood Cove HQ appears in Fallout: New Vegas.