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This page contains all D.B. Technical High School terminals in Fallout 4.

Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk in the east room. It is locked Novice.


D.B. Technical School
=Property of Boston School District=

== Main Menu ==

Book Report Writer v1.2.78[edit | edit source]


:::::SYSTEM ERROR:::::

Printer not found!
File corruption detected!


> Loading Program.......

Boss acting strange[edit | edit source]


Something's up with the boss. Since we took Back Street Apparel, he keeps muttering to himself and now he's moved into the basement. I think he's drinking the pool water.


> Loading Log.....

Something in the basement[edit | edit source]


Boss says there's some kinda monster loose in the basement and he wants it caught. Must've come in through the tunnel. No one's managed to find it yet, but we keep finding bodies... what's left of them at least. Whatever the hell is down there, it's mean.


> Loading Log.....

More bodies[edit | edit source]


Three more bodies. That's eight now. Whatever this thing is, it's nasty. Most of us refuse to go down there anymore. Everyone the boss sends after the thing, they never come back. All you hear is screams.

It ain't safe here. Gotta see if I can make it to the tunnel.


> Loading Log.....

Bosco's Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This wall terminal is located on western wall in the basement.


D.B. Technical School
=Property of Boston School District=

Shamrock[edit | edit source]


We hit Shamrock Taphouse before dawn. Cleaver snuck in and jammed the locks on all the exits. Then Torque let his dogs loose and the mutts took care of the rest.

Once the screaming stopped, we offered a deal. They took it. Now all that's left is Back Street Apparel. Then downtown is ours.

Damn Mutts[edit | edit source]


Torque's god-damned mutt nearly took my arm off. We were cleaning up in Back Street Apparel and the mongrel clamped onto my hand. Had to put a bullet in it just to get it to release.

Can't have that kind of shit. Makes me look like I'm not in control.

Torque ain't getting off as easy as his dog did.

Something's Wrong[edit | edit source]


Torque's mutt. I think it was sick. Since the bite, I've been blacking out, can't keep my temprr tem[rr


Having some trouble keeping my temper in check. No one in the crew seems to suspect anything, but if this keeps getting worse, someone's gonna think they can do this job better.

Time I made a statement.

Poison[edit | edit source]


They're trying to poison me. It's the water. It's all poison. Put down three more today. The assassins. They said I needed a break. That they're afraid I might be losing it.

MIGHT BE? They want me dead. Think I'm weak. They're wrong.

Torque's mutt. I can feel it, crawling under my skin. Tightening muscles. Sharpening resolve.


But I'm so thirsty. Need water. Safe water.

The basement.

Full of water. No one can reach it. No poison. But the rules need to be clear. Everyone has to know.

I'm still in control.

The Beast[edit | edit source]


There's something else down here. A beast. Other gangs must've sent it.

I see it, hiding in the dark. Catch its one cold eye, watching. It just stares, lying. Waiting.

It's been killing my men while I sleep. Leaving me its trophies. Wake up to find myself covered in blood.

I sent guards to capture it, but they failed, claim there is no monster, even while they hang from their chains.

But it's down here. And I will kill every last one of them until they bring it to me.

Good Boys[edit | edit source]


Good boys. They caught the beast. Brought me its head.

But now the other gangs need to know who the real monsters are.

Time for us to make a statement.

Sunk[edit | edit source]


Couldn't touch Libertalia. Too much water. But not a problem anymore.

Last Call[edit | edit source]


Tower Tom's pushing up daisies. Good news. Better than he deserves.

Hyde[edit | edit source]


Hyde Park's cleared out. Mirelurks feast on Scutter's eyes. Lucky devils.

Generic terminals[edit | edit source]