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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

#0. Look
{100}{}{You see a customer.}
{101}{}{You see a townsperson.}

{150}{}{He looks like he's headed somewhere.}
{151}{}{She looks like she's headed somewhere.}
{152}{}{He's busy drinking and talking to other customers.}
{153}{}{She seems to be busy talking.}
{154}{}{He's looking over Tubby's shelves.}
{155}{}{She seems to be looking around Tubby's store.}
{156}{}{You don't see anything unusual about him.}
{157}{}{You don't see anything unusual about her.}

#1. Hostile
{200}{}{Get away from me!}
{201}{}{Leave me alone!}
{202}{}{Don't touch me!}
{203}{}{Stop it!}
{204}{}{What are you doing?}

#2. Else
{300}{}{Sorry, can't talk now.}
{301}{}{Where was I going again?}
{303}{}{Excuse me.}

# 3. Becky's
{305}{}{Becky's place is the best, and not just cuz of the prices.}
{306}{}{You here for the drinks or the tables?}
{307}{}{All we need now are some troubadours.}
{309}{}{You a gambler?}
{310}{}{How's the outside world?}
{311}{}{Frankie's a scum bag. He's mean to Becky for no reason.}
{312}{}{You a friend of Becky?}
{313}{}{Grab a drink, friend!}
{314}{}{Drink up! Drinks are cheap!}
{315}{}{There's no way these are watered down.}
{316}{}{That Dyer sure knows her stuff.}
{317}{}{Nothing like good drinks and good company.}
{318}{}{Only trouble with Becky's drinks is you tend to drink to many!}
{319}{}{Becky… I mean Rebecca sure is a sweetheart.}
{320}{}{If anyone ever lays a finger on her, they'll regret it.}
{321}{}{This is some good stuff.}

{340}{}{We should kill you for what you did.}
{341}{}{I don't know what she did to you but she didn't deserve to die.}
{342}{}{Maybe we should head to New Reno, since Becky's is closed.}
{343}{}{I miss Becky's smile.}
{344}{}{No more cheap booze.}
{345}{}{The Den isn't the same without Becky's.}

# 4. Frankie's
{360}{}{Frankie's is truly a hole… in the wall, that is.}
{361}{}{I like the Hole better than Becky's.}
{362}{}{We call this place the Hole.}
{363}{}{Take a seat. Oh, wait. Maybe not.}
{364}{}{Frankie's has action. Becky's is just a money pit.}
{365}{}{Frankie sure doesn't like Becky.}
{366}{}{Frankie says Becky's drinks are watered down.}
{367}{}{How's it going?}
{368}{}{Frankie knows how to party.}
{369}{}{Becky's tables are rigged! Well, that's what Frankie says.}
{370}{}{Bottoms up!}

{390}{}{Damn, I warned Frankie about how he treated people.}
{391}{}{Frankie should have watched his temper.}
{392}{}{Now where we going to hang out?}
{393}{}{Too bad Frankie's gone. He knew how to party.}
{394}{}{You got quite a temper. What'd Frankie do to you?}
{395}{}{Frankie insult your mom or something?}

# 5. Tubby's
{410}{}{I'm just looking around.}
{411}{}{I'm not sure what I'm looking for.}
{412}{}{Tubby sure goes through a lot of Jet.}
{413}{}{You see anything good?}
{414}{}{Not much here.}
{415}{}{Tubby needs to get some better suppliers.}
{416}{}{You need drugs? Tubby is normally well stocked.}

{430}{}{What did you kill Tubby for?}
{431}{}{No great loss, but Tubby was the only real shop in town.}
{432}{}{What'd Tubby do to piss you off?}
{433}{}{Tubby sold you some bad shit, didn't he?}
{434}{}{The rumor is you whacked Tubby because of a bad deal or something.}
{435}{}{Not surprised really. A lot of people have been sore with Tubby lately.}

# 6. Flick
{440}{}{Nothing I'm interested in today…}
{441}{}{Oh, hi. Just talking to my good friend Flick.}
{442}{}{What are you doing in here?}
{443}{}{You a friend of Flick's, too?}
{444}{}{I didn't do anything.}
{445}{}{What are you staring at?}
{446}{}{Just pretend you don't see me.}
{447}{}{Don't mind me.}

{460}{}{Damn. You killed Flick.}
{461}{}{Flick rip you off?}
{462}{}{Flick's been into some dangerous work.}
{463}{}{That sucks about Flick.}
{464}{}{Wonder what all those kids are going to do now that Flick is dead.}
{465}{}{Surprised Flick lasted this long.}

# 7. Mom
{480}{}{We call this home.}
{481}{}{Most of us grew up on Mom's cooking.}
{482}{}{I've known Mom since I was a kid.}
{483}{}{Mom takes care of everyone in the Den.}
{484}{}{Mom can make a sandwich out of anything.}
{485}{}{I hope you get to know Mom as well as us.}
{486}{}{Great company, great food. What else could you ask for?}

{500}{}{How could you have hurt poor old Mom?}
{501}{}{I've known, I mean, knew Mom all my life.}
{502}{}{What did she ever do to you?}
{503}{}{Murderer! Poor Mom…}
{504}{}{Why did you have to do that?}
{505}{}{You heartless monster!}