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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

//begin 26th September 2000 revision
// This is new dialogue for the ATTACK version of the mission.

// ==================== BRIEFING ====================
DEMO01_BRIEF = {At ease Initiate. During our initial recruitment drives, the Brotherhood formed an alliance with the village of Dirt Haven. They made the smart choice to live in freedom under our ever-watchful eye. We provide them with protection from bandits and raiders and they in turn, supply us with food and their most able bodied young as recruits. However, none of their volunteers lived long enough to even make the Initiate rank, as a raider ambush annihilated the entire recruit class.
\n\nEven though these villagers are obviously incompetent, we're bound by honour to protect them from any menace the Wasteland might provide. Which brings you here today.
\n\nWe have received word that the raiders have invaded the village and taken it over completely, chasing away any inhabitants that they could not kill or imprison. Initiate, this mission goes beyond the needs of one tribal town. To successfully envelop all surrounding towns the Brotherhood must maintain a reputation of superiority in the region. This is essential to meet our goals of personnel and resource expansion. You will take your squad to Dirt Haven, eliminate the leader of this group of Raiders, and save the civilians. Consult your Pipboy map if you have any questions. And Initiate, ensure the Town Father survives. You have your orders.

// ==================== DEBRIEFING ====================
DEMO1_DEBRIEF_DEMO01A = {Your combat training has not been in vain. You were more than a match for the raiders and your squad cut them down like so much wheat. You see, such a focused concentration of force will dispatch your enemies while instilling fear and thus respect in your allies. Learn from this. The best lessons are often not taught in a class, but learned in the field.\n\nYour performance was excellent, Initiate. Not only did you vanquish your enemies but the village suffered only minor losses. Well-executed missions like this get the attention of Brotherhood Commanders. Good work Initiate, we will be watching your progress with much interest.
DEMO1_DEBRIEF_DEMO01B = {Your combat training has not been in vain. You were more than a match for the raiders and your squad cut them down like so much wheat. You see, such a focused concentration of force will dispatch your enemies while instilling fear and thus respect in your allies. Learn from this. The best lessons are often not taught inside a class, but learned in the field.\n\nAlthough you defeated your adversaries, you let an unseemly portion of the village perish. This particular village has little, if any, worth to the Brotherhood...but they are still under our protection. If this village had more to offer, you would be facing disciplinary action. As it stands, your work for today is finished. Go to your barracks and meditate on your performance.

// ==================== FAILURE ====================
title_DEMO1_FAILUREA = {Failure}
DEMO1_FAILUREA = {Your entire squad has perished. Your bones will rattle inside your armor as the insects search for carrion. The Brotherhood must prevail without you.}
title_DEMO1_FAILUREB = {Failure}
DEMO1_FAILUREB = {You have allowed the Town Father to perish. Failure is unacceptable in the Brotherhood of Steel. Try again, warrior.}

// ==================== GREETER ====================
DEMO1_Greeter_A_01_CO_A = {Don't Shoot! Oh wait! You're a Brotherhood of Steel soldier. Have you come at last to return what is rightfully ours?
\n\nWe cower in the wasteland while the bandits have taken our homes and imprisoned our brothers and sisters underground. Even our beloved Town Father is being held against his will.
\n\nThe bandits have begun turning our town into a stronghold from which to stage their next raid. The only entrance is from the west, and it is kept under watch at all times.
\n\nBut surely this poses no great obstacle to warriors such as you?}

DEMO1_Greeter_A_02_FL_A = {Please hurry and free my kin!}
DEMO1_Greeter_A_02_FL_B = {May the ancestors guide you.}
DEMO1_Greeter_A_02_FL_C = {Did any of our recruits live? My son...}
DEMO1_Greeter_A_02_FL_D = {Wolfie and I will wait here.}
DEMO1_Greeter_A_02_FL_E = {Did you hear something?}

DEMO1_Greeter_B_01_CO_A = {Haha! I see Brotherhood warriors don't take prisoners. You cut through those raiders as quickly as a stick pokes through fresh dung!
\n\nOur eternal thanks for your help!}

DEMO1_Greeter_B_02_FL_A = {I can't wait to move back in my hut.}
DEMO1_Greeter_B_02_FL_B = {I hope those raiders don't come back!}
DEMO1_Greeter_B_02_FL_C = {We did it! We beat the raiders!}
DEMO1_Greeter_B_02_FL_D = {Thank you. Thank you very much.}

DEMO1_Greeter_C_01_CO_A = {You must feed on souls, warrior.
\n\nWe were held hostage in our own homes before, but now there are many more homes than people! We hoped that the Brotherhood would send real warriors to help us!
\n\nYou sicken me!}

DEMO1_Greeter_C_02_FL_A = {What's the point? All of my friends are dead!}
DEMO1_Greeter_C_02_FL_B = {If our young had never gone to the Brotherhood, we would have defended ourselves.}
DEMO1_Greeter_C_02_FL_C = {Why are you still here?}
DEMO1_Greeter_C_02_FL_D = {Brotherhood, raiders. What's the difference?}
DEMO1_Greeter_C_02_FL_E = {Why are you looking at me like that?}

// ==================== FATHER ====================
DEMO1_Father_A_01_CO_A = {Ah, the Brotherhood. I remember not long ago when you came here preaching an alliance good for all. You took our food. You took our pride. Then . . . you took our children. Yet where were you when the bandits raided our village three times in as many days?
\n\nAnd now I am kept penned here like Brahmin while the raiders hold my people hostage in the caves beneath the village.
\n\nIt is time you hold up your end of the bargain. Destroy the raiders. Draw a bucket's worth of blood from them for every drop of village blood spilt. Revenge is a dish we are eager to taste
\n\n. . . but first, I will escape their clutches.}

DEMO1_Father_A_02_FL_A = {I have to get to safety!}

DEMO1_Father_B_01_CO_A = {Well done Warrior of Steel. The bandits are now awaiting judgment in the afterlife. If only the victory had not come at such a heavy toll . . . but we will rebuild. Such is life in the wasteland.
\n\nI believe you will bring honor to the Brotherhood, for you have brought honor onto this humble village.}

DEMO1_Father_B_02_FL_A = {My faith is renewed.}
DEMO1_Father_B_02_FL_B = {The slate is wiped clean!}
DEMO1_Father_B_02_FL_C = {Call me!}
DEMO1_Father_B_02_FL_D = {I heard Deathclaws and Super Mutants are in the full version!}

DEMO1_Father_C_01_CO_A = {Yes, you defeated the raiders, but at what cost? Too many of my people are dead or dying! You may call this protection but I believe the Brotherhood is no better than the bandits they fight.
\n\nBah! It will take many group ceremonies of "Hide the Spear" to replace our lost numbers.
\n\nBe gone "Warrior"!}

DEMO1_Father_C_02_FL_A = {There are no more recruits for you here.}
DEMO1_Father_C_02_FL_B = {Brotherhood of Steel. Feh!}
DEMO1_Father_C_02_FL_C = {I...SAID...BE...GONE!}

// ==================== MEDICINE MAN ====================
DEMO1_MedMan_A_01_CO_A = {You must be our elusive protectors from the Brotherhood.
\n\nI am Salik, medicine man for Dirt Haven. I've been hiding here since the raiders attacked while I was harvesting magic herbs. The raiders show no mercy to we simple villagers, and I have had to brew my healing powders in secret.
\n\nIf you believe you can you free us from this hardship, then feel free to take whatever you need from my humble supplies.}

DEMO1_MedMan_A_02_FL_A = {Do not betray our trust again.}
DEMO1_MedMan_A_02_FL_B = {The raiders desecrate our livestock.}
DEMO1_MedMan_A_02_FL_C = {You will buy the full version of Tactics.}
DEMO1_MedMan_A_02_FL_D = {The bandits will fear me in the afterlife.}

DEMO1_MedMan_B_01_CO_A = {Hah! The stars did not lie! You have accomplished here what most men would not even attempt.
\n\nYou have the aura of a hero and the oracles tell me that the spirits and gods alike are taking interest in your actions.
\n\nNow if you excuse me, all this excitement makes me want to make water.}

DEMO1_MedMan_B_02_FL_A = {Do not stare at my pee pee.}
DEMO1_MedMan_B_02_FL_B = {Oops! Did I get your shoe? Heh heh.}
DEMO1_MedMan_B_02_FL_C = {You want to see my peace pipe?}
DEMO1_MedMan_B_02_FL_D = {Thank you again. I guess you have to leave now.}

DEMO1_MedMan_C_01_CO_A = {There is a prophecy about a skilled warrior who delivers humanity from the darkness. A chosen One who will be the greatest hero this world will ever know.
\n\nYou are not the One.
\n\nYou are not a pimple on that holy warrior's bottom. Be gone from my sight!}

DEMO1_MedMan_C_02_FL_A = {More like the Brotherhood of Vermin.}
DEMO1_MedMan_C_02_FL_B = {May you privates smell like mine . . . uh . . . I mean like Brahmin's privates!}
DEMO1_MedMan_C_02_FL_C = {The spirits have informed me that your mother never loved you.}
DEMO1_MedMan_C_02_FL_D = {The spirits cry out at this slaughter.}

// ==================== Prisoners ====================
DEMO1_Prisoner_A_01_CO_A = {Salvation at last! We are suffering here, warrior.
\n\nThe leader of these bastards stops beating us only to quench his thirst with our sacred firewater. Bah! He rests even now in his tent.
\n\nNo doubt all the beatings have tired him out, and the drink makes him dull. I managed to hide the key to the chest outside this prison in a crate nearby.
\n\nFind it, and the treasure inside is yours.}

DEMO1_Prisoner_A_02_FL_A = {We don't deserve this fate!}
DEMO1_Prisoner_A_02_FL_B = {The spirits are cruel.}
DEMO1_Prisoner_A_02_FL_C = {They did . . . terrible things to us.}
DEMO1_Prisoner_A_02_FL_D = {Save us! We are a peaceful people!}
DEMO1_Prisoner_A_02_FL_E = {Don't let them touch me again!}

DEMO1_Prisoner_B_02_FL_A = {Yeah! We're free again!}
DEMO1_Prisoner_B_02_FL_B = {I can't wait to go to the bathroom in private again!}
DEMO1_Prisoner_B_02_FL_C = {I hope it's not raining outside now that we're free.}
DEMO1_Prisoner_B_02_FL_D = {I'm sure glad you showed up to open that can of whoop-ass!}
DEMO1_Prisoner_B_02_FL_E = {Thank you! I mean it. Thank you!}

DEMO1_Prisoner_C_02_FL_A = {Did I hear tribals screaming?}
DEMO1_Prisoner_C_02_FL_B = {I'm not sure if I'm glad to see you or not.}
DEMO1_Prisoner_C_02_FL_C = {I heard everybody's dead.}
DEMO1_Prisoner_C_02_FL_D = {Whose blood is that on your armor? Raider or Tribal?}

// ==================== DOGS ====================
DEMO1_Dogs_A_01_FL_A = {Yelp!}
DEMO1_Dogs_A_01_FL_C = {Bark?}
DEMO1_Dogs_A_01_FL_F = {sniff!}

DEMO1_Dogs_A_02_FL_B = {WOOFFF!}
DEMO1_Dogs_A_02_FL_D = {grrrr.}
DEMO1_Dogs_A_02_FL_F = {BARK!}

// ==================== RAIDERS ====================
DEMO01_RAIDER_A_01_FL_A = {Hah! It looks like we got some more slaves!}
DEMO01_RAIDER_A_01_FL_B = {You Brotherhood slugs should have stayed home!}
DEMO01_RAIDER_A_01_FL_C = {I'll kill you myself!}
DEMO01_RAIDER_A_01_FL_D = {You're already dead!}

DEMO1_RaiderLeader_A_01_C = {Who invited you here? It ain't Brotherhood of Steel day is it? IS IT? I'm thinking you already know the answer to that question, right?
\n\nWell you've come at a great time. I've got a killer hangover, a blinding migraine and a scorching case of herpes. There's nothing like pain to make you feel alive!
\n\nLet me share it with you!}

// ==================== OBJECTIVES ====================
DEMO01_BRIEF_START = {Start Position}
DEMO01_BRIEF_OBJ01 = {1. Meet with survivors.}
DEMO01_BRIEF_OBJ02 = {2. Light Patrol.\nThe raiders are known to use canines as an early-warning system. Distract this pair of wolves and eliminate them before they can alert their masters.}
DEMO01_BRIEF_OBJ03 = {3. Avoid the patrol.\nThe entrance to the village is guarded by a pair of patrolling guards. If they are disturbed, they will summon their superior. You can choose to sneak past, or try to take them out.}
DEMO01_BRIEF_OBJ04 = {4. Gain entry to camp.\nThis door bars your way into entering the main camp. Either pick the lock, or find a key nearby.}
DEMO01_BRIEF_OBJ05 = {5. More Patrols.\nCatch a group of raiders off-guard. They will be over-confident, expecting no trouble, so a well placed grenade or a few decent bursts should put them down.}
DEMO01_BRIEF_OBJ06 = {6. Contact the imprisoned Town Father.\nHere the Town Father is imprisoned and kept under watch. Kill his guard and speak to him before moving on.}
DEMO01_BRIEF_OBJ07 = {7. Encounter reserve guards.\nThere are multiple tents with multiple entrances. Some recon will tell you where raiders are and which way they are facing. Use this information to dispatch them quickly and quietly.}
DEMO01_BRIEF_OBJ08 = {8. Eliminate the raider Lieutenant.\nThe Lieutenant in charge of this particular incursion has set up inside this fortified building, and has several bodyguards at his side at all times. This is an exercise in close-combat tactics.}

// ==================== EXIT GRID ====================
title_DEMO01_VICTORY = {Objectives Complete}
DEMO01_VICTORY = {You have completed the main objectives for this mission.
\n\nReturn to the exit grid at your starting position to leave this mission.}