Daily: Buried with Honor

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Daily: Buried with Honor
F76 Burial With Honors.png
Quest data
LocationPrickett's FortPhilippi Battlefield Cemetery
  • 200 experience points
  • 20 caps
  • Random assorted items
  • Random Toxic Valley weapon mods
  • Two counts of gunpowder
  • 15% chance for a legendary item

Daily: Buried with Honor is a daily quest in Fallout 76.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The curator at Prickett's Fort excavated a civil war soldier's remains (well, some remains) while digging out new outhouses. He's asking the Vault 76 dwellers to give the body a burial in Philippi Battlefield Cemetery.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Players are asked to pick up the remains provided by the curator and bury them at the designated cemetery. To bury the remains players need a shovel, which is conveniently provided next to the open grave. Completing this daily quest is also a part of the Bureau of Tourism. Notably, the remains are actually a decomposed corpse from 20 years ago, but the robots are incapable of noticing the difference it seems.