Damaged garden gnome (Fallout 3)

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Damaged garden gnome
Damaged Garden Gnome.png
Icon junk.png
EffectsRock-It Launcher ammunition
Base ID0005b635

The damaged garden gnome is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3.


Because of its weight of 4 and low value of 1, a damaged garden gnome is barely worth picking up to trade for, unless you're extremely low on caps, can carry a lot of weight, enjoy collecting the tiny ceramic people, or need Rock-It Launcher ammunition. They are most often found outside houses or what remains of houses. There are at least 8 sizes of damaged garden gnomes.


  • Seward Square: a giant damaged garden gnome standing roughly two times the size of an average garden gnome is standing in front of a house. It still has the usual weight of four pounds.
  • Some can be found in the abandoned apartments in The Pitt.
  • There are two in the mobile base crawler: one is in a bathroom stall in the lower Launch Platform Base, apparently cutting up meat with a deathclaw hand; the other is also in the lower Launch Platform Base there is a counter with a small gap down the center of it lengthwise and a red motor hanging above it. A garden gnome can be found in this gap, apparently bowling using a pool ball and 10 miniature milk bottles.