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Dart (Fallout 3)

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For an overview of dart ammunition in the Fallout series of games, see dart.
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Darts are a small guns ammunition used exclusively by the dart gun craftable pistol in Fallout 3.


They have a needle in the front part, a white center, and a red end. They usually come in packs of twenty. When used by the dart gun they are dipped in radscorpion poison and fired at enemies. When used in the dart gun they deal damage over time and deals critical damage to limbs.

Weapons using this ammunition


  • Darts can be found all over the Wasteland, usually in random containers, ammunition boxes, trash cans or simply laying around. Enemies very rarely carry them.
  • Darts are typically sold by most weapons dealers. The traveling merchant Lucky Harith usually stocks them.


  • Darts, like all ammunition in Fallout 3, are weightless and are very common, usually being found in large amounts almost anywhere(within just a few hours of playing, even without actually looking for them, you can find hundreds of them). Since they have a value of one it makes them a great source of caps if you do not have any desire for a dart gun or cannot craft it.
  • They are lethal to all humanoid type enemies, and even a deathclaw can be damaged rather severely by this weapon.