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Davey Crenshaw's dialogue

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Davey Crenshaw's dialogue
Game Information
NPCDavey Crenshaw
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue file

Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic009 Fascinating. Let's talk about something else. Sure thing. Careful, though. I'll talk your ear off. VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC955_1
Conversation GOODBYE Goodbye. Catch you later. VMS08_GOODBYE_000FC962_1
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic006 ...but relief must follow unbearable suffering. {Terrified}Holy Christ. Get- get away from me! VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_001558F6_1
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic000 I've heard you're kind of a prankster. Heh. My reputation precedes me, I see. Yeah I pulled a few pranks in my time. VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC95A_1
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic001 What kinds of pranks have you pulled? Aw, usual stuff. Brought a brahmin upstairs in the terminal once. They can go upstairs but not down. Two heads and both of 'em dumb as stumps. VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC956_4
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic001 What kinds of pranks have you pulled? That got me some detention time, but it was worth it 'cause they couldn't get the brahmin back down, so it visited me a few times in my cell. VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC956_1
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic001 What kinds of pranks have you pulled? Dropped some firecrackers in the toilets too. That was the real bad one for me. VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC956_2
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic001 What kinds of pranks have you pulled? Turns out there's no way to replace the toilets now. Toilet company blew up in the War. I think they'd just have shot me if they weren't shorthanded. VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC956_3
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic002 That's great because I'm in the middle of pulling a prank right now. No kidding! What'd you cook up? VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC95F_1
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic003 <Pull Pin>I just pulled the pin out of somebody's grenade. Man, I can't wait to see the look on his face! VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC95B_1
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic004 [Attack] I'm going to get you in trouble for blowing up the monorail. What? Like hell you are. VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC957_1
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic005 Good news, private. I'm here to relieve you. Really? That's great. I was getting so sick of this. VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC953_1
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic007 [Attack] The bad news is I'm here to relieve you of your life. What- What are you doing? VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC95D_1
Topic VMS08PrivateCrenshawTopic008 Never mind, I was mistaken. Aww. VMS08_VMS08PrivateCrenshaw_000FC959_1 Nuts.
Topic GREETING GREETING Hey! Can't you see I'm busy here? VMS08_GREETING_000FC960_3
Topic GREETING GREETING Nah, I'm just kidding. This has to be the most worthless patrol duty on the whole base. They never attack this gate. VMS08_GREETING_000FC960_1
Topic GREETING GREETING They just put me back here because they don't think I can handle anything else. VMS08_GREETING_000FC960_2
Topic GREETING GREETING Man, am I bored. VMS08_GREETING_000FC961_1