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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# 0. Look
{100}{}{You see an addict.}
{101}{}{This person is heavily drugged.}
{102}{}{He looks like he's high on drugs.}
{103}{}{She looks like she's high on drugs.}
{104}{}{He's looking pretty bad. You suspect it's withdrawal from some kind of drug.}
{105}{}{She's seen better days. She looks like she's going through withdrawal.}
{106}{}{This addict looks like the living dead.}
{107}{}{You think this addict just threw up.}

# 1. CF: Attacked by PC
{150}{}{The lights are hurting me!}
{151}{}{Monsters everywhere!}
{152}{}{That felt weird.}
{153}{}{Am I bleeding?}
{154}{}{It doesn't normally seem this real.}
{155}{}{Stop it, man!}
{156}{}{Will no one help me?}
{158}{}{Get away!}
{159}{}{My head hurts enough as it is!}
{160}{}{Leave me alone.}

# 2. CF: Normal
{200}{}{Wow, you've got a weird dark glow.}
{201}{}{My, you're a big pup.}
{202}{}{Don't tell them what we know is not there.}
{204}{}{Can you see me?}
{205}{}{Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits.}
{206}{}{How did you get way up here?}
{207}{}{Shhh, I'm hiding.}
{208}{}{I'm running faster than a wolf!}
{209}{}{I feel so alive!}
{210}{}{It's coursing through my veins…}
{211}{}{Right there, baby.}
{212}{}{Oooohhh, can you feel the power?}
{213}{}{Wow, you're glowing…}
{214}{}{I love you, man!}
{215}{}{Life's been so good to me. Has it been good to you?}
{216}{}{The little ones fly at night.}
{217}{}{Say hello to my little friend.}
{218}{}{Boy, I'm sleepy…}
{219}{}{Have you seen my dog?}
{220}{}{Shhh, they're right behind you…}
{222}{}{Oooh, my head.}
{223}{}{I ache all over.}
{224}{}{I'm starting to get the shakes.}
{225}{}{Oh, I need some more.}
{226}{}{I need a fix.}
{227}{}{I can't wait, I need it now.}
{228}{}{You take my shit?}
{229}{}{Ah, leave me alone.}
{230}{}{I got the shakes bad, man.}
{231}{}{I hate this part.}
{232}{}{I just want to die.}
{233}{}{I need some more bad.}
{234}{}{I can't take this much longer.}
{235}{}{I think I have a fever.}
{236}{}{I think I'm going to puke.}
{237}{}{Maybe if I just sleep…}
{238}{}{I got the shakes bad, lady.}

# 3. BGF: Hostile
{300}{}{Is that blood?}
{301}{}{Whoa! Am I beeding? I can can't feel a thing!}
{302}{}{It tingles.}
{303}{}{Who did that?}
{304}{}{What's going on?}
{305}{}{I'm bleeding… I think.}
{306}{}{Oh, the pain.}
{307}{}{Now I really need a fix.}
{308}{}{Just let me die.}

# 4. BGF: Normal
{351}{}{I'm floating…}
{352}{}{I have the power!}
{353}{}{Hello, Mr. Flower.}
{354}{}{All the colors…}
{355}{}{More longer friend see that sky?}
{356}{}{They aren't listening…}
{357}{}{Where am I?}
{358}{}{There it is!}
{359}{}{Whoa, no! Stop! Wait! Okay, go ahead.}
{360}{}{There, there… ahh…}
{361}{}{Yea, baby!}
{362}{}{What was that?}
{363}{}{Sasha? Where are you Sasha?}
{364}{}{The colors are fading!}
{366}{}{Hey! Get away from me! Oh…}
{367}{}{Don't you do that!}
{368}{}{I can't see… again.}
{370}{}{Get more…}
{371}{}{There? No.}
{372}{}{No. Can't find it.}
{373}{}{Make it stop!}
{375}{}{Oh, the pain.}
{376}{}{<cough> <cough> <cough>}
{377}{}{Ooh, my head!}
{378}{}{Where'd I put my stash?}

# 5. Self Initiated: Attacking Player
{400}{}{A demon!}
{401}{}{The enemy is upon us!}
{402}{}{You murderer! You killed by son!}
{403}{}{A monster! Kill it!}
{404}{}{Ah! Pargasraka!}
{405}{}{Feet fom chin rat going! Ahhh!}
{406}{}{You won't take it from me!}
{407}{}{Give it back!}
{409}{}{My family!}