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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a patron of the Hole.}

{150}{}{This fellow sure isn't very attractive.}
{151}{}{This guy's only got one tooth.}
{153}{}{Your wife sure is pretty!}
{154}{}{Get away from us.}
{155}{}{You like her, huh?}
{156}{}{Yes, she is.}
{158}{}{I sure would like to do her.}
{159}{}{Go right ahead.}
{160}{}{OK. That’ll be $50.}
{161}{}{Sure, but it’ll cost you $200.}
{162}{}{No way! Get away from us!}
{165}{}{Alright! Now come with Billy, sweetie.}
{166}{}{Now go away.}
{167}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{169}{}{Aw, shucks.}
{171}{}{I am plumb tuckered out.}
{172}{}{I’ll come back.}
{174}{}{You sure are a pretty thing.}
{175}{}{Get away from me.}
{176}{}{Give me $200 and you can spend some time with me.}
{177}{}{I cost $50, Mac.}
{178}{}{Hee hee. Thanks.}
{179}{}{I don’t have enough money.}
{180}{}{Ok, $50 then.}
{181}{}{Too bad for you.}
{182}{}{See you around.}
{183}{}{Don’t bother me. I’m scoping for nice-looking chicks.}
{184}{}{Good luck. You’ll need it.}
{185}{}{What am I, chopped liver?}
{187}{}{Oooh. OK. Bye.}
{188}{}{[looks you up and down] No. I like chopped liver.}
{189}{}{I don’t need this from you!}
{190}{}{Excuse me, I have to go.}
{191}{}{Too bad. I thought you were cute.}

{203}{}{I want my money back.}
{204}{}{I ain't giving you anything but a hole in the head.}
{205}{}{OK, here you go.}
{225}{}{I don't have it.}

# Oh come on, give (player_name) another chance here.
{207}{}{Oh come on, give }
{208}{}{ another chance here.}
{209}{}{I can see you don't want to talk to me. I'm leaving.}

{210}{}{I gave you your chance and you blew it.}
{211}{}{OK, but just one more chance.}
{212}{}{That's my boy.}
{213}{}{I'm just gonna have to kill you, then.}

{220}{}{Hey, Frankie, I'm gonna just borrow the back room for a little while.}
{221}{}{Hey, Frankie, look what I snagged.}
{222}{}{Uh, Frankie, if anyone's... uh... looking for me, I'll be in back.}

{223}{}{Follow me.}
{224}{}{It's gonna have to wait. I'll talk to you later.}

# 10.
{300}{}{Damn, I'm fucked flat.}
{302}{}{That was... was... WOW!!!}
{303}{}{You could set her ass on fire.}
{304}{}{Damn that parted my hair - well, what little I have.}
{305}{}{Sure beats a roll with Dave.}

# 11.
{320}{}{Not bad... Not bad...}
{321}{}{I might even pay for that again.}
{323}{}{Not bad, not bad.}
{324}{}{We'll have to do that again and work on our... flexability.}

# 12.
{350}{}{Looks like I'm going to be getting Handy again.}
{351}{}{Don't let the door hit your DRY ASS on the way out!}
{352}{}{Time to finish what you couldn't even start!}

# 13.
{370}{}{Oh, that's nice.}
{371}{}{Billy likes that.}
{372}{}{Ohhhh yeah.}
{374}{}{Jeezus and ramona.}
{375}{}{Good Gracious.}
{376}{}{I shoulda packed a box of tissue.}
{377}{}{Hmmm, who should I imagine now.}

# 14.
{390}{}{Hey, can't you see I'm busy in here?}
{391}{}{Hey, hey, get the hell out.}
{392}{}{Hey, you couldn't finish the job, so get out.}
{393}{}{Can you get me a mop and come back in 5?}

{400}{}{Billy, you better not have made a mess on that mattress again!}
{401}{}{Hey Billy, you need a mop?}
{402}{}{Billy, your fly's down. AGAIN!}
{403}{}{Yo Billy, don't forget to change your pants later.}
{404}{}{Billy, you been eating doughnuts?}

{413}{}{He, he, heee...}

{500}{}{*SPIT, SPIT* Eccchhhh...}

{510}{}{Hey buddy, care to "rent" that fine ho of yours?}
{511}{}{Can't this wait? I've got to get a drink.}
{512}{}{Yeah, if you want to talk to me, I'll be at The Hole.}
{513}{}{How about you meet me at The Hole and I buy you a drink?}

{520}{}{Sorry, I'm a hurry to get home. I just got some new porn in.}
{523}{}{I'm uhhh, tired, please let me go home and uhhh, sleep...}
{522}{}{I'm going over to Dave's. He's got a whole porn wing!}

{530}{}{Uhhh, no thanks. I don't have money to piss away on that again.}

{540}{}{Alright, I'll give your ass a try again.}