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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see the owner of The Hole.}
{101}{}{You see Frankie, owner of The Hole.}

{150}{}{This appears to be the owner of this place.}
{151}{}{This is Frankie. He owns this joint.}
{153}{}{I’m Frankie and yer standing in 'The Hole.' Best damn bar for a hundred miles! Everyone crawls into The Hole when it's time to let loose. Now don't you be causing too much trouble, y’hear?}
{154}{}{I hear ya.}
{155}{}{Yeah, okay. Whatever.}
{156}{}{I see why you call this place "The Hole."}
{158}{}{What’s yer pleasure?}
{163}{}{Nothing today. Bye.}
{164}{}{Wee wee.}
{165}{}{Hey! You better shut your hole!}
{166}{}{Or what?}
{167}{}{Just do your job and get me a drink.}
{168}{}{I’ll just leave instead.}
{169}{}{Whiskey is $}
{170}{}{ a shot.}
{171}{}{Here’s your money.}
{172}{}{No way! That’s too much!}
{173}{}{Why does your whiskey cost so much more than Becky’s?}
{174}{}{No thanks.}
{175}{}{Anything else?}
{177}{}{Nope, thanks.}
{178}{}{You don’t have enough money! This ain’t no charity!}
{179}{}{Oh, sorry. I’m low on funds.}
{180}{}{I’ll come back.}
{181}{}{What do you want?}
{183}{}{Nothing. I’m leaving.}
{184}{}{Wahdo a peedee!}
{185}{}{And stay out!}
{187}{}{I don’t want people like you in my place. Get out!}
{188}{}{Alright, I’m going.}
{190}{}{Those New Reno families charge an arm and a leg for their booze. I don’t know how she does it!}
{191}{}{Well, you should try to find out.}
{192}{}{I could find out.}
{193}{}{I know how she does it.}
{194}{}{I’ll just go buy whiskey from her.}
{195}{}{If you find out where she gets her booze, I’ll pay you $100.}
{196}{}{OK, I’ll find out.}
{197}{}{Nope, not interested.}
{198}{}{So, how does Becky do it? How does she sell her booze so cheap?}
{199}{}{She has a still.}
{200}{}{I don’t know yet. I’ll come back.}
{201}{}{What? A still! Damn. Hey, here’s the $100, and I’ll pay you $500 to destroy it. You can use my crowbar, in the back room over there. That'll do a number on her stupid little still!}
{202}{}{I already did.}
{203}{}{OK, I’ll destroy it.}
{204}{}{No way. That’s too much. I got the information. You handle it.}
{205}{}{No, I have a better idea.}
{206}{}{So, is the still destroyed? Like I said, just use my crowbar on it. That'll really fuck it up fast.}
{207}{}{Yes, it is.}
{208}{}{I have a better idea.}
{209}{}{Nope. I’ll let you know when it is.}
{210}{}{Then here’s the $500. Thanks.}
{211}{}{Nice doing business with you.}
{212}{}{You know, Frankie, she’s just going to build another one.}
{213}{}{Thanks, bye.}
{214}{}{Damn! Well, in the mean time she’ll have no booze.}
{215}{}{Why fight her, Frankie? Join her.}
{216}{}{Think. Where else can you get liquor?}
{217}{}{What do you mean?}
{218}{}{Buy liquor from her. It’s cheaper than New Reno’s, so you’ll make more money, too.}
{219}{}{I don’t want to do this.}
{220}{}{Never mind.}
{221}{}{Look, I just want her still destroyed. Will you do it?}
{222}{}{Alright, I will.}
{223}{}{No, I won’t. Good bye.}
{224}{}{Maybe you’re right. I’ll talk to her. Thanks.}
{225}{}{Hey, what are friends for?}
{227}{}{Information I do not have.}
{228}{}{Really? How about why Becky’s drinks are so much cheaper than yours?}
{229}{}{I thought bartenders knew everything.}
{230}{}{Then I’m in the wrong place. Bye.}
{231}{}{Go talk to Sheila. Hey, Sheila, you got a customer!}
{232}{}{Wait, that’s not what I want!}
{233}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{234}{}{Yeah, I bet. You must have the damnedest time getting men. Try your luck somewhere else, sister. I ain't into no charities.}
{235}{}{Fine! Something else then.}
{236}{}{Why, you little...}
{237}{}{I don’t need this from you!}
{238}{}{I have a room over there. You and I can use it.}
{240}{}{No, I didn’t mean that!}

{242}{}{Neither were you.}
{243}{}{I might have tried if you knew how to please a woman.}
{244}{}{You were the best I ever had. Really. I mean that.}
{245}{}{I hate to eat and run, but...}
{246}{}{Well, see you later.}

{248}{}{Yeah, whatever. Just clean up after yourself this time, will ya?}
{249}{}{Hey, everyone! Let's hear it for Billy. He's actually getting some!}
{250}{}{You need a mop?}
{251}{}{See ya in five.}
{252}{}{Sheila! Watch the bar!}
{253}{}{Hey, Billy, get outta here!}
{254}{}{Now where were we?}
{255}{}{Where are you, woman?}
{256}{}{Would you get in here?}
{257}{}{Come on, baby.}
{258}{}{Follow me.}
{259}{}{No woman stands me up. Get the hell out!}
{261}{}{I forgot; I had something else I had to attend to right away. Please forgive me, baby.}
{262}{}{I decided I didn't want to sleep with your ugly ass after all.}
{263}{}{Lucky for you, I'm a nice guy. Just don't pull that crap with me again.}
{264}{}{I won't, baby, I promise.}
{265}{}{I'm gonna put my foot in your ass, woman!}
{266}{}{No one talks to me like that! Die!}
{267}{}{I've given you all the chances I'm gonna give ya. Now get out.}
{268}{}{You're not going in my back room with that trash!}

{300}{}{Hey, I didn't fucking say I'd pay you to kill the bitch. Get the fuck out!}

{350}{}{Wow! Holy fuck. That was amazing.}
{351}{}{Damn, you were pretty good baby.}
{352}{}{Thanks, it was fun. Now get out.}
{353}{}{You were, uhhh... Never mind, get out.}
{354}{}{Well, I've never had worse than that.}

{400}{}{You know baby, you might be hot and all, but you've got lots and lots to learn.}
{410}{}{Baby, I do have work to do you know. I don't just stand around in this spot all day and do nothing. Well, okay, so what if I do? That's what I'm here to do.}