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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# 0. Look
{100}{}{You see a guard.}

{150}{}{He's one of Tyler's guards.}

# 1. Hostile
{200}{}{You still alive?}

# 2. CF: Gang 2 Defeated
{210}{}{We showed them, didn't we?}
{211}{}{No one messes with us.}
{212}{}{We kicked ass.}
{213}{}{About time we finished them off.}
{214}{}{I can't forget the look on his face. It was great.}
{215}{}{I'm surprised Metzger didn't get pissed.}
{216}{}{I wonder why Metzger didn't step in.}

# 3. ELSE
{225}{}{I don't know why Metzger has us guard this shit.}
{226}{}{Who's going to try and steal this crap?}
{227}{}{This job is a cakewalk.}
{228}{}{No one ever messes with us.}
{229}{}{I think this stuff came from a Vault or something.}
{230}{}{What are you looking for anyway?}
{231}{}{There's nothing in here but us mice.}
{232}{}{Don't waste your time, we've checked this stuff over a million times.}

# 4. SET
{233}{}{Tonight's the night.}
{234}{}{I hate waiting.}
{235}{}{I'll pass up drinks for this anytime.}
{236}{}{Is it time yet? I can hardly wait.}
{237}{}{I hope I get the first kill.}
{238}{}{Why did they wait until now to mess with us?}
{239}{}{This is going to be interesting.}

{240}{}{Too bad we didn't get any action after all.}
{241}{}{I wonder why they changed their minds.}
{242}{}{All that waiting and nothing.}
{243}{}{So what ever happened to that trap you were going to help us set?}
{244}{}{What happened the other night?}
{245}{}{Too bad those cowards chickened out. It would have been nice to finish them off.}
{246}{}{Can't believe those bastards were going to try and ambush us.}