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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# 0. Look
{100}{}{You see a gambler.}
{101}{}{This gambler seems to be doing extremely well.}
{102}{}{He seems to be winning, but all his money is on the table.}
{103}{}{She seems to be winning, but all her money is on the table.}
{104}{}{This person doesn't seem to be winning or losing}
{105}{}{This person hasn't won in a while.}
{106}{}{She looks like she's about to cry and seems to almost be out of money.}
{107}{}{He looks very angry and seems to be losing big.}

# 1. PC Killed Becky, NPC are still around (From Where to go)
{200}{}{Don't hurt me!}
{201}{}{Don't shoot!}
{202}{}{I don't have any money!}
{203}{}{Why did you have to kill poor Becky?}
{204}{}{What did she ever do to you?}
{205}{}{I didn't do anything!}
{206}{}{Please go, I won't tell.}

# 2. CF: Gambling (From Where to go)
{300}{}{Yes! The dice love me!}
{301}{}{Oh, that was close.}
{302}{}{Don't interrupt me. You'll ruin my winning streak.}
{303}{}{I'm hot!}
{304}{}{Money, money, money!}
{305}{}{I love this game!}
{306}{}{You see that! Yes!}
{307}{}{Roulette is the game to play!}
{308}{}{I'm doing pretty good, how about you?}
{309}{}{I'm doing better than normal.}
{310}{}{Great place don't you think?}
{311}{}{Becky's tables are better than New Reno.}
{312}{}{You like this game? It's a lot of fun.}
{313}{}{I haven't had a good roll in a while.}
{314}{}{I need a good roll.}
{315}{}{Well, at least I'm not losing.}
{316}{}{I'm not going anywhere.}
{317}{}{I'm just breaking even.}
{318}{}{You've got to play the numbers.}
{319}{}{Just betting on the red or black is bad odds.}
{320}{}{The dice aren't behaving.}
{321}{}{I'm down and it's not looking good.}
{322}{}{I hope you do better than I.}
{323}{}{I've seen better days.}
{324}{}{I know how to play, honest.}
{325}{}{The ball's not bouncing my way today.}
{326}{}{Another payday lost for good.}
{327}{}{I'm almost broke!}
{328}{}{Damn it. This sucks.}
{329}{}{Why is does this always happen to me?}
{330}{}{I can't win.}
{331}{}{I hate this game.}

# 3. BGF: Becky Dead (From Where to go)
{400}{}{Damn, Becky's was the only place to gamble around here!}
{401}{}{Stay away.}
{402}{}{Don't shoot!}
{403}{}{Please leave us lone.}

# 4. BGF: Gambling (From Where to go)
{500}{}{Don't stop there.}
{501}{}{Keep moving.}
{502}{}{COME ON 7!}
{504}{}{Keep it coming!}
{505}{}{Becky! I'm going to take all your money today!}
{506}{}{Woohoo! Winner!}
{507}{}{Give me another good bounce!}
{509}{}{All right!}
{510}{}{Again, lets see that again.}
{511}{}{Come on.}
{512}{}{That's what I wanted.}
{514}{}{Not bad.}
{515}{}{How did that happen?}
{517}{}{No wammies, no wammies. Stop!}
{518}{}{Well, the game lives up to its name.}
{519}{}{I just need one big win.}
{522}{}{This isn't looking good.}
{523}{}{Roulette sucks!}
{524}{}{Becky! You're tables are killing me!}
{525}{}{Are those loaded dice or what?}
{526}{}{Not again!}
{527}{}{Why me?}
{528}{}{Damn it! So close!}
{529}{}{Oh sweet sweet Jesus, KILL ME NOW!}
{530}{}{I hate this game!}
{531}{}{Damn! That was my number on the last spin!}
{532}{}{Black again!?!?}

# 5. CF: Hostile (From Where to go)
{600}{}{Get away!}
{601}{}{Why did you do that?}
{602}{}{Get away!}
{603}{}{Stop it, I'm fragile.}
{604}{}{I wouldn't do that do you.}