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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a prostitute.}

{150}{}{This is your usual, run of the mill, prostitute.}

{153}{}{Hey, I don’t do chicks!}
{157}{}{Hey, it’ll cost more if you've got an audience with ya.}
{158}{}{Hey, they go where I go.}
{159}{}{I want them with me.}
{160}{}{I’ll be back.}
{162}{}{Oh, baby. Where you been all my life?}
{163}{}{Right here, baby.}
{164}{}{How much, sister?}
{165}{}{Um, I need to go. Bye.}
{167}{}{I like ‘em big and dumb.}
{168}{}{That’s me!}
{170}{}{Oh. No. Bye.}
{171}{}{What a big boy you are!}
{172}{}{The way you like it.}
{173}{}{Yes, ma'am.}
{174}{}{I have to go.}
{177}{}{No. Bye.}
{178}{}{You’ll be back.}
{179}{}{We’ll see.}
{180}{}{Um, no.}
{182}{}{You don’t have enough bucks. Get lost, honey.}
{183}{}{I’ll come back.}
{184}{}{You’re not worth it, toots.}
{186}{}{You were incredible!}
{187}{}{Always, baby.}
{189}{}{You were, too.}
{190}{}{Me edible!}
{191}{}{You were great!}
{192}{}{Thanks. You too.}
{196}{}{OK, we’re done. Bye.}
{197}{}{That’s it?}
{198}{}{OK. Bye}
{199}{}{It was good.}
{200}{}{Bye bye.}
{201}{}{I don't get paid enough for this.}
{202}{}{It's not like you were worth the money anyhow.}
{203}{}{You’ll miss me.}
{206}{}{Come back anytime.}
{207}{}{OK. Bye.}
{208}{}{Yeah, right.}
{210}{}{See ya.}
{212}{}{Bye bye.}
# It will cost $(amount) for a session. Pay first.
{213}{}{It will cost $}
{214}{}{ for a session. Pay first.}
{215}{}{Follow me.}
{216}{}{I'm waiting.}
{217}{}{I'm not gonna stand here in this cold room all day.}
{218}{}{Would you hurry up?}
{219}{}{Last chance.}
{220}{}{Fine; I'm not waiting around any longer.}
{221}{}{Come on, come on.}
{222}{}{Getting excited or something?}
{223}{}{Follow me.}
{224}{}{Hey, pal, keep your hands off of the merchandise.}
{225}{}{Knock it off! I'm not just some toy to use.}

{230}{}{Uhhh...? Was this your first time?}