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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# 0. Look
{100}{}{You see a slaver.}
{000}{}{You see a slaver named Aidan.}

{150}{}{He looks like he could easily take care of himself in a fight.}

# 1. First Time - Self Initiated (From Where to go)
{200}{}{Ah, fresh meat.... Welcome ta the slaver's guild. The name's Aidan. Ya here on business? Ya better be.}
{201}{}{What exactly does your guild do?}
{202}{}{Slaver's guild?}
{203}{}{Save guld?}
{204}{}{Aruk kun sung?}

# 2. Yes, join (From 4)
{215}{}{[Aidan looks you up and down.] Well, ya look like you'd fit right in, buddy, but you'll have ta talk ta Metzger, of course. Right though that back door.}
{216}{}{[Aidan looks you up and down.] You don't look like ya could stomach it, pal, but who am I ta judge? Ya gotta talk ta Metzger. He's through the back door.}
{217}{}{I said ta talk ta Metzger. You fucking deaf and dumb or just dumb?}
{218}{}{Who's Metzger?}
{219}{}{Another question for you then.}
{220}{}{Thanks, I will.}
{222}{}{Uh… kay.}

# 3. Hostile, Start Combat. (From Where to go)
{230}{}{Now you die.}

# 4. (From Where to go, 1-2, 6, 10-11, 16-18)
{240}{}{Ya gotta be shittin' me! We capture and sell slaves. That's what yer here for, right? Ya looking for some action?}
{241}{}{Ya gotta be shittin' me! We capture and sell slaves. If ya ain't here for that, whatta want?} # Intentional errors, please do not change.
{242}{}{So, ya joined up. This should be interesting. If you like action, yer in the right line of work. If ya don't, ya won't last long.}
{243}{}{I never thought I would see that tat on woman. It looks good though. Surprised Metzger... fuck it. So what do ya need?}
{244}{}{What do ya want? Ya lost or somethin'?}
{245}{}{Hello again. li'l lady. Whatcha need?}
{247}{}{I'm looking to join.}
{248}{}{Where do you get your slaves?}
{249}{}{I'd like to buy some slaves.}
{250}{}{Do you know a man named Vic?}
{251}{}{I'm looking for a Merchant.}
{252}{}{You ever heard of Vault 13?}

# 5. Dumb Kill (From 4)
{270}{}{Ah, a bloodthirsty one. Well... Talk to the boss. We might have a place for ya. Go through the back door.}
{271}{}{Metzger's never had a bitch slaver, but if you're really that bloodthirsty, check with him. He's right through that door.}

# 6. Buy slaves (From 4)
{280}{}{Talk ta Metzger about that. He doesn't normally sell to the public. Has his hands full with... bigger customers.}
{281}{}{Who's Metzger?}
{282}{}{Can I ask something else then?}
{283}{}{Okay, bye.}
{284}{}{What about Vic?}

# 7. Dumb Exit (From 1, 4)
{290}{}{Ya don't say. Beat it!}
{291}{}{Dumb bitch.}

# 8. What about buying Vic (From 6, 19)
{300}{}{Not likely. That dumbass Vic pissed Metzger off about some radio or something. I doubt that he'd sell'm. You'll have to talk ta him yourself.}
{301}{}{Well, I hear he finally fixed the radio. You should ask Metzger. He's not much use now, not very good trade quality.}
{302}{}{Who's Metzger?}
{303}{}{Where's Metzger at?}
{304}{}{Okay, thanks. Bye.}

# 9. Where's Metzger (From 8)
{310}{}{He's in the back room right through the door over there.}
{311}{}{You playing with me? He's right back there. Just go through that door.}

# 10. Who's Metzger? (From 2, 8, 16)
{320}{}{Damn, you don't know Metzger? What're ya doin' in this town, if not ta see him? He's the head of the Slaver's Guild.}
{321}{}{How many times do I have to tell ya? He's the slave master. He runs things in this town.}
{322}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{323}{}{Okay, thanks.}

# 11. Where do you get slaves from? (From 4)
{330}{}{I ain't talkin' about that. Metzger'll string me up. Plus, we wouldn't want any outside competition.}
{331}{}{I already said. I ain't gonna talk about that.}
{332}{}{Tell me before I blow a hole through your head.}
{333}{}{I understand. Another question?}
{334}{}{Okay, bye.}

# 12. Threatened life (From 11)
{340}{}{Listen here, ya li'le shit head, don't you dare threaten me or any one else in our guild, or you're dead. Get that? Dead.}
{341}{}{Listen here, ya li'l cunt. Don't you dare threaten me or any one else in our guild, or your dead. Get that? Dead.}
{342}{}{Now, young jet eye, you will die.}
{343}{}{Screw you.}
{344}{}{Sorry, please don't hurt me.}
{345}{}{Yeah, whatever. I'll let you live this time.}

# 13. Threaten back (From 12)
{350}{}{Oh, really? Maybe I should just blow a whole through your head right here 'n now. What do you think, hot shot?}
{351}{}{Take your best shot.}
{352}{}{Don't make me laugh.}
{353}{}{I was just joking, man.}
{354}{}{I'm sorry. I was just trying to impress you.}

# 14. Run along (From 12, 13)
{360}{}{Run along, before I change m'mind.}

# 15. Food? (From 4)
{370}{}{What? Oh, you must be looking for Mom's. You're one building off. She's in the building directly south. S-o-u-t-h. That way. [Aidan points out the door.]}
{371}{}{Huh? Uh… Oh.}

# 16. Yes, join - Female (From 4)
{380}{}{Ya look like ya might fit in, but Metzger's never hired a woman. Not sure why, but I doubt he's gonna start now.}
{381}{}{Ya don't look the type. Hell, Metzger's never hired a woman before. Not sure why, but I doubt he's starting now.} # Error intentional, please do not remove.
{382}{}{I said ta talk ta Metzger.}
{383}{}{Who's Metzger?}
{384}{}{Another question.}
{385}{}{Thanks, I will.}
{387}{}{Uh… kay.}

# 17. Vault 13? (From 4)
{400}{}{Nope, but I'd check with the boss. He's probably been all over the fuckin' place.}
{401}{}{Another question.}
{402}{}{Okay, thanks. Bye.}

# 18. Vic/Merchant? (From 4)
{410}{}{Merchant? Oh, you must mean Vic, that guy that sells the old Vault stuff. He's fucked. Metzger pretty pissed with'm.}
{411}{}{Yeah, Vic… that Merchant guy, right? The one that sells the old Vault stuff. He's fucked. Metzger pretty pissed with'm.}
{412}{}{How many times you gonna ask me that? Metzger's got'm.}
{413}{}{Who's Metzger?}
{414}{}{Can I ask another question?}
{415}{}{Is he for sale?}
{416}{}{Okay, thanks.}

# 19. Float Greeting (From WTG)
{430}{}{Hey, boys, look who's back.}
{431}{}{Run, it's a slaver! Ah, I crack m'self up.}
{432}{}{Back for some action?}
{433}{}{You know the way.}
{434}{}{Go on in.}
{435}{}{He's wait'n for ya.}
{436}{}{Now what?}
{437}{}{I know that ugly face.}
{438}{}{How's it goin'?}
{439}{}{Yer back. Ya gonna join up?}