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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a druggie.}

{110}{}{You see a jet whore.}
{111}{}{You see one of Tubby's jet whores.}

{150}{}{He seems to be a friend of Tubby's.}

{160}{}{She seems to be extremely doped up.}
{161}{}{She seems to be suffering from massive withdrawals.}

# 1. CF: Tubby's Dead
{200}{}{Oh, man. Where we going to get our shit now?}
{201}{}{What'd ya kill Tubby for?}
{202}{}{Oh man, that sucks.}
{203}{}{Now what're we supposed to do?}
{204}{}{Oh, man…}
{205}{}{Hey, that's not fair.}
{206}{}{Don't hurt us, we won't tell.}

# 2. CF: Standard
{220}{}{Wow, you look pretty mean.}
{221}{}{Hey, you're a real nice guy. Anyone ever tell you that?}
{222}{}{Hey, you're a real nice gal. Anyone ever tell you that?}
{223}{}{We're Tubby's guards.}
{224}{}{Don't mess with Tubby. This is his place.}
{225}{}{Damn, I'm feeling good.}
{226}{}{Can you believe we're guards? Cool, isn't it.}
{227}{}{This shit is great.}
{228}{}{Oh, man I can't feel my legs.}
{229}{}{Tubby's our buddy.}
{230}{}{Tubby keeps us happy.}
{231}{}{Oh boy, oh boy oh boy… Damn my eyes.}
{232}{}{Hey, man, you a slaver? Wow…}
{233}{}{Did that tattoo hurt?}
{234}{}{You slavers sure are tough.}
{235}{}{Isn't it dangerous being a slaver?}
{236}{}{Hey, I heard your boss got shot or something. Tough luck.}
{237}{}{Hey, you hear? Metzger's dead or something.}
{238}{}{Wow, someone diced the Metzger the Butcher.}
{239}{}{Hope Tubby can stay in business with Metz gone.}

# 3. BGF: Tubby Dead (From Where to go)
{250}{}{Wow, man. He killed Tubby.}
{251}{}{I think my shit went bad.}
{252}{}{Woh, what's going on?}
{253}{}{What was all that noise?}
{254}{}{Dang, that was nasty shit.}
{255}{}{Wow, man. She killed Tubby.}

# 4. BGF: Standard
{260}{}{Ooooohhyaaa… Good stuff.}
{261}{}{What's that?}
{262}{}{Oh, yeah, I'm flying now.}
{263}{}{Oh so warm.}
{264}{}{She's so pretty.}
{265}{}{Oh, blackout… Shit, I can't see.}

# 5. Conversation
{270}{}{Wow, you see that?}
{271}{}{Yeah, you know what it was?}
{272}{}{I think it was a bird.}
{273}{}{No, a dog.}
{274}{}{But it was flying man.}
{275}{}{No way - it zoomed across the ground.}
{276}{}{Yeah, you seeing things, man.}
{277}{}{No way. That was real.}
{279}{}{Ohhhh it's kicking in again. Ahh.}

{290}{}{Pretty lights.}
{291}{}{Lots of lights.}
{292}{}{They're so warm.}
{293}{}{And the trees.}
{294}{}{Where are the women?}
{295}{}{So green and pretty.}
{296}{}{I like potatoes.}
{297}{}{Trees are made of wood.}
{298}{}{I like women and potatoes.}
{299}{}{They make smoke when they burn.}
{300}{}{But not together.}
{301}{}{Animals live in trees.}
{302}{}{No, not women and trees, women and potatoes.}
{303}{}{I can climb a tree.}
{304}{}{A woman climbing a tree eating potatoes? You're dumb.}
{305}{}{Where do trees come from?}
{306}{}{You can't climb a tree and eat potatoes.}
{307}{}{I like bushes, too.}
{308}{}{Well, not very easily.}
{309}{}{Because they're green.}
{310}{}{Potatoes aren't green.}
{311}{}{Ohhh, the pretty lights.}
{312}{}{Oh, my head hurts…}

# 6. CF: Hostile
{320}{}{Don't talk to me, man. My head hurts.}
{321}{}{I won't tell anyone.}
{322}{}{Don't hurt me.}
{323}{}{I didn't do anything.}
{324}{}{I didn't see anything.}
{325}{}{I didn't hear anything.}
{326}{}{Please, just leave.}
{327}{}{Lady, I don't feel much like talking. My fucking head is killing me.}

# 7. BGF: Hostile
{340}{}{Oh man, you suck.}
{341}{}{What did you go and ruin a perfect high for?}
{342}{}{Man, that hurt!}
{343}{}{What the hell?}
{344}{}{How's that going to happen?}

#8. Click Floats
{400}{}{Tubby's so wonderful.}
{401}{}{Jet makes me so horny.}
{402}{}{Tubby knows how to take care of his women!}
{403}{}{Isn't Tubby wonderful?}
{404}{}{Oh, baby- Wait! You ain't Tubby.}
{405}{}{Where's our big man at?}
{406}{}{Doesn't it just make your skin tingle?}
{407}{}{Tubby has the best supply in town.}
{408}{}{I feel so alive!}

{420}{}{Did you hear a load bang?}
{421}{}{Haven't seen Tubby in a while.}
{422}{}{Where's Tubby?}
{423}{}{You seen Tubby?}

{440}{}{Oh, my head!}
{441}{}{Where's Tubby! I think I'm going to die!}
{442}{}{I can't take this much longer.}
{443}{}{Oh, the pain is getting really bad.}
{444}{}{Tubby hasn't given us any in a while. Where he at?}
{445}{}{My lips are numb.}
{446}{}{I can't feel my fingers.}

#9. Hostile
{460}{}{Don't hurt me!}
{461}{}{Please, don't!}
{462}{}{I didn't take it!}
{463}{}{It wasn't me!}
{464}{}{Leave me alone!}
{465}{}{I didn't know it was yours!}