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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see the shop owner.}
{101}{}{You see Tubby.}

{150}{}{This is the store owner.}
{151}{}{This is Tubby, the shop store owner.}
{153}{}{I would prefer that you take your business elsewhere.}
{154}{}{You are a business man. Let’s conduct business.}
{155}{}{Can I ask you something.}
{157}{}{I am so happy to see you again. What can I do for you today?}
{158}{}{Let’s trade.}
{159}{}{Can I ask you something?}
{160}{}{Nothing for now. Bye.}
{161}{}{Hello, sir, and welcome to Tubby’s. I am the proprietor. May I help you?}
{162}{}{Yes, let’s trade.}
{163}{}{I need some information.}
{165}{}{Hello, madam. I am called Tubby by my friends, and I welcome you to my store. How may I help you?}
{166}{}{I want to buy some things.}
{167}{}{I need some information.}
{169}{}{I would prefer that you leave, instead.}
{171}{}{What would you like to know?}
{172}{}{Who’s in charge of this town?}
{173}{}{Why is everyone selling drugs?}
{174}{}{Do you know where the Vault is located?}
{175}{}{I would like to barter after all.}
{176}{}{Never mind. Bye}
{177}{}{Oh my. I can tell we will have a communication problem. Please nod if you would like to trade any goods.}
{180}{}{No one, I’m afraid. The Den is an anarchistic place where a kind of Darwinian struggle is played out. Only the strongest, fastest or smartest will survive here. I’m sure you will find your niche.}
{181}{}{Um, thanks.}
{182}{}{OK. Drugs are the basis for this town’s economic system, just as another town may use grain or gold.}
{184}{}{I have heard of a place called Vault City. But unfortunately, I can't help you with directions. You see, very few of us towns can offer acceptable exchange for the medical services they provide, so most of us have never been there.}
{185}{}{OK. Thanks.}
{186}{}{That's not the kind of information I would just GIVE away to anyone.}
{187}{}{Would a hundred bucks change your mind?}
{188}{}{How about I give you $50 and you tell me.}
{189}{}{What do you say you give me the information, or I give you a new hole in the head.}
{191}{}{Well, can I ask you something else, then?}
{192}{}{Sure, that kind of money MIGHT help me change my mind. But you ain't got it!}
{193}{}{I must have dropped it somewhere. I'm gonna go look for it.}
{194}{}{I don't think that's going to be enough.}

#tell petey to hold on messages
{500}{}{Sure Petey. I'll be there in a second.}
{501}{}{Hold on, Petey!}
{502}{}{I'm comin', I'm comin'.}

#sell petey drug messages
{510}{}{Here you go, Petey.}
{511}{}{You know, Petey, you should kick this shit.}
{512}{}{Take this and get the hell outta here, Petey.}