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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see bar patron.}
{101}{}{You see Leanne.}
{102}{}{She's very beautiful, but seems to be lost in thought.}
{103}{}{Stop it!}
{104}{}{Why are you doing this?}
{105}{}{Leave me alone!}
{106}{}{Please stop!}
{107}{}{You murderer!}
{108}{}{How could you do that to Becky!}
{109}{}{What did she do to you?}
{110}{}{You'll rot in hell.}
{111}{}{Sorry, all out of stories.}
{112}{}{Thanks for the drink.}
{113}{}{Pleasure talking to you.}
{114}{}{Thanks for listening.}
{115}{}{Nice to see you again.}
{116}{}{Safe travels.}
{117}{}{Why hello! Nice to see a new face around here. My name's Leanne. How are you, care to sit down?}
{118}{}{Hello again. Doing well, I hope?}
{119}{}{So, tell me what you know about the Master.}
{120}{}{Great. How are things with you?}
{121}{}{Pretty good.}
{122}{}{Can't talk right now. Bye.}

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{131}{}{Oh, I'm sorry. I don't understand. Perhaps you shouldn't drink so much.}
{134}{}{Oh, very good. Thanks for asking. Becky has such an interesting family history. Do you have one yourself?}
{135}{}{Still doing good, thanks. Now where were we? I think you were talking about your family history?}
{136}{}{Yes. I am the Chosen One. My ancestor saved the world from one called the Master.}
{137}{}{Yeah. My ancestor supposedly saved the world from someone called the 'Master.'}
{138}{}{I've got to go.}
{139}{}{Uh, okay. Nice to meet you Chosen One... Actually. I've heard something about a master before...}
{140}{}{How interesting. That reminds me of a story I heard a long time ago. Something about a master.}
{141}{}{Really? What was it?}
{142}{}{Tell me.}
{143}{}{Oh, okay. Bye.}
{144}{}{Well this might take a bit. Be a gentleman and buy me a drink, wouldn't you please? Not whiskey though, Nuka-Cola please.}
{145}{}{Well this might take a bit. Be a doll and buy me a drink, wouldn't you please? Not whiskey though, Nuka-Cola please.}
{146}{}{Shall we get started? I remember it quite well now.}
{148}{}{Sorry, I can't spare $5 right now.}
{149}{}{Thanks. Now let's see... I remember my mom telling me about this huge migration that happened 70... or was it 80 years ago...}
{150}{}{Please, go on.}
{151}{}{Really big mutants with weapons as tall as you and me came from the south. Mom said it looked like a big migration of some sort.}
{152}{}{How many?}
{153}{}{Don't know, but there were multiple groups of them. Some would continue north, others headed east. No one knew where they were going.}
{154}{}{Go on.}
{155}{}{They were quite upset and seemed to be fleeing from something.}
{157}{}{Yeah, there were also others in dirty, tattered purple robes... they kept babbling about how the Master was dead...}
{159}{}{Some of them even committed suicide right here in town!}
{161}{}{Well don't you see. They were talking about the Master, the one your ancestor killed.}
{162}{}{Thanks for the story.}
{163}{}{Well, it's getting late. Bye.}
{164}{}{My pleasure. Bye.}
{167}{}{Leanne told you her story about the Master.}