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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see bar patron.}
{101}{}{You see Stacy.}
{102}{}{She seems to be a little sad.}
{103}{}{Stop it!}
{104}{}{How could you?}
{105}{}{Get away from me!}
{107}{}{Please stop!}
{108}{}{You murderer!}
{109}{}{Poor Mom! You'll pay for that!}
{111}{}{But she was so nice to everyone...}
{112}{}{Sorry, can't think of anything else interesting.}
{113}{}{My brains all dried up.}
{114}{}{That's it.}
{116}{}{Have you said hi to Mom yet?}
{117}{}{Oh, hi.}
{118}{}{Oh, you again.}
{119}{}{Tell me about your cat.}
{120}{}{Why the glum flace?}
{121}{}{You come here often?}
{122}{}{I'll have to catch you later. Bye.}

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{131}{}{Please don't bother me. I'm really not in the mood right now.}
{134}{}{Oh, nothing really. Just sometimes I get thinking about my mom and cat. I miss them so very much.}
{136}{}{Sorry to hear that. Bye.}
{137}{}{Yeah, Cuddles. She was such a sweet cat. I really don't feel like talking about it... Well, unless you'd like to buy me a drink. That might help.}
{138}{}{As I said, I would prefer not to talk about it right now. If you'd like to buy me a drink, it might loosen my tongue.}
{139}{}{Of course I will. I'd love to hear about it.}
{141}{}{Sorry, I can't spare $10 right now.}
{143}{}{Do you think you're funny or something? Get a better line.}
{144}{}{So why the glum flace?}
{145}{}{Whatever, bye.}
{146}{}{I hear there used to be ones that were as big as you and me. They used to eat animals as big as a brahmin. Now that's scary stuff.}
{147}{}{That's nothing.}
{148}{}{Yeah, it is.}
{149}{}{The kind I'm talking about is a small cute animal, bigger than a rat but smaller than a dog. Some are fluffy, like my Cuddles, but others have short hair.}
{151}{}{They like to be pet like a dog does, but cats make this wonderful relaxing sound when you pet them.}
{153}{}{Cuddles always used to help me go to sleep at night. I think of her every night when I try to go to sleep.}
{154}{}{Sounds nice.}
{155}{}{Go on.}
{156}{}{I had her when I was a kid, but she disappeared. I didn't know then what happened to her, I was too young.}
{158}{}{Well, food was awfully scarce back then and people had to eat. It's quite sad really...}
{160}{}{People would hunt them because they were such easy prey. None of them are around anymore because of it.}
{162}{}{I can understand that.}
{163}{}{Those were the wild ones, but I'm sure that's what happened to mine. Now I know why Mom always kept a close eye on her.}
{164}{}{How sad.}
{165}{}{I'm sorry.}
{167}{}{It makes me sad to think about it...}
{169}{}{Stacy told you a sweet story about her darling cat Cuddles.}