Defender's harpoon gun

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Defender's harpoon gun
Fo4FH HarpoonGun.png
TypeHeavy gun
Damage TypeBallistic
Ammo TypeHarpoon
Ammo Cap.1
Attack Rate2
Special EffectsPenetrating
Weapon Modification
Weapon Versions
Base ID00000000

The Defender's harpoon gun is a unique weapon in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Although the Defender's Harpoon Gun does the same amount of damage as a box standard harpoon gun and has no default modifications, it comes with the "Penetrating" legendary weapon effect, meaning it negates 30% of a target's damage or energy resistance. As with the default harpoon gun, it can be modified to use different harpoons and have improved sights.

Mods[edit | edit source]

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Slot Effect Resources Required Perks
Harpoon Fires one standard harpoon. 1x gear
2x oil
2x screw
2x spring
4x steel
Flechettes Fires a shotgun blast of flechettes. 4x adhesive
2x gear
3x oil
3x screw
5x steel
Gun Nut 1
Barbed Harpoon Fires a single harpoon that causes bleeding. 6x adhesive
8x aluminum
4x gear
5x oil
6x screw
Gun Nut 3

Sights[edit | edit source]

Slot Effect Resources Required Perks
Standard Standard iron sights. 1x adhesive
2x steel
Sight Increases focus and sighted accuracy. Acts as a reflex scope. 1x adhesive
2x glass
2x screw
2x steel
Short scope Better magnification and zoom when sighted. 3x adhesive
3x aluminum
3x glass
2x nuclear material
3x screw
2x silver

Locations[edit | edit source]