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Fallout: New Vegas
Governed ByAmount of water consumed
Initial Value1
Fallout 4

Dehydration or Thirst, sometimes displayed as H2O, is a derived statistic in the Hardcore mode of Fallout: New Vegas and Survival difficulty in Fallout 4.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Fallout: New Vegas[edit | edit source]

The statistic tracks the level of the player character's dehydration, steadily accumulating over time (twice as fast as starvation and five times as fast as sleep deprivation). Like with other statistics, reaching a level of 1000 results in instant death. Without water, this counter is reached in three days of in-game time.

Most drinks sate thirst, with alcoholic beverages and sodas being the exception, as they increase it. Certain foods can also reduce thirst or increase it. Water can be drunk from water sources directly, reducing thirst by 200 points per tick (230 with Camel of the Mojave). This kind of sustenance does not scale with Survival. What Survival does is scale the effectiveness of food and drink. At high levels, items can sate thirst - or increase it - by great amounts. As such, care should be taken.

Vault 13 canteen is a good way to greatly reduce the amount of water items the player has to carry, as it automatically reduces dehydration via script.

Stages Value Effects
Minor Dehydration 200-399 Endurance -1
Advanced Dehydration 400-599 Perception -1, Endurance -2
Critical Dehydration 600-799 Intelligence -1, Perception -2, Endurance -3
Deadly Dehydration 800-999 Intelligence -1, Perception -2, Agility -2, Endurance -3
Fatal Dehydration 1000 DEATH

Fallout 4[edit | edit source]

Thirst is tracked on Survival difficulty like in New Vegas. However, the hydration value is tied to the caps value of the items, with the max amount of hydration one can provide being 167. Diseases do not affect the effectiveness of hydration. Drinking from a water source reduces thirst by 1 point per tick.

The character's thirst increases by 4 points every in-game hour and applies ever more severe penalties, up to and including death. Sleeping reduces thirst accumulation (1 point per hour instead of 4), while entering combat will cause the next check to happen faster, by 15 in-game minutes each time. Once thirst effects start applying, the player receives a malus according to the table below. Bonus effects from drinks will not apply if the player character is hungry (i.e. Parched or above).

Certain items can increase thirst. In this case, they decrease the food pool by 50% of their caps value. All cola-type items have reduced effectiveness when it comes to sating thirst, sating only huger by 40% of their caps value.

Stages Value Min. value

to remove

Parched -16

(4 h)

8 Intelligence -1
Thirsty -36

(9 h)

10 Intelligence -2, Perception -1
Mildly Dehydrated -72

(18 h)

18 Intelligence -4, Perception -3, Luck -1
Dehydrated -120

(30 h)

24 Intelligence -8, Perception -5, Luck -2
Severely Dehydrated -180

(60 h)

30 Intelligence -10, Charisma -5, Luck -3, periodic damage