Diamond City

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Diamond City
The Great, Green Jewel of the Commonwealth
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Map MarkerDiamond City
FactionsDiamond City Security
LeadersMayor McDonough
DoctorsDoctor Sun
MerchantsArturo Rodriguez
Becky Fallon
Henry Cooke
Moe Cronin
Sheng Kawolski
Vadim Bobrov
Yefim Bobrov
QuestsBotany Class
Brother Against Brother
Confidence Man
Diamond City Blues
Fly Fishing
Getting a Clue
In Sheep's Clothing
Jewel of the Commonwealth
Nuka Cola Needs
Out in Left Field
Painting the Town
Powering Up
Road to Freedom
Story of the Century
The Big Dig
The Disappearing Act
The Gilded Grasshopper
The Marowski Heist
Cell NameDiamondCityExt
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TerminalsDiamond City terminals

Diamond City has stood united for over 150 years. And what keeps us united are two things. First, is the great green guardian behind me. The Wall. Our protector and our savior from the filth of the outside. And second, is our faith and trust in each other. The faith and trust that has given us prosperity, security, and education for every citizen.

— Mayor McDonough, Fallout 4

Diamond City (the "Great Green Jewel" of the Commonwealth), is the largest and most secure settlement of the region in 2287.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Built in and around the former Fenway Park stadium some time around the 2130s, Diamond City is one of the largest cities in the Commonwealth and a power in its own right, with substantial fortifications and an army of guards. The city even has its own radio station: Diamond City Radio.[2]

Diamond City is at the center of the Commonwealth - proverbially and literally. It has a great deal of economic clout and influences the Commonwealth greatly. The fear of the Institute largely originated in the city, in fact, when in 2229,[3] the Broken Mask incident revealed that human-like infiltrators were created by the Institute. This event sowed deep hatred for all synths by nearly all citizens, and this hatred has lasted nearly sixty years.[4][5][6]

In 2282 Mayor McDonough issued the anti-ghoul decree of 2282, forcing the removal of all ghoul residents;[7] an act that would still be active in 2287. On a more positive note, however, Diamond City is the only settlement in the Commonwealth that guarantees a free education to all children regardless of their social or financial status.[8][9]

Layout[edit | edit source]

The first establishments as one goes down the ramp into the city is the Publick Occurrences building that houses the local newspaper, and the All Faiths Chapel, the local church. Beyond that is the small circle of shops, that make up the Diamond City Market. West of the market place is the Diamond City security office and schoolhouse; behind the marketplace to the north is an alley containing the greenhouse, Moe Cronin's house, Arturo's house, Valentine Detective Agency, and Myrna's house; and to the south is the Dugout Inn, the local common house.

Further behind the market place in the southeast is the Science! Center, the Diamond City Radio building and Sheng Kawolski's house (built on top of a water collection pond). West of that is a garden and orchard, as well as a stage for addresses from Mayor McDonough.

The Stands are the southern district of the city where the more rich and affluent residents reside, like the Hawthorne, Cooke, Latimer, and Codman residences. It also houses the Colonial Taphouse, Diamond City's upscale tavern. Mayor McDonough's office is also in the Stands, requiring an elevator to get to the skybox.

On the south exterior roof of Diamond City is an open cafe with a mini nuke and power armor station.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

Diamond city appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "Diamond City, the "Great Green Jewel" of the Commonwealth, is the area's largest and most secure settlement."
  2. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "Diamond City was constructed in the remains of Boston's world-renowned baseball stadium."
  3. The Boogeyman Banished?: "Ever since the "Broken Mask" incident of 2229, right here in Diamond City, when the first human-looking synth infiltrated and attacked a group of innocent settlers, we have lain awake in bed at night, terrified of the Institute and everything it represents."
  4. The Sole Survivor: "Massacre of the CPG? What's that?"
    Nick Valentine: "The Commonwealth Provisional Government. Years back a group of settlements tried to get together and form a coalition. Every settlement with even a hint of clout sent representatives to try and hash out an agreement. Only the Institute sent a representative of their own, a Synth. The man killed every rep at the talks. The Commonwealth Provisional Government was over before it even got off the ground. I took up in town not long after. I was damn lucky they didn't just tell me to scram right then and there."
    (Nick Valentine's dialogue)
  5. Nick Valentine: "Hey. Let me ask you something. It's just, with everything that's happened with you, your family. It's a whole hell of a lot to process. I wanted to make sure you're holding up alright."
    The Sole Survivor: "I don't know, Nick. My family's in tatters. I've been dropped into this place where everything's trying to kill me. You tell me."
    Nick Valentine: "I'd expect you feel lost, scared, and mad as hell. I sure did. Took me a long damn time to get a feel for this place. Thank goodness I found Diamond City. It's got its flaws, sure, but it beats the hell out of anywhere else in the Commonwealth. Course, when I took up there back when, people were just as scared of the Institute as they are now, maybe more. The massacre of the CPG was still pretty fresh in people's minds at that point, and folks were still losing sleep over the Broken Mask. Plenty of people assumed I was just a saboteur, moving in to melt down the reactor or poison the drinking water. But, at the time, they couldn't exactly turn me away."
    (Nick Valentine's dialogue)
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  9. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.433-438: "[9.08] DIAMOND CITY MARKET
    This is the most well-known, well-defended settlement in the entire Commonwealth. Located in the remains of Boston’s revered baseball stadium, the city houses several businesses and scores of people in divergent social classes. Every resident shares a common bond; they survived under the shadow of the great green wall—that monument to the ingenuity of humankind and their consummate protector.
    [01] All Faiths Chapel
    A multidenominational church open 24 hours a day, run by the friendly Pastor Clements. Sit on a pew in the church to gain benefits of the Quiet Reflection perk.
    [02] Publick Occurrences
    This location is named after the newspaper, which is written, edited, and published by Piper. Her little sister Nat sells copies at the front of their office. She also publishes stories, such as “The Synthetic Truth,” and is currently on the outs with the mayor. Inside the office, you can read her terminal notes and steal some chems and ammo.
    [04] Fallon’s Basement
    This premiere (and only) clothing store sells a variety of prewar attire at the best prices, as well as helpful outfits, like hazmat suits. The proprietor Becky Fallon tells everyone she’s a direct descendant of the original Fallon family. Aside from a large supply of cram, the only item of note is a Holotape you can listen to regarding the Railroad.
    [05] Power Noodles
    This noodle bar was built up against the fusion generator tower in the center of the settlement, where the pitcher’s mound was. The Protectron chef, Takahashi, has a single phrase—“Nan-ni shimasho-ka?” or “What would you like to have?”—and a single item to trade. Noodles, naturally.
    [10] Swatters
    “A swatter never runs out of bullets!” as Moe Cronin is fond of saying. He runs this store specializing in baseball equipment and almost nothing else. Barter with Moe to obtain a unique bat, and speak to him for a couple of quests that can net you some Caps.
    [13] Chem-I-Care
    This is a popular establishment, thanks to the genial owner, Solomon. Selling a complete variety of chems and healing supplies, Solomon may have convinced the populace that the benefits of his wares outweigh the risks. Pick the lock of his house (Novice) for a few more chems to steal inside.
    [14] Mega Surgery
    Despite the corrugated roof, this is a state-of-the-art medical facility offering healing, cybernetic grafts, and even facial reconstruction. Fancy a change in appearance? Sit down under Doctor Sun’s scalpel! There are some other goings on here too; check the listed side quest before descending into the surgery cellar (Advanced).
    [15] Choice Chops
    Fresh Brahmin meat is available from the sullen butcher, Polly (who’s a frustrated poet), or Mole Rat meat if you’re feeling adventurous. You can break into Polly’s house (Novice) if you want to hack her terminal (Novice).
    [18] The Wall
    The great green wall has protected Diamond City for as long as anyone can remember. Only Abbot spends time here keeping the stage from falling into disrepair, the Brahmins fed, and the wall painted.
    [22] Science! Center
    The foremost center of scientific experimentation and discovery in Diamond City, run by the enthusiastic Doctor Duff. Her colleague is a little tired of Duff’s prattling. Take a quiz with Duff if you want. Snoop on Scara’s terminal (Master) if you can.
    [27] Dugout Inn
    This is the primary watering hole of Diamond City. Many of the residents go here in the evenings to grab a drink. Occasionally, the place has guests who are traveling through the Commonwealth, as there are rooms available (and mattresses to sleep on) for 100 Caps. Though the Russian twins who run this place are identical in their features, their personalities are completely different.
    [30] Colonial Taphouse
    The snobbish denizens of the upper area sip their alcohol from this establishment. Receive a dressing down from Wellington in the exterior seating area, then head inside for a pint and a punch if you’re not careful. Look for the Holotape and a floor safe (Advanced) behind the bar.
    [32] Codman Residence
    Break in through the door (Advanced) to the home of the oldest family in Diamond City. The Codmans own the orchard."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)