Diamond City guard armor

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Diamond City guard armor
Three grades of DC guard armor: Light, medium, heavy.
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Diamond City guard armor is an armor set-type item in Fallout 4.


Diamond City has a large standing defensive force, in part due to its emphasis on ruggedness and reliability. Manufactured from leather and repurposed sports gear, the primary element is the Umpire's Pads body armor covering the torso with the insignia of the City on the chest. Depending on the position and job, a guard can wear either just protective forearms and no helmet, shoulder pads from reinforced metal mesh with a light helmet, or the full set of forearms, shoulders, and a heavy helmet. The armor offers modest protection, but does permit excellent agility in the built-up area where the guards operate.


A mostly cosmetic set of armor, as the player will have access to much better pieces long before reaching the City.

Type Protection Weight Value Base ID
DC Guard Umpire's Pads 15 10 4 10

000af0ee (Armor_DCGuard_TorsoArmor)
Deacon's disguise:
0023767d (Armor_DeaconDCGuard_TorsoArmor)

DC Guard Forearms 4 2 1 5 000af0ec (Armor_DCGuard_RArmLower)
000af0eb (Armor_DCGuard_LArmLower)
DC Guard Shoulders 5 2 1 5 000af0ed (Armor_DCGuard_RArmUpper)
000af0ea (Armor_DCGuard_LArmUpper)
DC Guard Arm Armor 10 5 2 7 000af0f2 (Armor_DCGuard_RArm)
000af0f1 (Armor_DCGuard_LArm)
Deacon's disguise:
0023767c (Armor_DeaconDCGuard_RArm)
0023767b (Armor_DeaconDCGuard_LArm)

^ All the above are from non-modified pieces.


Umpire's Pads can be modified with a miscellaneous mod:

Type Effect Weight Resources Perks Required
Lighter Build Reduces weight. Adds 5 AP. -2 3x Adhesive
4x Cork
4x Fiberglass
3x Rubber
Padded Reduces damage from explosions. 2.5 3x Adhesive
3x Ballistic Fiber
3x Rubber
Pocketed Improved carrying capacity (+10). 0.5 3x Adhesive
4x Cloth
4x Leather
Asbestos Lining Improved Energy resistance (+15) and immunity to being set on fire. 2.5 5x Adhesive
6x Asbestos
6x Ballistic Fiber
3x Rubber
Armorer 1
Deep Pocketed Improved carrying capacity (+20). 0.5 6x Adhesive
5x Cloth
6x Leather
Armorer 2
Lead Lined Improved Radiation resistance (+15). 2.5 6x Adhesive
8x Lead
4x Screw
Armorer 2
Science! 1
Dense Greatly reduces damage from explosions. 2.5 7x Adhesive
6x Ballistic Fiber
3x Fiberglass
4x Rubber
Armorer 3
Ultra-Light Build Greatly reduces weight. Adds 10 AP. -4 7x Adhesive
6x Cork
8x Fiberglass
5x Rubber
Armorer 3
BioCommMesh Increases duration of chems by 50%. 1.5 8x Adhesive
12x Aluminum
8x Circuitry
6x Cloth
Armorer 4
Science! 2
Pneumatic Reduces the magnitude of incoming staggers. 1.5 8x Adhesive
5x Aluminum
7x Ballistic Fiber
10x Lead
Armorer 4