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Dick Hubbell

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Mentioned-only character
Dick Hubbell
Biography and appearance
AffiliationChurch of Hubology
Founder of Hubology
FamilyDara Hubbell (descendant)
Mentioned inFallout 2

Dick Hubbell, also called "The Hub" was a pre-War author and founder of Hubology. He would pass away before the Great War and become a martyr for Hubologists to rally behind.


Dick Hubbell was the founder of Hubology, his own religion (and business), whose ideals and lore still exist in the post-nuclear world thanks to the post-war Hubologists and their leader, AHS-9. Pre-War, Dick Hubbell started out as just a writer (and a prolific one at that, authoring other hundreds of books and journals prior to the Great War). Thanks to his profuse use of the written word, Dick Hubbel would gain a massive following of fans and other adherents enough to found Hubology after being inspired by music and his personal experience with extraterrestrials. Hubology was advertised as a correction of the perceived failure of modern medicine, organized religion, the federal government and Dick Hubbell would be at the center of the Great Wheel that would fix all those wrongs and reap all the benefits.

Of course, not everyone fell for the word of the Hub and many critics would point out the pseudo-science behind his teachings. According to Hubology propaganda, detractors included governments, corporations, and other entities attempted to suppress the growth of Hubology. In retaliation, Hubbel would direct his Hubologists to infiltrate these organizations and extensively use media, like television programs, to expose government conspiracies and lies. This was quickly caught, however, and a backlash against Hubology would ensue. Hubologist propaganda would ironically blame media for distorting their message, and Hubology would be labeled as an organization of crackpots. During this time, Dick Hubbell would pass away.

Hubology being Hubology, Hubbell was not truly dead. Hubbell only achieved unity with the Star Father above and was in another consciousness separate from his corporeal form still turning the Great Wheel in favor of Hubology. The fact that Hubology survived the Great War has further bolstered their devotion, and thanks to their pre-war roots Hubologists are both a technologically advanced group comparable to Shi or Brotherhood of Steel.[1]


Dick Hubbell is responsible for hundreds of books, what follows is only a sample of what is known he has written.[2]


Dick Hubbell is mentioned in Fallout 2 and the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Behind the scenes

Dick Hubbell is a parody of L. Ron Hubbard, the creator of Scientology.


  1. Hubologist teachings: "HISTORY We were founded back before the Great Deluge by an author and visionary of great promise, a man named Dick Hubbell. He saw the failure of the medicine of that time, and of the failure of religion, and of the failure of government. He knew that the world needed something new...the world needed Hubology. Inspired by music of the time and hsIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic.png own personal experience with extraterrestrial beings, he set out to show us wheels in the sky, to keep them burning, and to understand the Great Wheel of Life. We call him the Hub, for it is through him that we understand our place in the Wheel - he is our center, and we are his spokes. It is around his teachings that we revolve. With the publication of countless books and journals, the Hub began spreading the word of Hubology - and immediately became a target for his detractors. They called his work "pseudo-science" and "dangerous dribble that can only hurt its adherents." Despite the collected sightings of Extra-Terrestrial Vehicles across the globe, they insisted on quashing the Hub's word. We know that they were simply stupid and misguided, but they were powerful; they included governments and corporations and other such entities, keeping the greatest news of all time from the people of the earth. Hubology was driven underground for a time, marshallingIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic.png its forces against the attacks of those who envied its simplicity and ease of use for the common man. When at last the Hubologists of that time struck back, they did it in such a way that few could stand against them - they infiltrated the organizations that sought to destroy them and created "television" shows that sought to expose the lies the government had fed the people. This caused a subtle backlash against our religion. The common man found reason to doubt Hubology because of the distorted teachings of the media, and we had to wage a long campaign against those who would call us crackpots. During this time, sadly, the great Hub passed away. Bolstered by the knowledge that The Hub had achieved unity with the Star Father, helping to turn the cosmic wheel in our direction, attaining another level of consciousness, we remained confident in ourselves that ours was the true way. Along the way, we gained adherents, many of whom who simply wanted to believe that there was a place out there that is better than this world. We offer proof of life on other planets, and a philosophy that allows us to understand the way of the universe. People have come to us over the ages, impressed by the rightness of our minds. And the fact that we have survived the Great Deluge unscathed teaches us that the Great Wheel turns toward our teachings!"
  2. Hubologist teachings: "BIBLIOGRAPHY Books by The Hub There are hundreds and hundreds of books listed here, including such titles as: Scientific Spirituality, Battleground Quetzel, Star Father Above, Collected Shopping Lists, Notes and Musings, How to Sue Your Enemies Effectively, How to Create a Cult, and Future Books to be Written When I'm Dead."