Dick Shale

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Mentioned-only character
Dick Shale
Biography and appearance
RoleTour guide
Mentioned inFallout 76
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Dick Shale was a pre-war actor hired by the West Virginian government to present several historical locations in the state on several pre-recorded messages. The production value on these guided narrations was extremely low so ads for various companies feature prominently in all and occasionally dominate the entire narration. Despite the low production (or because of), Dick Shale has many audio tours at several locations, such as Prickett's Fort, Colonel Kelly Monument, Miners Monument, Uncanny Caverns, The Giant Teapot. And several holotape tours and ads, Appalachia Landmarks - Philippi's Cemetery Battlefield, Appalachia Landmarks - Pumpkin House, Appalachia Landmarks - Prickett's Fort, and The Golden Holotape.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Dick Shale is mentioned-only in Fallout 76.