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Raider dog
Poison dog

Just like before the Great War, dogs are animals commonly found all over the world.

Background[edit | edit source]

Through the 200 years since the War, dogs have stayed generally unaltered by radiation, which is seemingly a miracle. Dogs are a favored pet for traveling merchants, as they provide both companionship and protection.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Biology[edit | edit source]

Dogs are quadrupedal canines that can run at incredible speeds allowing them to chase down prey. While running, they use their long tails to keep their balance. They are carnivorous, with sharp teeth designed to rip into the flesh of an animal.

Gameplay attributes[edit | edit source]

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Variants[edit | edit source]

Dog[edit | edit source]

Normal dogs seen in towns like Carbon. A friendly animal living with townsfolk. If the Brotherhood of Steel Initiate has a perk Man's Best Friend, he gets a dog companion, who will attack his enemies.

Raider dog[edit | edit source]

Specially trained killers, these dogs wear spiked armor and are highly aggressive.

Poison dog[edit | edit source]

These dogs are common in the city of Los which is inhabited by ghouls. High level of radiation caused them to become glowing, poisonous, radioactive beasts, like some ghouls and radscorpions. The Church of the Lost uses them as its enforcers.