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Duncan McKann

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Duncan McKann
F76 Duncan McKann.png
Biography and appearance
AffiliationFree States
RoleMaster hunter
LocationDyer Chemical
QuestsTracking Unknowns
Editor IDSFL02_Track_DuncanCorpse

Duncan McKann is a character featured in Fallout 76.


One of the most capable hunters at Harpers Ferry, Duncan wasn't originally a member of the Free States. Like Kendyll Sims, one of the best FS sharpshooters, he was one of the regular citizens who didn't believe the Free State rhetoric one bit. He changed his tune after the Great War, when the Free States emerged from their bunkers and started rebuilding the Ferry, quickly becoming one of the best hunters they had. He did it all for his family: Lettie, Micah, and Lucas McKann. Despite the hardship, the family remained together, happy just to survive. Everyone pulled their weight, with Duncan teaching his boys baseball (even if his wife was better than he was), snoring regularly, and even doing the dishes from time to time.[1]

It was almost idyllic - as much as it could be under the circumstances - until the McKanns were attacked by a pack of feral ghouls. His wife and boys were ripped to shreds, leaving Duncan the sole survivor. He succumbed to grief, seeking to drown out the guilt with the screams of feral ghouls dying to his rifle. When he learned of a pack of ghouls that turned Valley Galleria into their home, he took a hunting party out of the Ferry and picked up their trail. In his single-minded pursuit, he led them all to their deaths, with Courtney Kelly and Jacqueline Murphy falling in the woods north of the Galleria, Randy Calloway falling in a gunfight with Nari Samir, sister of one of the ghouls, and ultimately even Kendyll Sims. The party started to realize that Duncan was leading them to their doom - worse, he was actively seeking to murder sentient, living beings, humans like them. Duncan wouldn't listen, not to Randy, not to anyone - and when Kendyll pulled her gun on him beneath Dyer Chemical, trying to make him stop, he shot her in cold blood.[2]

He perished himself soon after, as while he stormed the control room with Lucy and Sara Samir inside, he received a mortal gunshot wound. After shooting both of the ghoul women, he died with his family's names on his lips, finally silencing the guilt.[2]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.

Tracking Unknowns


  • Tracking Unknowns: Duncan is the leader of the hunting party the player tracks donw in this quest.


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Duncan McKann appears only in Fallout 76.