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Dusk's dialogue

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Dusk's dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFallout3.esm

Dialogue file table

Dialogue file table
Topic SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure I'm not falling for that. GenericAdu_SpeechChallenge_00069B84_1
Combat Steal Steal That doesn't belong to you! GenericBrotherhood_Steal_00086C7E_1
Combat Steal Steal Put that back at once! GenericBrotherhood_Steal_00086C7F_1
Combat Steal Steal Thief! GenericBrotherhood_Steal_00086C80_1
Combat Steal Steal I'd recommend putting that down. GenericBrotherhood_Steal_00086C81_1
Combat Steal Steal Alarm! We're being robbed! GenericBrotherhood_Steal_00086C82_1
Combat Steal Steal That's not your property! GenericBrotherhood_Steal_00086C83_1
Combat Steal Steal Thief! GenericAdult_Steal_00022AB2_1
Combat Steal Steal You stole that! GenericAdult_Steal_00022AB3_1
Combat Steal Steal Stop! Thief! GenericAdult_Steal_00022AB4_1
Combat Steal Steal You can't just take that! GenericAdult_Steal_00022AB6_1
Combat Steal Steal That doesn't belong to you! GenericAdult_Steal_00022AB7_1
Miscellaneous TimeToGo TimeToGo It's time for you to leave. GenericAdult_TimeToGo_0004C272_1
Miscellaneous TimeToGo TimeToGo You've got to leave now so I can lock up. GenericAdult_TimeToGo_0004C273_1
Miscellaneous TimeToGo TimeToGo I'm locking up, so you'll need to leave. GenericAdult_TimeToGo_0004C275_1
Topic FF02DogtagsFound I found a Brotherhood Holotag. What should I do with it? Talk to Scribe Jameson. She is our keeper of the Scrolls. She will want to know what you have found. FreeformDC_FF02DogtagsFoun_0001EDC4_1
Combat AcceptYield AcceptYield A wise decision. GenericBro_AcceptYield_00086C20_1
Combat AcceptYield AcceptYield Better not try that again. GenericAdult_AcceptYield_00052042_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Hiding is futile. GenericBro_AlertIdle_00086D0F_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Come on out and let's fight face to face. GenericBro_AlertIdle_00086D10_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle This is a coward's game! GenericBro_AlertIdle_00086D11_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle You're exhausting my patience. GenericBro_AlertIdle_00086D12_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Face me, dammit! GenericBro_AlertIdle_00086D13_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle This is foolish. Reveal yourself! GenericBro_AlertIdle_00086D14_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Hmm. I was sure I heard something. GenericAdult_AlertIdle_0002FBEB_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Huh? GenericAdult_AlertIdle_0002FBEC_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle What was that? GenericAdult_AlertIdle_0002FBED_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Maybe I'm just jumpy. GenericAdult_AlertIdle_0002FBEF_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Anybody there? GenericAdult_AlertIdle_0002FBF1_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Hello? Who's there? Generic_AlertIdle_0002FBEE_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat To arms! Brothers! To arms! DialogueCi_AlertToCombat_00027414_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Combat alert! Alarm! Alarm! DialogueCi_AlertToCombat_00027415_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat To your guns, Brothers! DialogueCi_AlertToCombat_00027416_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Defend the Citadel! DialogueCi_AlertToCombat_00027417_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Hostile in the Bailey! DialogueCi_AlertToCombat_00027418_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat We've got a hostile in the Lab! DialogueCi_AlertToCombat_00027419_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Hostile contact in A Ring! Calling for backup! DialogueCi_AlertToCombat_0002741C_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Hostile contact in B Ring! DialogueCi_AlertToCombat_0002741D_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Firing! GenericBro_AlertToCombat_00086C4E_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Contact confirmed! Backup requested! GenericBro_AlertToCombat_000218AC_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Got one here! Engaging! GenericBro_AlertToCombat_00086C4F_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Enemy contact! GenericBro_AlertToCombat_000218AD_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Opening fire on hostile target! GenericBro_AlertToCombat_000218AE_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat We've got company! GenericBro_AlertToCombat_00022428_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Look what we have here. GenericAdult_AlertToCombat_0002FBF3_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Found you! GenericAdult_AlertToCombat_0002FBF4_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Aha! GenericAdult_AlertToCombat_0005200F_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Thought I heard something. GenericAdult_AlertToCombat_00052010_1 emphasis on Thought
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Hey! GenericAdult_AlertToCombat_00052011_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Aha! There you are! Generic_AlertToCombat_0002FBF2_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal All clear here. GenericBro_AlertToNormal_000218BE_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal False alarm. Stand down. GenericBro_AlertToNormal_000218BF_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal I've searched the area. Nothing to report. GenericBro_AlertToNormal_000218C0_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Area secured. GenericBro_AlertToNormal_00086C9C_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Looks all clear to me. GenericBro_AlertToNormal_00086C9D_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Must have been a glitch. GenericBro_AlertToNormal_00086C9E_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Ah, just getting jumpy I guess. GenericAdult_AlertToNormal_0002FBDA_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Whatever it was, I guess it's gone now. GenericAdult_AlertToNormal_0002FBE4_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Hmm. Nothing here after all. GenericAdult_AlertToNormal_00052049_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal There's nothing here. GenericAdult_AlertToNormal_0005204A_1 disgusted
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Whatever. I've got better things to do. GenericAdult_AlertToNormal_0005204B_1 disgusted
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal I guess it was nothing. Generic_AlertToNormal_0002FBD2_1
Combat Assault Assault Do you have any idea who you're dealing with? DialogueCitadel_Assault_00027409_1
Combat Assault Assault You dare assault a Brother of Steel? DialogueCitadel_Assault_0002740A_1
Combat Assault Assault I'm under attack! GenericBrotherhood_Assault_00086C24_1
Combat Assault Assault Being engaged by hostile! Request backup! GenericBrotherhood_Assault_00086C25_1
Combat Assault Assault Assault! GenericBrotherhood_Assault_00086C26_1
Combat Assault Assault Now there was no call for that! GenericAdult_Assault_00052035_1
Combat Assault Assault Assault! Assault! GenericAdult_Assault_00052036_1
Combat Assault Assault You dirty coward! GenericAdult_Assault_00052037_1
Combat Assault Assault What the hell?! GenericAdult_Assault_00052038_1
Combat Attack Attack For the Citadel! DialogueCitadel_Attack_00027447_1
Combat Attack Attack You will die here! DialogueCitadel_Attack_00027448_1
Combat Attack Attack You dare spill blood on this sacred ground? DialogueCitadel_Attack_00027449_1
Combat Attack Attack For Elder Lyons! DialogueCitadel_Attack_0002744A_1
Combat Attack Attack You're no better than that mutie scum... DialogueCitadel_Attack_00027450_1
Combat Attack Attack Give me some help with this one! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00022420_1
Combat Attack Attack Just me, or are these things actually getting uglier? GenericBrotherhood_Attack_0002925F_1 Talking during combat
Combat Attack Attack Damn it! Would you die already! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00022421_1
Combat Attack Attack We both know how this ends, you mutant freak! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00022422_1
Combat Attack Attack Got a present for ya, Frankenstein! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_0002925E_1 taunting a super mutant during combat
Combat Attack Attack Engaging! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_000198CC_1
Combat Attack Attack Aggghhh! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00022424_1 bloodlust in combat, firing his weapon
Combat Attack Attack Need some help here! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00022427_1
Combat Attack Attack Eyes on, people! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00029331_1 hitting someone with a baseball bat
Combat Attack Attack You're facing superior weapons and training! Submit! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CC5_1
Combat Attack Attack The Wasteland will forget you ever existed. GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CC6_1 angry, talking through clenched teeth
Combat Attack Attack Concentrating fire! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CC7_1
Combat Attack Attack Brothers! Stand as one! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CC8_1
Combat Attack Attack Target acquired! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CC9_1
Combat Attack Attack Firing! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CCA_1
Combat Attack Attack Got 'em in my sights! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CCB_1
Combat Attack Attack Opening up! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CCC_1
Combat Attack Attack Have courage, my brothers! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CCD_1
Combat Attack Attack Drop 'em! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CCE_1
Combat Attack Attack Targeting! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CCF_1
Combat Attack Attack Stand strong, Brotherhood! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CD0_1
Combat Attack Attack There's another one! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CD1_1
Combat Attack Attack Hostile incoming! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CD2_1
Combat Attack Attack Engaging! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CD3_1
Combat Attack Attack I got plenty more! Come on! GenericBrotherhood_Attack_00086CD4_1 Angry, in combat
Combat Attack Attack Keep firing! GenericAdult_Attack_00029316_1
Combat Attack Attack Take him out! GenericAdult_Attack_0001511B_1
Combat Attack Attack Light him up! GenericAdult_Attack_0001511D_1
Combat Attack Attack Need some help with this one! GenericAdult_Attack_00015055_1
Combat Attack Attack Did I hit him? GenericAdult_Attack_0004D593_1
Combat Attack Attack Take him down! GenericAdult_Attack_00015057_1
Combat Attack Attack Keep them pinned! GenericAdult_Attack_00015058_1
Combat Attack Attack Yeah?! Yeah?! You want some of this? GenericAdult_Attack_0001511E_1 angry, shooting at someone
Combat Attack Attack Batter up! GenericAdult_Attack_0001505A_1 hitting someone with a baseball bat
Combat Attack Attack Huargh! GenericAdult_Attack_0001511F_1 hitting someone with a baseball bat
Combat Attack Attack Ggrrrr! GenericAdult_Attack_00015120_1 hitting someone with a baseball bat
Combat Attack Attack Arrggh! GenericAdult_Attack_00015121_1 hitting someone with a baseball bat
Combat Attack Attack You like that? GenericAdult_Attack_00029263_1
Combat Attack Attack That's it, that's it. GenericAdult_Attack_0002925D_1 urgently talking to self during combat
Combat Attack Attack What's the matter, huh? Can't stand the sight of your own blood? GenericAdult_Attack_0004D58A_1
Combat Attack Attack Damn it! GenericAdult_Attack_0004D58B_1 cursing at the situation
Combat Attack Attack There's more where that came from. GenericAdult_Attack_0004D58C_1
Combat Attack Attack Yeah! Yeah! GenericAdult_Attack_0004D58D_1 angry yelling
Combat Attack Attack Bring it! GenericAdult_Attack_0004D58E_1
Combat Attack Attack Had enough? GenericAdult_Attack_0004D58F_1
Combat Attack Attack Yeah! GenericAdult_Attack_0004D590_1 shouting at enemy during combat
Combat Attack Attack You like that, you bastard? GenericAdult_Attack_0004D591_1 shouting at enemy during combat
Combat Attack Attack Want some more? GenericAdult_Attack_0004D592_1 shouting at enemy during combat
Combat Attack Attack Steady! GenericAdult_Attack_0004D594_1 shouting encouragement at friends during combat
Combat Attack Attack Don't let them get away! GenericAdult_Attack_0004D595_1 shouting encouragement at friends during combat
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Incoming! GenericBro_AvoidThreat_00086C61_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Watch it! GenericBro_AvoidThreat_00086C62_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Watch out! GenericBro_AvoidThreat_00086C63_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Threat detected! GenericBro_AvoidThreat_00086C64_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Clear the area! GenericBro_AvoidThreat_00086C65_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Duck and cover! GenericBro_AvoidThreat_00086C66_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Look out! GenericAdult_AvoidThreat_0001FB61_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat It's gonna blow! GenericAdult_AvoidThreat_0001FB62_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Holy shit! GenericAdult_AvoidThreat_00022A8F_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Be careful! GenericAdult_AvoidThreat_00022A91_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Watch out! GenericAdult_AvoidThreat_00022A92_1
Combat AvoidThreatResponse AvoidThreatResponse Whoa! GenericBro_AvoidThreatResp_00086D22_1
Combat AvoidThreatResponse AvoidThreatResponse Duck! GenericBro_AvoidThreatResp_00086D23_1
Combat AvoidThreatResponse AvoidThreatResponse Protect yourself! GenericBro_AvoidThreatResp_00086D24_1
Combat AvoidThreatResponse AvoidThreatResponse It's live! GenericBro_AvoidThreatResp_00086D25_1
Service BarterExit BarterExit A pleasure doing business with you. GenericAdult_BarterExit_0004C17F_1
Service BarterExit BarterExit Another satisfied customer. GenericAdult_BarterExit_0004C181_1
Service BarterExit BarterExit Give me a shout if you need anything else. GenericAdult_BarterExit_0004C182_1
Service BarterExit BarterExit Thanks. GenericAdult_BarterExit_0004C183_1
Topic CitDuskApology1 I think we got off on the wrong foot... It takes some stones to admit a mistake. Maybe you're not so bad, stranger. Tell you what, buy me a drink sometime and we'll call it even. DialogueCi_CitDuskApology1_0001E54B_1
Topic CitDuskApology1 I think we got off on the wrong foot... So, what do you want that's worth pissing me off over? DialogueCi_CitDuskApology1_0001E54B_2
Topic CitDuskApology2 I've had enough of your shit, Dusk. Oh? Oh really? Look, I know how you wasters are. You cap a few Radscorpions and think you can walk around like you own the fucking place. DialogueCi_CitDuskApology2_0001E54E_1
Topic CitDuskApology2 I've had enough of your shit, Dusk. But things work differently around here. You got a problem with that, then you go ahead and meet me in the Lyons' Den after lights out. DialogueCi_CitDuskApology2_0001E54E_2
Topic CitDuskApology2 I've had enough of your shit, Dusk. I'll solve your little problem the old fashioned way. DialogueCi_CitDuskApology2_0001E54E_3
Topic CitDuskApologyEND Yeah, whatever. That's what I thought. DialogueCi_CitDuskApologyE_0001E559_1
Topic CitDuskEnclave Do you know about the Enclave? I never thought much about 'em until you showed up. They have the bots, but they've been buzzing around for as long as I can remember. DialogueCi_CitDuskEnclave_00062709_1
Topic CitDuskEnclave Do you know about the Enclave? To tell you the truth, I figured that the Enclave were long gone. Most of us thought the radio and the bots where just relics. DialogueCi_CitDuskEnclave_00062709_2
Topic CitDuskGallows What do you think about Gallows? I don't trust him. I know, I know, I should take faith in my brother, but he disappears for days out into the Wastes. DialogueCi_CitDuskGallows_0002703E_1
Topic CitDuskGallows What do you think about Gallows? He comes back without a word. He only reports to Sentinel Lyons, and doesn't tell the rest of us what he's up to. I can't trust a soldier like that. DialogueCi_CitDuskGallows_0002703E_2
Topic CitDuskGallows What do you think about Gallows? The other guys, they think it's a joke. Glade's even got a betting pool going to find out Gallows' real name. A betting pool. Honestly... DialogueCi_CitDuskGallows_0002703E_3
Topic CitDuskGreeting1 So what's your story? My "story"? I blow the head off of anything more'n two hundred meters downrange. DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020D94_1
Topic CitDuskGreeting1 So what's your story? I'm the best shot in the Brotherhood of Steel, bar none. Not even Colvin can match my kill count. That's my "story." DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020D94_2
Topic CitDuskGreeting1a You mean you were the best shot. I'm here now. Hey, Wasteland humor! I like that! Got any more... funny man? DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020D97_1
Topic CitDuskGreeting1a You mean you were the best shot. I'm here now. Hey, Wasteland humor! I like that! Got any more... funny girl? DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_000BA730_1
Topic CitDuskGreeting1b That's impressive. Competition must be stiff around here. Damn right it is. Last time I checked, it wasn't called the "Sisterhood of Steel." Hell, even Sarah has to prove herself to the knuckle draggers. DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020D98_1
Topic CitDuskGreeting1b That's impressive. Competition must be stiff around here. Every once in a while, we have to show 'em what's what. DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020D98_2
Topic CitDuskGreeting2 Dusk? Oh, let me guess! Your real name's Dawn. Or is it Twilight? Ha. Funny. Here's some free advice: You're our guest, so I'd be real careful about who you insult. DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020D9A_1
Topic CitDuskGreeting2 Dusk? Oh, let me guess! Your real name's Dawn. Or is it Twilight? That sort of thing might fly out in the Wastes, but here in the Citadel, it'll earn you a few broken teeth. DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020D9A_2
Topic CitDuskGreeting2a Please. Like I'm afraid of you people. See? That. Right there. That's the sort of shit that'll land a little girl like you in the infirmary. DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020EB6_1
Topic CitDuskGreeting2a Please. Like I'm afraid of you people. See? That. Right there. That's the sort of shit that gets a man injured. DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020EB7_1
Topic CitDuskGreeting2b Sorry, I was just joking around. Yeah, see... my friends can joke about my name. Last I checked you're not on that list. But I'll let it go, you just watch yourself. DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020D99_1
Topic CitDuskGreetingEND Good to know. Right to the point. I like that. What do you need? DialogueCi_CitDuskGreeting_00020D96_1
Conversation CitTalkDuskGlade1 CitTalkDuskGlade1 Bullshit. That third shot dropped by a couple of inches. ConvCitade_CitTalkDuskGlad_00025530_1
Conversation CitTalkDuskGlade1 CitTalkDuskGlade1 Yeah, not really. I dropped the fourth shot a couple of inches. ConvCitade_CitTalkDuskGlad_00032FFE_1
Conversation CitTalkDuskGlade3 CitTalkDuskGlade3 I care. If I were aiming for his nose, that'd be fine. But I wasn't. I was going for the eye. Sloppy... ConvCitade_CitTalkDuskGlad_00032FDD_1
Conversation CitTalkDuskGlade3 CitTalkDuskGlade3 So, I wasn't aiming for his nose. That's what. ConvCitade_CitTalkDuskGlad_00032FDE_1
Conversation CitTalkDuskGlade5 CitTalkDuskGlade5 A few people. But I don't get tired of hearing it. ConvCitade_CitTalkDuskGlad_00025ACF_1
Conversation CitTalkDuskGlade5 CitTalkDuskGlade5 All the time, Glade. All the time. ConvCitade_CitTalkDuskGlad_00032FFF_1
Conversation CitTalkDuskKodiak1 CitTalkDuskKodiak1 For someone who should be preparing for an assault, you seem to have a lot of time to be social. ConvCitade_CitTalkDuskKodi_000C955E_1
Conversation CitTalkDuskKodiak3 CitTalkDuskKodiak3 Well, the rest of us have work to do. ConvCitade_CitTalkDuskKodi_000C955A_1
Conversation CitTalkDuskKodiak3 CitTalkDuskKodiak3 If only we were all so lucky. I have work to do. ConvCitade_CitTalkDuskKodi_000C955B_1
Conversation CitTalkHail CitTalkHail. As you were. ConvCitadel_CitTalkHail_000C84D2_1
Conversation CitTalkHail CitTalkHail. Hail. ConvCitadel_CitTalkHail_000C9559_1
Conversation CitTalkKnightDuskResponse1 CitTalkKnightCaptainDuskResponse1 Hail. ConvCitade_CitTalkKnightDu_00032FF0_1
Conversation CitTalkShortGeneric CitTalkShortGeneric Enclave strength is at 100%. They're getting reinforcements from somewhere, but we still haven't determined the location of their headquarters. ConvCitade_CitTalkShortGen_000BA731_1
Conversation CitTalkShortGeneric CitTalkShortGeneric Super Mutant activity in D.C. is high, but nothing out of the ordinary. The area around Galaxy News Radio is... nearly secure. ConvCitade_CitTalkShortGen_000BA732_1
Conversation CitTalkShortGeneric CitTalkShortGeneric Enclave troops have fortified the purifier complex. With those vertibirds, they're able to transport personnel at a remarkable rate. ConvCitade_CitTalkShortGen_000BA733_1
Conversation CitTalkShortGeneric CitTalkShortGeneric There's been another Behemoth sighted in the Wasteland, in the Evergreen Mills region. That's heavy Raider country, so things could get interesting. ConvCitade_CitTalkShortGen_000BA734_1
Conversation CitTalkShortGeneric CitTalkShortGeneric It appears the Enclave troops have moved beyond the purifier, into the surrounding Wasteland region. No telling how far they might spread. ConvCitade_CitTalkShortGen_000BA735_1
Conversation CitTalkShortGeneric2 CitTalkShortGeneric2 Hmm... All right, thanks for the information. ConvCitade_CitTalkShortGen_000BA736_1
Conversation CitTalkShortGeneric2 CitTalkShortGeneric2 I thought as much. ConvCitade_CitTalkShortGen_000BA737_1
Conversation CitTalkShortGeneric2 CitTalkShortGeneric2 I see... ConvCitade_CitTalkShortGen_000BA738_1
Conversation CitTalkShortGeneric2 CitTalkShortGeneric2 Very well. Thank you for the update. ConvCitade_CitTalkShortGen_000BA739_1
Topic CitTownCitadelEND That's all I needed. All right then. DialogueCi_CitTownCitadelE_0001E544_1
Topic CitTownCitadelEND That's all I needed. If you say so. DialogueCi_CitTownCitadelE_0003883F_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Dammit, lost them. Check back in B Ring. DialogueCi_CombatToLost_0002743D_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Zero contact, no kill. Send a team to the Lab. Protect the robot! DialogueCi_CombatToLost_0002743E_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Where'd they go? Check inside! DialogueCi_CombatToLost_0002743F_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Damn. Contact lost. Repeat, contact lost. DialogueCi_CombatToLost_00027441_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Stay alert, Brothers. DialogueCi_CombatToLost_00027442_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost I've got no targets. GenericBro_CombatToLost_000218A9_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Anybody got anything? GenericBro_CombatToLost_000218AA_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Contact lost. Initiating search pattern. GenericBro_CombatToLost_000218AB_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Sweep the area. GenericBro_CombatToLost_00086C2A_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost I have no hostiles. GenericBro_CombatToLost_00086C2B_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Lost 'em! GenericBro_CombatToLost_00086C2C_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Holy shit! A Stealth Boy! GenericAdult_CombatToLost_000604D9_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost A Stealth Boy! Damn it! GenericAdult_CombatToLost_000604DA_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Damn it. Where'd he go? GenericAdult_CombatToLost_0002FBE8_1 deemphasise the "he" -- this is used for anyone (male or female) that I'm looking for
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Let me go take a look around. GenericAdult_CombatToLost_0002FBEA_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost I bet I know where you went. GenericAdult_CombatToLost_00052020_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Anybody see anything? GenericAdult_CombatToLost_00052021_1 shouting to friends
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Split up and search the area. GenericAdult_CombatToLost_00052022_1 shouting to friends
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Where'd you go? Generic_CombatToLost_0002FBE9_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Enemy down! GenericBro_CombatToNormal_000218A6_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal All clear. Stand down. GenericBro_CombatToNormal_000218A7_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal One more for the Brotherhood. GenericBro_CombatToNormal_000218A8_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Victory! GenericBro_CombatToNormal_00086C42_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Sound the all clear. GenericBro_CombatToNormal_00086C43_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Area secured. GenericBro_CombatToNormal_00086C44_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal That takes care of that. GenericAdu_CombatToNormal_0002FBF5_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Teach you to mess with me. GenericAdu_CombatToNormal_0002FBF7_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Good enough. GenericAdu_CombatToNormal_0005202A_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Well, that's the end of that. GenericAdu_CombatToNormal_0005202B_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Glad that's over. GenericAdu_CombatToNormal_0005202C_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Phew. I'm glad that's over. Generic_CombatToNormal_0002FBFE_1
Combat Death Death Nooo... DialogueCitadel_Death_0002742F_1 dying gasp
Combat Death Death Brothers... DialogueCitadel_Death_00027430_1 dying gasp
Combat Death Death Gaaah! Generic_Death_000208D3_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Urgh! Generic_Death_0001FB58_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Urgh! Generic_Death_000208D4_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Aaaah! Generic_Death_0001FB59_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Aaaah! Generic_Death_000208D5_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Nooo! Generic_Death_0001FB5A_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Nooo! Generic_Death_000208D6_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Agggghhh! Generic_Death_00020712_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Ooohhhh! Generic_Death_00020713_1 death scream
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse A Brother has fallen! DialogueCi_DeathResponse_0002740C_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse You dare take the life of a Brother of Steel! DialogueCi_DeathResponse_0002740D_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse His was a good death. DialogueCi_DeathResponse_0002740E_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Focus, Brothers. Focus on the enemy! DialogueCi_DeathResponse_0002740F_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Let his death not be in vain! DialogueCi_DeathResponse_00027410_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Man down! GenericBro_DeathResponse_00086CF7_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse We've lost one. GenericBro_DeathResponse_00086CF8_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Reporting in... we have a soldier down. GenericBro_DeathResponse_00086CF9_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse No! Dammit... GenericBro_DeathResponse_00086CFA_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse I'll make them pay for that. GenericBro_DeathResponse_00086CFB_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Go in peace, Brother. GenericBro_DeathResponse_00086CFC_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse They killed him! GenericAdult_DeathResponse_0001FB5F_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse They killed her! GenericAdult_DeathResponse_0001FB60_1
Topic FFDCDogtagsFound1 Where can I find Scribe Jameson? She spends most of her time in the Archives. You'll find them in A Ring, near the great hall. FreeformDC_FFDCDogtagsFoun_0002E01B_1
Topic FFDCDogtagsFound2 All right then. Glad to be of help. FreeformDC_FFDCDogtagsFoun_0002E023_1
Topic FFPAWho Can someone in the Citadel train me to wear Power Armor? I’m sure Gunny could train you, but he won’t. Not without permission from Elder Lyons. You should ask him... he’s usually near the Lab. FreeformPowerArmor_FFPAWho_000612B7_2
Topic FFPAWho Can someone in the Citadel train me to wear Power Armor? Paladin Gunny can train you, but you’ll need permission from Elder Lyons first. You can usually find him near the Lab. FreeformPowerArmor_FFPAWho_000612D4_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Let's see them dodge this! GenericBro_FireExplosive_00086C33_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Fire in the hole! GenericBro_FireExplosive_00086C34_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Grenade out! GenericBro_FireExplosive_00086C35_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Incoming! GenericAdult_FireExplosive_00022AA2_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Duck! GenericAdult_FireExplosive_00022AA3_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Fire in the hole! GenericAdult_FireExplosive_00022AA4_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Get down! GenericAdult_FireExplosive_00022AA5_1
Combat FireExplosive FireExplosive Look out! GenericAdult_FireExplosive_00022AA6_1
Combat Flee Flee Retreat! GenericBrotherhood_Flee_00086CAE_1
Combat Flee Flee Pulling back! GenericBrotherhood_Flee_00086CAF_1
Combat Flee Flee Disengaging! GenericBrotherhood_Flee_00086CB1_1
Combat Flee Flee Help! GenericAdult_Flee_00022A76_1 yelling in fear as you run for your life
Combat Flee Flee Run for it! GenericAdult_Flee_0004D556_1
Combat Flee Flee We're outnumbered! GenericAdult_Flee_0004D558_1
Combat Flee Flee This is hopeless! GenericAdult_Flee_0004D559_1 yelling in fear as you run for your life
Combat Flee Flee I'm out of here! GenericAdult_Flee_0004D55B_1 yelling in fear as you run for your life
Combat Flee Flee Let's get out of here! GenericAdult_Flee_00022A78_1
Conversation GenericHelloResponse GenericHelloResponse Oh, just wonderful. Thanks for asking. GenericAdu_GenericHelloRes_00070CF2_1
Conversation GenericHelloResponse GenericHelloResponse Dear, I live in Tenpenny Tower. I'm at the top of the world. He he he he. GenericAdu_GenericHelloRes_00070CF3_1
Conversation GenericHelloResponse GenericHelloResponse I'm quite well, thank you. GenericAdu_GenericHelloRes_00070CF4_1
Conversation GenericHelloResponse GenericHelloResponse Splendid. Simply splendid. Thanks so much for asking. GenericAdu_GenericHelloRes_00070CF5_1
Conversation GenericHelloResponse GenericHelloResponse I'd be better if I could get my hands on some caviar, but what can you do? Ha ha ha ha ha. GenericAdu_GenericHelloRes_00070CF6_1
Radio MQ04RadioStatic MQ04RadioStatic MQ04RadioQ_MQ04RadioStatic_00059B4E_1
Topic RCTopicPaulieAddict Did you know that Paulie Cantelli is an addict? Is Paulie really addicted to chems? Oh, yeah. He's a mess. I'm glad I'm not in Cindy's shoes. DialogueRi_RCTopicPaulieAd_000A6F6F_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Over there... get 'em! GenericBro_StartCombatResp_00086C5D_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Spread out and flank 'em. GenericBro_StartCombatResp_0001FB55_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Targets engaged! GenericBro_StartCombatResp_00086C5F_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Take 'em out! GenericBro_StartCombatResp_00086C60_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Flank 'em! GenericAdu_StartCombatResp_00080DBB_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse I've got your back! GenericAdu_StartCombatResp_00080DBC_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse We'll get 'em. GenericAdu_StartCombatResp_00080DBE_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Look out! GenericAdu_StartCombatResp_00080DBF_1
Detection StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Where? GenericAdu_StartCombatResp_00080DC0_1
Topic TLCitadelEnclave So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Honestly? I can't wait to see if one of those helmets can stop a hollow-point round at 100 yards. I'm thinking... not. DialogueCi_TLCitadelEnclav_000BA3FE_1
Topic TLCitadelSuperMutant Care to share anything about the Super Mutants? I can tell you that those heavily armored ones, the Masters? They favor heavy weapons -- Miniguns and Missile Launchers. DialogueCi_TLCitadelSuperM_000BA3FC_1
Topic TLCitadelSuperMutant Care to share anything about the Super Mutants? My recommendation -- headshot from a distance. Avoid the meat grinder. DialogueCi_TLCitadelSuperM_000BA3FC_2
Topic TLLyonsPride What can you tell me about the Lyons' Pride? We're the most elite tactical unit ever assembled in the Brotherhood of Steel, here or anywhere else. Hell, ain't nothin' Sarah's cubs can't handle. DialogueCi_TLLyonsPride_000BA3FD_1
Topic TLPrideJob What do you do here? I'm a sniper with the Pride. Put any mutie bastard within one mile of me and my rifle and, well... pack it up troops. Fight's over. DialogueCitadel_TLPrideJob_0001E554_1
Topic TLPrideJob What do you do here? Colvin thinks he's a better shot. Man's delusional. DialogueCitadel_TLPrideJob_0001E554_2
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Try and be more careful about when you sneak up on people. DialogueCitadel_GOODBYE_0001E555_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Walk in steel. DialogueCitadel_GOODBYE_0001F414_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Stick to the shadows. DialogueCitadel_GOODBYE_0001E556_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Remember: One shot. One kill. DialogueCitadel_GOODBYE_0001E557_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Move silently. DialogueCitadel_GOODBYE_00024146_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Of course. DialogueCitadel_GOODBYE_0002415D_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Steel be with you. DialogueCitadel_GOODBYE_0001E558_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Yeah. See you. GenericAdult_GOODBYE_0001D5E5_1 Default backup bottom of the stack no condition failsafe goodbye.
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Goodbye. Whatever. GenericAdult_GOODBYE_0004E5DD_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. I need to get going. Bye. GenericAdult_GOODBYE_0004E5E3_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Time for me to go. Later. GenericAdult_GOODBYE_00049E19_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. See you later. Bye. Generic_GOODBYE_00049E16_1
Topic GREETING GREETING For Elder Lyons! DialogueCitadel_GREETING_000BCC04_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Good luck! DialogueCitadel_GREETING_000BCC05_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Project Purity is as good as ours! DialogueCitadel_GREETING_000BCC06_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Glad to see you're still in one piece. You're just in time for the action. Best get to the lab and talk with Elder Lyons. DialogueCitadel_GREETING_000BCC08_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're back! Listen, something's happening. You need to get to the lab and talk to Elder Lyons right away! DialogueCitadel_GREETING_000BCC09_1
Topic GREETING GREETING It's good to see you back. But you'd better get to the lab right away, and report to Elder Lyons. DialogueCitadel_GREETING_000BCC0A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Great to see you, but have you spoken to Elder Lyons? He's here in the lab level, near the robot. DialogueCitadel_GREETING_000BCC0B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You need to report to Elder Lyons A.S.A.P. He's over by the robot. DialogueCitadel_GREETING_000BCC0C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What the -- goddammit! Didn't anyone ever teach you not to creep up on people during a live fire exercise? DialogueCitadel_GREETING_00020EB8_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What are you thinking? [Sighs] Anyway, I am Knight Captain Dusk, in service of Steel. If you require anything, simply ask. DialogueCitadel_GREETING_00020EB8_2 Sighs are the beginning of this line, shedding her annoyance and regaining her composure.
Topic GREETING GREETING Hail to you, stranger. I am Knight Captain Dusk, in service of Steel. If you require anything, simply ask. DialogueCitadel_GREETING_0001F41F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'm sorry, what part of "I'm done with you" didn't you understand? Leave me alone, Waster. DialogueCitadel_GREETING_0001948A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Did I stutter? Get out of my face. DialogueCitadel_GREETING_0001E550_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What? Can you not see that I'm concentrating here? You're gonna get your head blown off if you aren't careful. What do you want anyway? DialogueCitadel_GREETING_0001E551_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Do you really think it's wise to interrupt a sniper with a loaded rifle in her hand in the middle of a live fire drill? DialogueCitadel_GREETING_0001F492_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What's so important anyway? DialogueCitadel_GREETING_0001F492_2
Topic GREETING GREETING Dammit! What's wrong with you? This is a firing range, not a nursery -- it's dangerous here. What do you want? DialogueCitadel_GREETING_0001F49A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You holdin' it together, stranger? I see you're still in one piece. That's a good start, eh? DialogueCitadel_GREETING_0001F49B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Still alive, I see. You're doing better than most Wasters that end up in the city. DialogueCitadel_GREETING_0001E552_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Each day we make it to the end's a good one, eh? What do you need? DialogueCitadel_GREETING_0001E553_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What aid can I offer you, outsider? DialogueCitadel_GREETING_00024133_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Nothing to see here, outsider. GenericBro_GREETING_000B172C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING We've got this area locked down. GenericBro_GREETING_000B172D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Keep moving, Wastelander. GenericBro_GREETING_000B1755_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Move along, outsider. GenericBro_GREETING_000B1757_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What do you need? GenericAdult_GREETING_000038C8_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Yeah? Generic_GREETING_000038C2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hey there. Generic_GREETING_0004C18B_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass This is a restricted area. GenericBro_GuardTrespass_00086CBF_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass Leave now. Use of deadly force has been authorized. GenericBro_GuardTrespass_00086CC0_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass You are trespassing. Leave immediately. GenericBro_GuardTrespass_00086CC1_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass This area is off limits. GenericBro_GuardTrespass_00086CC2_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass Leave quickly before I sound the alarm. GenericBro_GuardTrespass_00086CC3_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass This is only a warning. Leave or prepare to face the consequences. GenericBro_GuardTrespass_00086CC4_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass You! Get out of here! GenericAdult_GuardTrespass_00022A93_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass Back off! GenericAdult_GuardTrespass_00017194_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass I'm not warning you again. Leave now. GenericAdult_GuardTrespass_00050FFE_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass Last warning. Get out of here. GenericAdult_GuardTrespass_00051000_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass You'd better get out of here. GenericAdult_GuardTrespass_00051001_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass I told you to leave. You'd better listen. GenericAdult_GuardTrespass_00051003_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass You don't belong here. GenericAdult_GuardTrespass_00051008_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass Keep moving. GenericAdult_GuardTrespass_00022A96_1
Combat GuardTrespass GuardTrespass You'd better get out of here if you know what's good for you. GenericAdult_GuardTrespass_00017193_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hail. DialogueCitadel_HELLO_00024139_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hail. DialogueCitadel_HELLO_00024144_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Elder Lyons... ConvCitadel_HELLO_00025507_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Damn robot. Worst bedside manner ever. ConvCitadel_HELLO_0002550C_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Welcome. ConvCitadel_HELLO_000B416B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO The Brotherhood is at your service. ConvCitadel_HELLO_000B416C_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO You honor us with your presence here. ConvCitadel_HELLO_000B416D_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Need something, friend? ConvCitadel_HELLO_000B416E_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO So what's the latest report? ConvCitadel_HELLO_00025B05_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What was the result of the latest scan? ConvCitadel_HELLO_000BA73A_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What's the situation? ConvCitadel_HELLO_000BA73B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Well? What's your tactical appraisal of our situation? ConvCitadel_HELLO_000BA73C_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hail. ConvCitadel_HELLO_000B416F_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What's up? GenericBrotherhood_HELLO_000221CF_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What do you need, sir? GenericBrotherhood_HELLO_000221D0_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello, sir. GenericBrotherhood_HELLO_000221D1_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Sir. GenericBrotherhood_HELLO_000221D2_1 matter of fact greeting
Conversation HELLO HELLO Squire. GenericBrotherhood_HELLO_000221D3_1 matter of fact greeting
Conversation HELLO HELLO Sir Knight. GenericBrotherhood_HELLO_000221D4_1 matter of fact greeting
Conversation HELLO HELLO Paladin. GenericBrotherhood_HELLO_000221D5_1 matter of fact greeting
Conversation HELLO HELLO Sentinel. What can I do for you? GenericBrotherhood_HELLO_000221D6_1 matter of fact greeting
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello, Elder. GenericBrotherhood_HELLO_000221D7_1 matter of fact greeting
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey there. GenericAdult_HELLO_00070D00_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Yes? GenericAdult_HELLO_0004D586_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Welcome to Tenpenny Tower. GenericAdult_HELLO_00070CED_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Charmed, I'm sure... GenericAdult_HELLO_00070D01_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Ah, hello! GenericAdult_HELLO_0004D585_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Good to see you. GenericAdult_HELLO_0004E5FA_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey. GenericAdult_HELLO_0004E5FC_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Morning. GenericAdult_HELLO_0004E5FE_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Evening. GenericAdult_HELLO_0004E600_1 abbreviated "Good evening" greeting
Conversation HELLO HELLO How are you? GenericAdult_HELLO_00070CEE_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Nice to see you. Doing well, I hope? GenericAdult_HELLO_00070CEF_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO How are things? GenericAdult_HELLO_00070CF0_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO And how are you this fine day? GenericAdult_HELLO_00070CF1_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello. Generic_HELLO_00020435_1
Combat Hit Hit This is your last warning before I kill you. GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B3_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit Once more and I'm going to have to kill you. GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B4_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit Don't do that again. Last warning. GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B5_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit What are you doing? GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B6_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit Watch it! GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B7_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit Cut that out! GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B8_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit I'm on your side! GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B9_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit What do you think you're doing? GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345BA_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit Careful with that! GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345BB_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit My head... GenericBrotherhood_Hit_00086CE8_1
Combat Hit Hit My arm! GenericBrotherhood_Hit_00086CE9_1
Combat Hit Hit Arm's hit! GenericBrotherhood_Hit_00086CEA_1
Combat Hit Hit Leg's hit! GenericBrotherhood_Hit_00086CEB_1
Combat Hit Hit Aggh! GenericBrotherhood_Hit_000198AD_1
Combat Hit Hit Uggh! GenericBrotherhood_Hit_000198AE_1
Combat Hit Hit I'm hit! GenericBrotherhood_Hit_000198B4_1
Combat Hit Hit Taking fire! GenericBrotherhood_Hit_000198B5_1
Combat Hit Hit Ooof! GenericBrotherhood_Hit_000198B6_1
Combat Hit Hit Aggh! It's called Power Armor for a reason, freak! GenericBrotherhood_Hit_00093BAF_1
Combat Hit Hit Damn it! GenericBrotherhood_Hit_000198B7_1
Combat Hit Hit I'm hit! GenericAdult_Hit_00015128_1
Combat Hit Hit Damn! GenericAdult_Hit_000208E4_1
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_00015122_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_000208D8_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Oof! Generic_Hit_00015123_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Oof! Generic_Hit_000208DA_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Argh! Generic_Hit_00015124_1
Combat Hit Hit Argh! Generic_Hit_000208DC_1
Combat Hit Hit Ahh! Generic_Hit_00015125_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Ahh! Generic_Hit_000208DE_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_00015126_1
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_000208E0_1
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_000208E1_1
Combat Hit Hit Hmph! Generic_Hit_00015127_1
Combat Hit Hit Hmph! Generic_Hit_000208E2_1
Combat Hit Hit Hmph! Generic_Hit_000208E3_1
Conversation IdleChatter Idle Chatter Generic_IdleChatter_000459CA_1 Muttering to yourself while dreaming
Conversation IdleChatter Idle Chatter Generic_IdleChatter_000459CB_1 <snores> Needs to lead into and out of snoring, since this will be called intermittently. And/or make it really long, repeated snoring.
Conversation IdleChatter Idle Chatter Generic_IdleChatter_00049036_1 <snores> Needs to lead into and out of snoring, since this will be called intermittently. And/or make it really long, repeated snoring.
Detection LostIdle LostIdle It's only a matter of time. GenericBro_LostIdle_00086D03_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Continuing sweep. GenericBro_LostIdle_00086D04_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Target may still be in area. GenericBro_LostIdle_00086D05_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Search pattern delta-two. GenericBro_LostIdle_00086D06_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Still trying to reacquire hostile. GenericBro_LostIdle_00086D07_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle I got nothing here. GenericBro_LostIdle_00086D08_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle I'm going to find you. GenericAdult_LostIdle_0002FC1B_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle You can't hide from me forever. GenericAdult_LostIdle_0002FC1D_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Nothing yet. GenericAdult_LostIdle_0002FC1E_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Where did you go? GenericAdult_LostIdle_0002FC21_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle I've got something for you... GenericAdult_LostIdle_0002FC22_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Come out, come out, wherever you are! Generic_LostIdle_0002FC20_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat I guess we lost- wait! Contact! Contact! DialogueCi_LostToCombat_0002741F_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat I have contact. Weapons hot. DialogueCi_LostToCombat_00027420_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Positive contact. Firing. DialogueCi_LostToCombat_00027422_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat There you are, outsider! DialogueCi_LostToCombat_00027423_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat There is no shelter from the Brotherhood. DialogueCi_LostToCombat_00027424_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat The Brotherhood sees all. DialogueCi_LostToCombat_00027425_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Hostile located in the lab! DialogueCi_LostToCombat_00027426_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Found him! In the lab! DialogueCi_LostToCombat_00027427_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Found her! In the lab! DialogueCi_LostToCombat_00027428_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Contact in A Ring! Repeat, I have found the intruder in A Ring! DialogueCi_LostToCombat_00027429_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Positive contact near the Archives! DialogueCi_LostToCombat_0002742A_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Reengaging hostile target! GenericBro_LostToCombat_000218C1_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Brotherhood! Over here! GenericBro_LostToCombat_000218C2_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat I've got him. Rally on me. GenericBro_LostToCombat_000218C3_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Target locked! GenericBro_LostToCombat_00086C93_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Target acquired! GenericBro_LostToCombat_00086C94_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Found 'em. Engaging! GenericBro_LostToCombat_00086C95_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Thought hiding would save you? GenericAdult_LostToCombat_0002FC1A_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Aha! GenericAdult_LostToCombat_0005202F_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat You can't hide from me. GenericAdult_LostToCombat_00052030_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat Over here! GenericAdult_LostToCombat_0002FC19_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat There you are! Generic_LostToCombat_0002FC18_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal All clear. Stand down. GenericBro_LostToNormal_000218AF_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal The area's clear. Must've bugged out. GenericBro_LostToNormal_000218B0_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Looks like they thought better of tangling with the Brotherhood of Steel. GenericBro_LostToNormal_000218B1_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Area is secured. Hostiles have vacated. GenericBro_LostToNormal_00086C72_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Sound the all clear. GenericBro_LostToNormal_00086C73_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Targets lost. GenericBro_LostToNormal_00086C74_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Must have bugged out. GenericAdult_LostToNormal_0002FBE5_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Hmm. Oh well. GenericAdult_LostToNormal_0002FBE6_1 puzzled, but relieved.
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal I can't find anything. GenericAdult_LostToNormal_00052052_1 with decision -- "must not be anybody here"
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Cleared out, I guess. GenericAdult_LostToNormal_0002FBE7_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Stand down. GenericAdult_LostToNormal_00052053_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal I guess we ran 'em off. GenericAdult_LostToNormal_00052054_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Nobody here anymore. Generic_LostToNormal_00052051_1
Combat Murder Murder Oh my lord! GenericBrotherhood_Murder_00086D1C_1
Combat Murder Murder Murderer! GenericBrotherhood_Murder_00086D1D_1
Combat Murder Murder We've got one over here! GenericBrotherhood_Murder_00086D1E_1
Combat Murder Murder What the hell have you done? GenericBrotherhood_Murder_00086D1F_1
Combat Murder Murder You... murderer! GenericBrotherhood_Murder_00086D20_1
Combat Murder Murder Alarm! Alarm! GenericBrotherhood_Murder_00086D21_1
Combat Murder Murder What have you done? GenericAdult_Murder_00022A7B_1
Combat Murder Murder Oh my God! GenericAdult_Murder_00022A7C_1
Combat Murder Murder Murderer! GenericAdult_Murder_00022A7D_1
Combat Murder Murder You killed him! GenericAdult_Murder_00022A7E_1
Combat Murder Murder You killed her! GenericAdult_Murder_00022A7F_1
Combat Murder Murder No! GenericAdult_Murder_00022A80_1
Combat Murder Murder You're going to pay for that! GenericAdult_Murder_00050FF3_1
Combat Murder Murder Murdering scum! GenericAdult_Murder_00050FF7_1
Combat MurderNoCrime MurderNoCrime Good riddance. GenericAdult_MurderNoCrime_00022A9E_1
Combat MurderNoCrime MurderNoCrime Better him than me. GenericAdult_MurderNoCrime_00051017_1
Combat MurderNoCrime MurderNoCrime Better her than me. GenericAdult_MurderNoCrime_00051018_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Possible contact. GenericBro_NormalToAlert_000218A3_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert I've got something over here. GenericBro_NormalToAlert_000218A4_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Look sharp. GenericBro_NormalToAlert_000218A5_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Stay frosty. GenericBro_NormalToAlert_00086CA5_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Trying to lock onto target. GenericBro_NormalToAlert_00086CA6_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert May have a hostile. GenericBro_NormalToAlert_00086CA7_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Hello? Who's there? GenericAdult_NormalToAlert_0002FC24_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Huh? GenericAdult_NormalToAlert_0005200A_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Hello? GenericAdult_NormalToAlert_0005200B_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Did you hear something? GenericAdult_NormalToAlert_0005200C_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert I'm going to go check it out. GenericAdult_NormalToAlert_0002FC25_1
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert What was that? Generic_NormalToAlert_0002FC23_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat To arms, Brothers! To arms! DialogueCi_NormalToCombat_00027451_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Combat alert! Alarm! Alarm! DialogueCi_NormalToCombat_00027452_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Defend the Citadel! DialogueCi_NormalToCombat_00027454_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Hostile in the Bailey! DialogueCi_NormalToCombat_00027455_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Backup! Hostile in the lab! DialogueCi_NormalToCombat_00027457_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Hostile contact in A Ring! DialogueCi_NormalToCombat_00027458_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Hostile contact in B Ring! DialogueCi_NormalToCombat_0002745A_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat I've got contact! GenericBro_NormalToCombat_0001FB6A_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Hostiles! GenericBro_NormalToCombat_0001FB6B_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Hostile detected! Commencing attack! GenericBro_NormalToCombat_00015054_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Targets acquired! GenericBro_NormalToCombat_00086C39_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Engaging targets! GenericBro_NormalToCombat_00086C3A_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Contact! Opening fire! GenericBro_NormalToCombat_00086C3B_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Help me! GenericAdu_NormalToCombat_0001FB67_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat I've got one! GenericAdu_NormalToCombat_0001FB68_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Hey! GenericAdu_NormalToCombat_0005201D_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Opening fire! GenericAdu_NormalToCombat_0001FB69_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Open fire! GenericAdu_NormalToCombat_0001511C_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Over here! Generic_NormalToCombat_000208E5_1
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Watch out! GenericAdult_ObserveCombat_0004C256_1
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Whoa! GenericAdult_ObserveCombat_0004C257_1
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Look out! GenericAdult_ObserveCombat_0004C258_1
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Damn, it's a fight! GenericAdult_ObserveCombat_0004C25A_1
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Ain't none of my business! GenericAdult_ObserveCombat_0004C25B_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket Thief! GenericBro_Pickpocket_00086C8D_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket I'm being robbed! GenericBro_Pickpocket_00086C8E_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket Have you no decency? GenericBro_Pickpocket_00086C8F_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket Alarm! We have a thief! GenericBro_Pickpocket_00086C90_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket Hey! Those are mine! GenericBro_Pickpocket_00086C91_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket How dare you! GenericBro_Pickpocket_00086C92_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket Thief! GenericAdult_Pickpocket_00022AA8_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket A pickpocket! GenericAdult_Pickpocket_00022AA9_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket Stop! Thief! GenericAdult_Pickpocket_00022AAB_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket You can't do that! GenericAdult_Pickpocket_00022AAC_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket You stole that! GenericAdult_Pickpocket_00022AAD_1
Topic PLAYERFIREWEAPON PLAYER FIRE WEAPON I hope you know what you're doing. GenericAdu_PLAYERFIREWEAPO_0004C1A7_1
Topic PLAYERINIRONSITES PLAYER IN IRON SITES Don't point that thing at me. GenericAdu_PLAYERINIRONSIT_00022CD0_1
Topic PLAYERINIRONSITES PLAYER IN IRON SITES What do you think you're doing? GenericAdu_PLAYERINIRONSIT_00022CD3_1
Topic PLAYERKNOCKOVEROBJECTS PLAYER KNOCK OVER OBJECTS Oh come on. Pay more attention to what you're doing. GenericAdu_PLAYERKNOCKOVER_00022CCB_1
Topic PLAYERKNOCKOVEROBJECTS PLAYER KNOCK OVER OBJECTS Why don't you look where you're going? GenericAdu_PLAYERKNOCKOVER_0004C163_1
Topic PLAYERLAYMINE PLAYER LAY MINE You know what you're doing there? GenericAdult_PLAYERLAYMINE_00022CBC_1
Topic PLAYERLAYMINE PLAYER LAY MINE Whoa now. Be careful with that thing. GenericAdult_PLAYERLAYMINE_00022CBD_1
Topic PLAYERLAYMINE PLAYER LAY MINE Don't blow yourself up, okay? GenericAdult_PLAYERLAYMINE_00022CBE_1
Topic PLAYERLAYMINE PLAYER LAY MINE You sure that's a good idea? GenericAdult_PLAYERLAYMINE_0004C15E_1
Topic PLAYERLAYMINE PLAYER LAY MINE I hope you know what you're doing. GenericAdult_PLAYERLAYMINE_0004C15F_1
Topic PLAYERLOCKEDOBJECT PLAYER LOCKED OBJECT Tamper with that, and we're going to have a problem. GenericAdu_PLAYERLOCKEDOBJ_0004D54C_1
Topic PLAYERLOCKEDOBJECT PLAYER LOCKED OBJECT I really hope you're not thinking of breaking into there. GenericAdu_PLAYERLOCKEDOBJ_0004D54D_1
Topic PLAYERLOCKEDOBJECT PLAYER LOCKED OBJECT It's locked for a reason. Don't get any ideas. GenericAdu_PLAYERLOCKEDOBJ_0004D54E_1
Topic PLAYERLOCKEDOBJECT PLAYER LOCKED OBJECT Yes, that's locked. And yes, I can see you eyeing it... GenericAdu_PLAYERLOCKEDOBJ_0004D54F_1
Topic PLAYERLOCKEDOBJECT PLAYER LOCKED OBJECT Don't even think of breaking into that. GenericAdu_PLAYERLOCKEDOBJ_0004D550_1
Topic PLAYERPICKPOCKET PLAYER PICKPOCKET Don't even think about it. GenericAdu_PLAYERPICKPOCKE_0004D562_1
Topic PLAYERPICKPOCKET PLAYER PICKPOCKET What do you think you're doing? GenericAdu_PLAYERPICKPOCKE_0004D563_1
Topic PLAYERPICKPOCKET PLAYER PICKPOCKET Keep your hands to yourself. GenericAdu_PLAYERPICKPOCKE_0004D565_1
Topic PLAYERPICKPOCKET PLAYER PICKPOCKET You won't get away with that. GenericAdu_PLAYERPICKPOCKE_0004D566_1
Topic PLAYERSWINGMELEEWEAPON PLAYER SWING MELEE WEAPON Watch where you're swinging that, will you? GenericAdu_PLAYERSWINGMELE_00022CC6_1
Topic PLAYERSWINGMELEEWEAPON PLAYER SWING MELEE WEAPON Why don't you go swing that somewhere else? GenericAdu_PLAYERSWINGMELE_0004C168_1
Topic PLAYERZKEYOBJECT PLAYER Z KEY OBJECT Is that really necessary? GenericAdu_PLAYERZKEYOBJEC_0004C157_1
Topic PLAYERZKEYOBJECT PLAYER Z KEY OBJECT Are you having fun with that? GenericAdu_PLAYERZKEYOBJEC_0004C158_1
Topic PLAYERZKEYOBJECT PLAYER Z KEY OBJECT You're easily amused, eh? GenericAdu_PLAYERZKEYOBJEC_0004C159_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Huurrraghh! Generic_PowerAttack_00022AAF_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Rrrraaahhh! Generic_PowerAttack_00022AB1_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Yaargh! Generic_PowerAttack_00051FFA_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Grrrraah! Generic_PowerAttack_00051FFB_1
Radio RadioHello RadioHello MQ04RadioQuest_RadioHello_00059B3F_1