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EDITOR.MSG (Fallout)

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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# ±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±
# Text labels and messages used by EDITOR.C
# (These MUST match "text message" enumeration on the top of EDITOR.C)
# ±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±±
{115}{}{Next Level:}
{116}{}{CHAR POINTS}
{118}{}{You must use all character points} # 1
{119}{}{before starting the game!} # 2
{120}{}{Character Points}
{121}{}{Amount of free character points that can be added to one of the basic stats.}
{122}{}{Next Level}
{123}{}{The amount of experience points needed to move up to the next level.}
{127}{}{Perks add additional abilities. Every third experience level, you can choose one perk.}
{128}{}{These are the effects of the choices you make during the game.}
{129}{}{A counter that keeps track of the type and numbers of creatures you have slaughtered, or have seen killed in your presence.}
{130}{}{Skill Points}
{131}{}{Use free skill points to increase the level of a skill.}
{132}{}{At maximum level.} # 1
{133}{}{Unable to increment it.} # 2
{134}{}{At minimum level.} # 1
{135}{}{Unable to decrement it.} # 2
{136}{}{No free skill points available.}
{138}{}{TAG SKILLS}
{140}{}{You already have the maximum of} # 1
{141}{}{three tag skills!} # 2
{142}{}{You must select all tag skills} # 1
{143}{}{before starting the game!} # 2
{144}{}{Tag Skills}
{145}{}{Tag skills are skills your character specializes in. Each tag skill gains +20%, and increases twice as fast. You must pick three tag skills.}
{146}{}{Optional Traits}
{147}{}{Optional traits describe your character in more detail. All traits will have positive and negative effects. You may choose up to two traits during creation.}
{148}{}{You already have the maximum of} # 1
{149}{}{two traits!} # 2
{151}{}{Skills are learned knowledge. Skills increase by experience, or during the course of the game by special events. The higher the skill level, the better you are at that skill.}
{152}{}{PICK A PERK}
{154}{}{LOSE A TRAIT}
{157}{}{All stats must be between 1 and 10} # 1
{158}{}{before starting the game!} # 2

# Abbreviated basic stat levels
{200}{}{V.Bad} # Terrible
{201}{}{Bad} # Bad
{202}{}{Poor} # Poor
{203}{}{Fair} # Fair
{204}{}{Avrg} # Average
{205}{}{Good} # Good
{206}{}{V.Good} # Very Good
{207}{}{Great} # Great
{208}{}{Exclnt} # Excellent
{209}{}{Heroic} # Heroic

# Abbreviated Derived/Non Derived stat names
{300}{}{Hit Points}
{301}{}{Action Points }
{302}{}{Armor Class}
{303}{}{Unarmed Damage}
{304}{}{Melee Damage}
{305}{}{Damage Res. }
{306}{}{Poison Res. }
{307}{}{Radiation Res.}
{309}{}{Healing Rate}
{310}{}{Critical Chance}
{311}{}{Carry Weight}
{314}{}{Eye Damage}
{315}{}{Crippled Right Arm}
{316}{}{Crippled Left Arm}
{317}{}{Crippled Right Leg}
{318}{}{Crippled Left Leg}

# Damage info texts
# Poisoned
{400}{}{Your character has been poisoned. Poison will do damage over a period of time, until cured or it passes from your system.}
# Radiation
{401}{}{Your character is suffering from a significant amount of Radiation poisoning. The more radiation damage, the more deadly the effect.}
# Eye Damage
{402}{}{This means your character has been seriously hit in one or both of your eyes. This affects your Perception.}
# Crippled right arm
{403}{}{The right arm has been severely hurt, and cannot function well. If one arm has been crippled, you cannot use two-handed weapons. If both arms have been crippled, you cannot attack with weapons.}
# Crippled left arm
{404}{}{Your character's left arm has been severely hurt, and cannot function well. If one arm has been crippled, you cannot use two-handed weapons. If both arms have been crippled, you cannot attack with weapons.}
# Crippled right leg
{405}{}{Your character has a crippled right leg.}
# Crippled left leg
{406}{}{Your character has a crippled left leg.}

# Month strings

# Option menu text
{602}{}{PRINT TO FILE}
{605}{}{Are you sure you want to erase} # line 1
{606}{}{the current character?} # line 2
{607}{}{ was successfully saved.}
{608}{}{ was successfully loaded.}
{609}{}{already exists.}
{610}{}{Do you wish to overwrite?}
{611}{}{Error saving }
{612}{}{Error loading }
{613}{}{Character file invalid.}
{614}{}{Character data invalid.}
{615}{}{Error reading file list!}

# ASCII text file printing text
{620}{}{FALLOUT} # Title line 1
{621}{}{VAULT-13 PERSONNEL RECORD} # Title line 2
{622}{}{hours} # Title line 3
# -
# -
#{000}{}{ Strength: 00 Hit Points: 000/000 Sequence: 00}
#{000}{}{ Perception: 00 Armor Class: 000 Healing Rate: 00}
#{000}{}{ Endurance: 00 Action Points: 000 Critical Chance: 000%}
#{000}{}{ Charisma: 00 Melee Damage: 000 Carry Weight: 000 lbs.}
#{000}{}{ Intelligence: 00 Damage Res.: 000%}
#{000}{}{ Agility: 00 Radiation Res.: 000%}
#{000}{}{ Luck: 00 Poison Res.: 000%}
{623}{}{ ::: Statistics :::}
{624}{}{ Strength:}
{625}{}{ Hit Points:}
{626}{}{ Sequence:}
# -
{627}{}{ Perception:}
{628}{}{ Armor Class:}
{629}{}{ Healing Rate:}
# -
{630}{}{ Endurance:}
{631}{}{ Action Points:}
{632}{}{ Critical Chance:}
# -
{633}{}{ Charisma:}
{634}{}{ Melee Damage:}
{635}{}{ Carry Weight:}
# -
{636}{}{ Intelligence:}
{637}{}{ Damage Res.:}
# -
{638}{}{ Agility:}
{639}{}{ Radiation Res.:}
# -
{640}{}{ Luck:}
{641}{}{ Poison Res.:}
# -
# -
#{000}{}{ Name: 01234567890 Age: 00 Gender: Female}
{642}{}{ Name:}
{644}{}{ Gender:}
#{000}{}{ Level: 00 Exp: 000,000 Next Level: 000,000}
{647}{}{ Level:}
{648}{}{ Exp:}
{649}{}{Next Level:}
{650}{}{ ::: Traits :::  ::: Perks :::  ::: Karma :::}
{651}{}{ ::: Skills :::  ::: Kills :::}
{652}{}{ ::: Inventory :::}
{653}{}{ Total Weight:}

# Karma name strings
{1000}{}{Reputation (General) }
{1004}{}{Nuka Cola Craving}
{1005}{}{Buffout Craving}
{1006}{}{Mentats Craving}
{1007}{}{Psycho Craving}
{1008}{}{RadAway Craving}
{1009}{}{Alcohol Craving}
# Karma description strings
{1100}{}{This is a ranged stat that represents your general reputation. The higher the number, the better known and respected you are. If your rep is negative, you are hated by some for your evil actions.}
{1101}{}{You have killed a large number of people. This is generally not a good thing to get known for. People from the wrong side of the track will like you a little more, however.}
{1102}{}{Your actions have revealed you to be a champion of the people. You war against evil and villainy is widely known. Honorable people will respect you better.}
{1103}{}{You have killed children, the youth of the wasteland. This is considered to be a really bad thing. You evil, evil person.}
{1104}{}{You thoroughly enjoy Nuka-Cola, the cola of the post-nuclear world.}
{1105}{}{You crave the chem Buffout. You must take this chem on an ongoing basis or suffer the effects of downtime.}
{1106}{}{You are suffering from Mentat craving. You must take this particular chem or suffer downtime.}
{1107}{}{You have a chem craving. If you do not take Psycho on a regular schedule, you will suffer. If you do, others will suffer.}
{1108}{}{Your body craves Radaway. While not life threatening, you must take it regularly.}
{1109}{}{You have a problem with alcohol. Actually, you have many problems with your drinking habits.}
{1110}{}{TEMPORARY - What is this?}

# Special Demo version only text
{5000}{}{Sorry, you can only print your} # 1
{5001}{}{character in the full version.} # 2
{5002}{}{Sorry, you can only save your} # 1
{5003}{}{character in the full version.} # 2
{5004}{}{Sorry, you can only load a saved} # 1
{5005}{}{character in the full version.} # 2
{5006}{}{CHEAT MODE}
{5007}{}{Not available in demo.}