Earth Mover

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Earth Mover
Quest data
LocationThe Rockhound, Mount Blair

Earth Mover is a repeatable quest in Fallout 76.


The Rockhound can be restarted by the Vault 76 dwellers to strip down Mount Blair even further and excavate its bounty of ore for their own use.


  • The quest allows players to reactivate the Rockhound by first accessing the terminal in the control room to pick up the ignition core schematics, then craft four of them for use in each of the ignition reactors onboard the machine. After activation, players will need to protect the reactors as the Rockhound excavates the mountaintop (the noise attracts all manner of unpleasantry). For 30 minutes, the Rockhound will excavate the ore and deposit it in the metal collector, allowing for a substantial haul.