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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{A traveler.}
{101}{}{Hail! Fellow traveler.}
{102}{}{I'm in need of directions. Can you help me out?}
{103}{}{Where are you headed?}
{104}{}{What do you do?}
{106}{}{Well...I don't know. I'm pretty new to this area and I've only been to the following areas.}
{107}{}{New Reno}
{108}{}{Vault City}
{110}{}{The Den}
{111}{}{San Francisco}
{112}{}{New California Republic}
{113}{}{An abandoned mine.}
{114}{}{No, I've been there already. Thanks anyway.}
{115}{}{New Reno -- now that's a great place to go. Sex, drugs and gambling. What more can one ask for? Here, let me show you where it is.}
{117}{}{Vault City -- now that's a city of morons. Grow an extra finger and they treat you like some kind of freak. Never been inside, but I know where it is.}
{119}{}{Redding...I don't know much about it, other than it's an old mining town. It's located up north, right smack dab in the middle of some of meanest mountains you've ever seen.}
{121}{}{I'd stay away from the Den if I were you. It's a magnet for lowlifes of the area. I'll show you where it is, but I don't recommend you go there.}
{123}{}{San Francisco. Um...all I can say is that the people there are...strange. It's located on the coast.}
{125}{}{The New California there's a nice place. I'd like to settle down and live there some day. Clean, nice people, and very well maintained. It's located right here on your map.}
{127}{}{Yeah, a while back I came across an abandoned mining camp. Thought I'd rest there a day or two, but then wolves started showing up and I thought it best if I left. A shame, too; it looks like the miners left in a hurry. They left a lot of stuff behind. I'm not planning to go back, so I guess it's all right if I show you where it is.}
{129}{}{ doesn't really matter. I just decided to travel one day and well, here I am.}
{130}{}{Maybe you can help me. I need some directions.}
{131}{}{What do you do?}
{132}{}{Nice talking to you.}
{133}{}{I do odd jobs here and there to get me by. But mostly I just travel.}
{134}{}{Maybe you can help me. I need some directions.}
{135}{}{Where you headed?}
{136}{}{Nice talking to you.}
{137}{}{I really should be going now. It was nice talking to you.}
{138}{}{Maybe we'll meet again.}
{139}{}{I want to make the next town by nightfall. I'd better go.}
{140}{}{I'd be going.}
{142}{}{Can't trust anyone these days.}
{143}{}{You have broken the code of the traveler.}
{144}{}{Time to go.}
{145}{}{I've overstayed my welcome.}
{146}{}{I must depart.}